Contract 026: Wuntila Zratian Entar


22-06-2011 20:56:24

Citadel War Room
Arcona Citadel, Selen

"You do dress for the occassion don't you, Talos?" Proconsul Wuntila Zratian Entar said as a fully armored Mandalorian walked into the War Room of the Arcona Citadel. Talos Erinos, Aedile of House Galeres and one of two Commissioners of the Arcona Contract Bureau, pulled off his cobalt blue helmet and bowed to his beloved Clan's lieutenant commander.

"A bit of dramatic flare never hurt anybody, sir" was Talos' reply as he put his helmet down on the holo-map table.

"Perhaps not, but every time you Mandos take a step, it's 'dramatic flare'" Wuntila countered. "Anyway, what've you got for me?"

"Something you've been asking after for a while now" Talos said as he inserted a datachip into the holoprojector and typed a command. Within a second, a strange logo was floating in the projection field.

"And that belongs to...?" Wuntila started to say, prompting his sucessor when the Humanoid didn't immediately explain what the symbol meant.

"What? Sorry...that logo and I have some history" Talos said by way of explanation. "Anyway, meet the Antler Men"

"The who?"

"The Antler Men. Despite the ridiculous name, the Antlers are an absolutely ruthless slaving organization who have been sequestered to the Mid-Rim. Until now. For some reason, they've hit the Unknown Regions and they've hit them contacts in the DIA put the Antler Men responsible for gathering and selling over 500 sentients to the Death Walker Cult."

Wuntila took a deep breath as his mind flashed back to the Death Walkers, those snarling, feral beasts, whose involvement was heavily suspected in the recent capture of the Lord Consul.

"What do I need to do?" the Proconsul asked finally.

"Head to Port Ol'val. There, you'll find one of the Antler Men's larger bases of operations; they operate both capture and sale rings from that base, so it's crucial that it's destroyed. And while we can't confirm this, it is suspected that the Antler Men may have had something to do with Zandro's capture." Talos explained, bringing up a map of Port Ol'val and highlighting the Antler Men's compound on the grid.

"Understood. Restrictions?" the Entar asked.

"None. I've taken the liberty of contacting Warden Gar and he'll have his Gatekeepers ready to run interference when the osik hits the fan. If you want, there's also a platoon of Army Heavy Infantry standing by, but it's up to you if you want them or not"

"Perfect. I'll set out immediately. Try not to let Timeros blow up the Citadel while I'm blowing up these Antler Men?"

"I'll do my best, Proconsul" Talos said, bowing again as Wuntila threw his cape over his shoulder and strode out of the War Room.

:: Contract Summary ::

*Type: Assault
*Class: C-Class
*Target: Antler Men Compound, Port Ol'val
*Restrictions: None
*Assets Available: One (1) platoon of Army Corps Heavy Infantry standing by/ Use optional.
*Notes: Eradicate the compound in its entirety. Send a message to the Antler Men to go back to the Mid-Rim.

:: End Summary ::