Contract 016 - Sayar


23-02-2011 17:04:33

It had seemed like only days ago that Zandro had been in this very situation; searching frantically for the particular contract that he had found for the person sat patiently at his desk.

I need a better filing system...or at least a filing system to begin with.

In Sayar's defence he was sitting calmly and waiting for his Sith leader to actually get his act in gear. Suddenly, Zandro found the illusive datapad and passed it over to the Arconan as he began to speak.

“Pretty straightforward this time, something a bit easier than your last assignment although I look forward to seeing how you accomplish it. Your target is an inmate in a high security prison over in Estle...but there is one small catch. We don't have anything more than a name, and the local prison forces can't be alerted to his presence or they might interrogate him which would not be good. He was formerly one of our deep cover DIA agents who thought he'd do better on his own but ended up getting thrown in the cells for some small reason. We need you to go in and silence him before they work out just who he is and then we can deal with it from there. Not exactly normal, but pretty interesting for you I hope. Good luck and happy hunting.”


Name: Ofgar Terrick
Race: Devaronian
Extra Intel: Sneaky little git, be sure to make sure he's dead. We don't want a botched job, splatter his brains over the wall then get in touch with us to get extraction. Other than that, we know very little as the whole point of the DIA is that it's extremely secretive. Good luck.