Contract 028: Cethgus Entar


24-06-2011 23:31:01

Contract Bureau Offices
Arcona Citadel

Talos felt Cethgus Entar in the Force long before he actually saw him...which was saying something since the Obelisk Exarch was a huge, hulking Zabrak who's entire anatomy was composed of tightly corded and bunched muscle.

"Aedile!" barked Cethgus as he barged into the office, dropping to one knee in acknowledgement of his House superior, something that still disturbed Talos. A Force adept as powerful as the Entar could snap his spine without much effort, yet here he was, kneeling before someone two ranks below him.

"Lord Commander. Rise" Talos said, gesturing for the Battleteam Leader of Revenance Virtuom to get up, which he did. "You're here for your contract, I assume?"

"Yes, Aedile" Cethgus said simply.

"Very well, I have it here" the Erinos began, holding out a slim holo-file to the Zabrak. But just as Cethgus was about to grab it, Talos pulled it back. Anger, followed quickly by confusion, clouded Cethgus' face.

"Are you sure you want a Security contract, Commander? I would think that your particular...skill set, as well as your Virtuom training, would better suit you for..say, an Assault Contract" Talos continued.

"I'm sure, Aedile. Why, do you doubt me?" the Entar asked, a bit of anger creeping into his voice.

I don't doubt your ability...just your delicacy in a situation like this Talos thought.

"Not at all, Cethgus" he said.

Without further preamble, Talos Erinos handed the file to Cethgus Entar.

:: Contract 028 ::
Security, C-Class

*Protectee:Marvin Delacourt
*Age: 21
*Affiliation: Military Confederacy Support Party (MCSP)
*ID Phrase: "The Few Serve the Many"

Marvin Delacourt is a staunch supporter of the Military Confederacy Support Party, which, since you're probably unaware, is the formal name for our Clan's control of the Dajorra System. Despite his young age, Mr. Delacourt has been involved in politics since his sixteenth birthday, devoting his time to political fundraisers and campaigns for our various puppet-subordinates instead of doing normal "teenager" stuff.

As a matter of course, and since Arcona always rewards her own, Marvin Delacourt now occupies a position of some importance in the MCSP and has been making speeches regarding the importance of saving our Lord Consul. Naturally, this has made him quite unpopular with the factions that would leave Lord Erinos to his fate. On the orders of Proconsul Wuntila, it has been decided that Mr. Delacourt needs to be put under protective custody within the Citadel.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get Mr. Delacourt from the MCSP campaign office in the lower Tal'sharok Ring (Ring 2) of Estle City to the Arcona Citadel...alive and undamaged. I cannot stress how important this is. Martin Delacourt is one of our few truly valuable and worthwhile "Non-Sensitive" assets on Selen.

While it's not a sure thing that you two will come under attack, be ready for it and arm yourself accordingly. To make matters more interesting, you can probably expect both hostile Dark Jedi and Non-Sensitives. Be careful.

:: End Dossier ::