Contract 037: Kant Lavar


07-07-2011 23:34:47

Marick looked over the files on his desk, and then glanced up and looked at the man standing before him.

"Kant Lavar." The Hapan stated flatly. "Congratualtions on your Knighthood."

"Thank you, sir."

Marick cringed slightly at the "sir". Lavar was a member of Oblivion Brigade, the most feared assassins in Dajorra. The former Captain waved his hand dismissvley at the formality.

"To consimate your promotion, I have just the task for you."

Marick tossed a data pad at the former Bounty Hunter.


Mission Type: Assassination
Mission Class: B
Known Location: Port Ol'Val

Target: Jaxson Blade
Race: Human

Jackson is former Military turned smuggler. Once an acclaimed soldier, he was discharged after disobeying orders. After his discharge, he worked as a mercanry before landing on Port Ol'Val. He had the misfortune of seeing something in the alley's the other day. One of our members exerted the use of the Force. I sent an agent to confront him about it, and now that Agent is dead. Unfortunately, this means I have little intel on his capabilities, but he was able to take out someone on the level of a Dark Jedi Knight. No easy feat. Your mission is to eliminate Jaxson. Use what ever means nessasry, but keep in mind we want to keep our presence as Dark Jedi on Ol'val to a minimum. Should be an easy task for a member of Oblivion Brigade, though. Good Luck.


Height: 6'4
Weight: 240 lbs
Age: 29
Ex-military, mercanry. Known to be profecient in both ranged and melee combat.



27-10-2011 01:34:11

Contract Closed.