Contract 025: Sashar Erinos Arconae


22-06-2011 19:43:22

Contract Bureau Offices
Arconan Citadel, Selen

"I need you to handle this one, Talos" said Marick Del'Abbot in way of farewell as he shrugged his sleeveless white overcoat on before tossing his executive assistant a holo-file and disappearing through the door.

"Yeah, sure, Marick..." Talos mumbled without looking up from the pile of holo-files that had been stacked on his desk by "C.A.L.I", the droid secretary of the Bureau.

"I would think you'd sound more excited to be dealing with a brother, Tal'ika" a new voice said, shaking the Humanoid out of his work-induced reverie and sendng his head snapping up to take in the Bureau's new arrival... the gray armored form of Sashar Erinos Arconae.

"You've got that right, al'verde" Talos replied and he dove into the pile of holo-files, humming to himself as he searched for the contract that he knew would be perfect for Sashar. "Don't get me wrong, I love all of the activity that we've been getting recently, but it's all been new blood. I'll rest easier tonight knowing that we have at least one contract that will be fulfilled perfectly" the younger Mandalorian continued as he pulled a single file from the stack and tossed it to his Patriarch.

"That should suit you" the co-Commissioner quipped as the Dark Adept flipped the file open and began to read:

:: Contract - 025 ::
Assassination, S-Class
*Target Name (L, F): Hestrom, Randyll
*Gender: Male
*Age: 34
-Charismatic (easily inspires loyalty in followers; be prepared to face a cadre of followers who will do anything, including die, for him)
-Physically strong (adept at Dulon and Hapan Shock Boxing forms of Hand-to-Hand combat)
-Marksman (former Mid-Rim sporting blaster champion)
-Politician (as befits his station, Hestrom has two squads [12 men] of Diplomatic Protective Service agents at his disposal)
*Location: Flamma Volpes, Dajorra System
*Occupation: Government Representative

Randyll Hestrom is the young, charismatic, Representative of the Confederacy for the garden world of Flamma Voples. He's a talented and savy politician, one of the rising stars in the political arena...however he's also a royal pain in the ass, hence why he's been put on Volpes, away from the center of government here on Selen. However, his annoying antics have been always been tolerated because of two simple reasons; 1) he is much adored by the populace of Flamma Volpes and 2) he's been seen as harmless.

Until now: DIA assets on Flamma Volpes have just sent back holo-recordings of speeches given by Rep. Hestrom, inflamatory rants condemming the acts of the Confederacy and announcing his own plans to seek the seat of Governor in the absence of Lord Consul Erinos. Worse, DIA assets have reported that not only has Randyll Hestrom gathered to him a small circle of followers but he's also been seen meeting with the "less reputable" members of FV society.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to travel to Flamma Volpes, locate Representative Randyll Hestrom and assassinate him. But it doesn't end there; to properly send a message to Hestrom's lackies and fellow conspirators, it has been requested that you display the corpse in some public forum, making sure that the entire populace of Flamma Volpes knows what happens when one dissents against the Confederacy.

:: End Dossier::

"Everything alright, Sash?" Talos asked when the Erinos Patriarch finally closed the file.


Talos, who had been turned around and was typing something into his holo-computer, started at his brother's negative.

"Sorry?" he said in something akin to shock, if his facial expression was anything to go by.

"Everything is not alright, vod" the Mandalorian answered.

"Then what's the problem?"

Sashar Erinos, di Tenebrous Arconae chuckled and let one of his iconic smirks play out across his face.

"'re wearing a shirt" he said simply before turning on his heel and walking out of the office. As the door closed, Talos heard him add:

"Oh, and I'll take care of the contract. Randyll Hestrom is already dead"