Contract 020 - Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae


15-03-2011 22:40:50

Arcona Contract Bureau Temporary Offices
Classified Location

"Oh you're kidding are kidding me, right?" asked Talos Erinos, the Commissioner of the Arcona Contract Bureau, of the small blue-washed hologram of his superior, Aedile Wuntila Zratian Entar.

"'fraid not. Wish I was though" the Human-Theelin hybrid replied, the hologram distorting as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, me too" the Obelisk Templar quipped, running one hand through his short straw-berry blonde hair while he tossed the datapad labeled "Contract 020" around with the other.

"If it makes you feel any better, I've sent a specialist to recover the item"

Talos raised an eyebrow and dropped the datapad onto the pile with all of the others that had been moved from the ACB's permanent offices in the sublevel of the Citadel.

"A specialist?" he repeated.

Wuntila nodded:

"You'll see" the Aedile said. "He's more than capable. Wuntila out"

Talos deactivated his comlink and tossed it onto his makeshift desk.

"A specialist? I don't know of anyone below the Summit who would have the clearance -- or the skills -- to get something like the Repository back" he mused, falling deep into thought.

Suddenly, a new voice sounded just as a spike in the Force caused the Equite One to look up.

"How about me...little brother?" Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae, the Quaestor of House Arcona, said smugly. The Yaga Minorian was leaning against the doorframe to Talos' temporary office, clad in his customized Das'Verd Combat Suit.

The younger (and newer) Erinos started in surprise but quickly recovered as an equally smug expression crossed his face.

"Yeah" he said as Zandro adjusted his eyepatch "You'll do just fine. Skills and clearance, all in one package"

Zandro gave a mock bow before crossing over to where the Commissioner was standing:

"Right you are. So give me the details"

Talos nodded and quickly cracked his knuckles before picking up "Contract 020"'s datapad and handing it off to his adopted older brother.

"As you probably, no definitely, know...when those damn Death Walkers ransacked the Citadel, they made off with quite a few valuable items to the House. The most important of these was the Repository...the master datacore that stores the security datacodes to every lock and defensive/offensive system in the Citadel"

Zandro Arconae was a grizzled and experienced veteran of many wars, every Arconan knew this, but even the Quaestor's face blanched as he realized the implications of what the Death Walkers had stolen. Talos had no idea, but not only did the Repository store old security datacodes, it was also the machine that generated the new ones.

His tone was brusque and to the point: "Where is it?"

"The main Death Walker encampment, in the Second Ring of the city. We need you to get that back...there's nothing more important" Talos said.

"I know. I'll leave immediately. Do you know what I can expect?" Zandro asked, the Battlelord already heading towards the exit.

"I'm sorry, but I don't" Talos replied, shaking his head. But then the newest Erinos continued:

"I can give you my thoughts though. The Death Walkers, at least most of them, are feral cannibals but at least a few have to have you can probably expect it to be under heavy guard. Do whatever is necessary to get the Repository back, but I know that all of Arcona would appreciate it if you did so in a manner that didn't cause even more Death Walkers to come charging up at the Citadel"

Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae nodded his head in thought and then looked at the newest addition to his Family.

"Got it. You..and Arcona...can count on me" he said, pulling on his customized helmet and walking out of the office.

Talos stared after his Quaestor for a few moments before muttering:

"We already are..."

- Contract Assignment Summary -
Contractor, you are to recover the item codenamed the "Repository" from the main Death Walker encampment in the Second Ring of Estle City. We don't know exactly what you'll be facing, but expect the item to be under heavy guard. As this item is vital to the security of the House, you may use any means necessary to recover it, but it would preferred if you did so in a manner that did not attract lots of attention. Good luck!