Contract 017 - Amber Amnell


25-02-2011 18:06:22

Zandro relaxed, enjoying a rare moment of tranquillity that he had never thought to be so hard to find before he took a job that required this much paperwork. He appreciated just how much work his peers put in, knowing how they had felt at times after having lived the life himself. A knock at the door sounded and Zandro sighed slightly, his relaxation shattered and his mind back on work.

No rest for the wicked.

“Come on in.”

In walked one of the newest female Dark Jedi to grace Arcona, a Hapan by the name of Amber. Picking up a datapad from his desk, the Arconae passed it over to the woman and began to speak, explaining the mission ahead.

“Right, this one shouldn't be too difficult but it's something for you to cut your teeth on. We have had a minor problem with one of the communication relays North of Estle City and we are sending out a technician to give it a look and fix it. We don't want him unprotected however, which is where you come in. Your mission is to make sure the technician stays safe and gets that relay working. We suspect that it may have been knocked out on purpose, so there is a good chance that someone will be out to make you earn your pay, but I can't see it being anything you can't handle. Good luck and happy hunting.”


Name of Target: Omar Gin
Mission: Keep him safe while he repairs a communication relay
Intel: Possible sabotage so you may face some enemies, not too many though, more than likely just a few opportunistic smugglers but be on your guard nonetheless.


01-03-2011 03:41:07

Amber swallowed as she walked out of Zandro's office. The task at hand seemed easy enough, but it was her first mission with the ACB. She hoped it would be gentle with her. As the doors closed behind her, she was hit with a gust of wind, blowing her long brown hair out of her eyes. Closing them momentarily, she took a deep breath and placed her left hand on her hip, where she kept her favorite throwing blade. The feel of the metal detailing on the handle against her palm soothed her, and her eyes fluttered open again. Shaking her head, she scanned her surroundings and collected herself. She was a Hapan, and a powerful one at that. She was being ridiculous, and she knew it.

Looking at the datapad that her fingers were curled around, Amber read the details of her mission. Her eyes scanned the name, mission and intel sections of the screen. Once fully digested, she slid the device into her left leather boot and went to meet her target.

Omar Gin proved to be exactly the kind of man that Amber thought a communications technician would look like. Tall and lanky, he sported a rather unappealing style of loose pants and a vest. His hair was cut to an awkwardly short length, and his face gave the impression of a nervous animal ready for the slaughter.

"Are you ready? Let's get this over with." The Hapan's voice remained firm and monotonous. This mission was going to be uneventful, she could tell.

"Um, sure. I don't like… going out to the towers. They don't think someone took it out… on pur-purpose do they?" Omar's voice shook as he stuttered and Amber rolled her eyes at his idiocy.

"What, do you think I'm just here for decoration? Just do your job and I'll do mine." Amber's eyes shrunk as she glowered at her nervous target. Although he was significantly taller then her, her appearance, aura and overwhelming disgust at him allowed her to tower over Omar.

"N-n-no. Sor-ry." The technician's face was turning slightly pale and Amber shot him one last look of disgust before leading him to her speeder bike. Taking the handles, she passed a helmet to Omar and motioned for him to slide on behind her.

"Try not to fall off. You can do that for me, right?" Amber didn't want to take the risk of the idiot crashing or doing something ridiculously dumb. Especially since there was a chance of being separated, she decided that the mission would be better off if they traveled together. No matter how annoying and pathetic the target was. As if to confirm her thoughts, Omar dropped the helmet at her feet on accident and grew paler. Amber rolled her eyes yet again and picking it up, handing it to him. "Try not to fall off and try not to drop anything." That said, she took his bag from him and strapped it to her body. No use in trusting him with his own equipment, he was obviously a fumbler. Revving the engine, she smiled as the speeder rose in the air.

If there was one thing that Amber loved, it was flying. While she didn't risk going especially fast, given her cargo, she still enjoyed the wind in her hair. As she rose higher and higher in the streets of Estle City, she felt Omar's grip grow tighter around her waist. Of course he would be scared of heights, too. Grinning to herself, she decided to have a little fun. She was still new at this, after all, and throwing caution to the wind, she decided if Zandro or her fiance found out, she could blame it on being a mere Acolyte.

