Contract 023: Acheron d'Tana


18-06-2011 22:40:02


Mission Type Requested: SECURITY
Mission Rank: B Class
Location: Port Ol'Val Shadow Port

Mission Breif:

Greetings Acheron. As House Qel-Droma settles in to it's new home, we have plenty of work to be done. Your skills are required in completing a very important task.

A Rodian dealer by the name of Rando Carlt has been covertly being aided by agents of Oblivion Brigade to push a drug that was keeping a rival gang doped up and useless. He's been captured and detained by one of the more minor Hutts known as "Jungga". As he is an asset of House Qel-Droma, we need him broken out of a private, guarded cell in the Hutts base. He then needs to be transported to a safe house in the Ducts.

Intel shows that Jungga's followers are well armed and spread out through the Besadii Entertainment District. Nothing you shouldn't be able to handle.

This mission is to be completed without fail. Discresion should be made clear as well. We are trying to keep our presence as Dark Jedi as low key as possible. Keep force usage to a minimum, try not to leave a trail or cause a scene. Good Luck.

-Quaestor Marick Del'Abbot