Contract 038: Khaer Sordar


08-07-2011 00:00:15

Marick looked over his apprentice as he stood before him. He was growing fast through the ranks, and was passing all of his exams in the Shadow Academy with flying colors. He was a better student at the Academy than Marick had ever been, that was for sure. The Zabrak stood at attention, stiff, which made the Hapan grin slightly.

"At ease, Khaer. I see you wish to take on your first mission?"

"Yes, master." Khaer replied with an eager smile. "You can count on me to get the job done."

Marick patted his shoulder. "I don't doubt you. A good warrior not only knows how to fight in the open, but also from the shadows. I have a recon mission for you. I know you wanted to get into combat, but there is plenty of time for that I promise."

Khaer did his best to hide his dissapointment with a recon mission. Still, he respected his Master enough to trust in his judgment.

"You will find all the data in the pad. I will not tolerate failure, padawan."

"It will be done." Khaer said confidently before striding out of the office.

Marick sighed as he watched him go, and hoped that he dind't do anything too brash.


Mission Type: Recon
Mission Class: A
Location: Port Ol'Val

The "Black Stars" are an up and coming gang in Port Ol'val. They are few in number, but have gotten involved with Engspice running. An ally of ours is not pleased with some no-name gang having a control of their market. Your mission is to find their hideout. We know it's somewhere in the Entertainment district. You are not to engage. You are to use your skills and resources to find the hideout, mark the coordinates, and report back to me. I will then have a strike team sent in to take care of the rest. As with any mission on Ol'val, we want to keep our force presence at a minumum. Nothing flashy.


Khaer Sordar

14-07-2011 15:05:22

Part 1

That night Khaer was exited. He was starting to build merits in the Brotherhood, and his recent promotion to Protector had given him the chance to undergo in missions beyond training, like this one.

As he walked the streets of Jorem Plaza, under his hooded robes, he thought it was an easy mission. He’d been living in Port Ol’Val the last years and he knew the place. ¡He even was a gangster there! It was a piece of cake to find some low level gang. Besides, he had enough strength to finish them all. But Master Marick’s words echoed “I know you wanted to get into combat, but there is plenty of time for that I promise.”

“Okay, let’s fight from the shadows then”.

He arrived at the Entertainment District soon after that. As always it was filled with drunks, prostitutes and robbers. A perfect place to start looking for some old mates.

He knew exactly where to start, he just needed to find one person. He walked the main street merging in the crowd easily. The place was disgusting, the smell of garbage, death and cheap drugs made him lost his nerve. “Pathetic life forms”.

He made it to a dark alley next to a small bar called “The Crater”. And there the Protector found her: A skinny little Twi’lek petty thief hiding in a corner. The violet light from the neon in her blue skin made her almost impossible to tell from the alley. This has been always his favorite spot. He sneaked behind her and pulled one of her lekku. She jumped back and turned to see who was doing that, and pointed his knife to Khaer.

“Still as sharp as you were when I met you. ¿No improvements Arisa?”. He said as he pulled off his hood.

She opened her eyes in surprise. “Khaer!, thought you were dead!”

“Well, kind of. Listen Arisa, I don’t have much time. I need to talk to Farrel. Where can I find him?”.

Farrel was the human behind the Bloody fists organization. Khaer knew him personally. It was certain that Farrel knew where to find the new gang.

“Where have you been?” she said. “Farrel disbandes the Fists and went to a new gang, more dangerous. The Black Stars”.

“Oh really?” he smiled. “I’ve been dead for some time, need action. How can I join them?”.

“You want to join that scum Khaer?. You have to know they’re my enemies”.

She charged at him. She was fast, but the Protector had learned some new tricks in the brotherhood. He dodged the blow and grabbed her arm, and twisted it. She dropped the knife in a scream of pain. He pushed her to the wall and, reaching the dark side, implanted terror on Arisa’s mind.

“Tell me where to find them”.

She looked at his eyes, with a expression on terror in her face.

“The Red Sun”. She replied.

Khaer let her go.

“Leave rat, and forget that I’m here”

The Twi’lek fell to the ground, but quickly started to run as far as she could get from the Zabrak, towards the silent darkness of the alley.
“The Red Sun heh?”

He hide himself in the hood again, and got out of the alley. He knew that place, it was not far.


27-10-2011 01:35:15

Contract Closed.