Pressing the gas with her hands, she dipped the speeder downwards suddenly, weaving in and out of traffic dangerously. Looping around other speeders and mobiles, she pulled up suddenly before hitting the ground.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Amber heard Omar's voice reach a register she thought impossible for a male to hit.

"Having a little fun! The drive is boring, otherwise!" She turned around to wink at him, and then whipped her head around again to keep her eyes on the path.

"I like boring! Boring is good." Amber rolled her eyes yet again and increased speed as they sped out of the city. North of Estle City was a lot less interesting then the city itself, and she was excited for everything to be over with. Reaching their target, she slowed the speeder down and parked it next to the tower, helping Omar off the bike. Huffing at her, he grabbed his bag off her back and shoved his helmet at her.

"Just w-w-ait here." Omar walked to the base of the tower and climbed the ladder up. When he reached the top, he took his tools out and began work.

Standing guard was especially dull for Amber, but she didn't mind the serenity. Truth was, she missed Marick and was not looking forward to other missions like these. He outranked her to the extent where it was annoying, and she didn't like that he was being sent out on contracts that were much more exciting and dangerous then her. She wanted to be right there next to him, fighting with him. But the only way to accomplish that goal was to cycle through the Class A contracts until she gained the ability to be on his level. That was going to happen, and soon. She was sure of it.

Glancing back at Omar to make sure that he was alright, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck begin to stand upright. Normally, she had exceptional primal instinct and would listen to her first impression of any situation. In this particular one, however, she didn't want to frighten Omar on a whim. After all, who would lay in wait to ambush a technician who had come to fix a communications tower? That seemed a little extreme, even for Amber's vivid imagination.

Keeping her hand on her hip, she felt her body tense. Growing up in the Hapan community meant that she was well trained in the art of self defense and martial arts. That, combined with her ridiculous love for throwing blades calmed her mind.

"AMBER! HELP!" Amber whipped around just in time to nearly get knocked over by a different speed racer. She grasped her throwing blade and threw it with all her might without looking at the driver first. She smiled as it embedded itself in the driver's shoulder, but her face fell as the bike didn't slow. Running to her own bike, she hopped on and sped to Omar's side.

"AHH!" Omar's feminine shrill almost got lost in the wind as he lost his grip on the ladder. His equipment bag fell from his hands and Amber cringed as she heard it shatter agains the ground. The enemy speeder's driver was holding a knife up to Omar, trying to cut him off the ladder completely.

Reaching into her boot, Amber took out a rotating throwing star. Focusing, she calmed herself just as Marick had taught her, and winding up, let the blade loose with deadly precision. This time, it hit the enemy driver in the chest, making him fall backwards off his speeder and tumble lifelessly to the ground. Racing to Omar's side, she helped him onto the back of her bike and then followed the body to where it fell. Making sure that he had no pulse, she ripped her favorite knife out of his shoulder and took her star back. Wiping the blood off on a disgruntled Omar's vest, she tucked them back into their respective pockets.

The ride back to Zandro's office was a quiet one. Aside from assuring her that he had fixed the tower before the attack, Omar seemed almost lifeless and Amber was a little angry at herself for not trusting her instincts as swiftly as she could have. She had almost lost Omar, and it was only her first mission. As she landed the speeder, she turned to her target.

Licking her thumb and attempting to wipe the blood from his vest, she opened her mouth. "You're going to have to get a new vest. Try a more flattering color next time." It was meant to be an apology of sorts, but what did it matter, it's not like they would ever run into each other again.


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Grading: Excellent
Comments: Well, this is probably better writing than I can do. Sure, that might not be saying much but it was very good. It was interesting, I think I found one error at most and overall it was a very good contract. Not really much I can say as a critique except that it might be worth trying a B rank next time, I reckon you can do it if you keep up at this pace. Excellent work, keep it up!