Contract 015 - Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar


23-02-2011 09:18:52

“I'll be honest with you Sang, this one is odd.”

The Obelisk who sat across the desk from Zandro had a worried look on his face.

“Odd how? Odd like Cethgus in the shower odd or odd like ghosts and spectral crap odd?”

The Battlelord grinned and leaned forwards slightly, a conspiratorial note to his voice.

“Odd like I want you to infiltrate one of our own vaults and try to steal something and bring it back to me.”

“What the hell?”

Zandro's smile widened as he outlined his plan.

“This is a contract for me, and there is a purpose for it. We've been trying out some new security measures on some of the vaults and I want to see how effective they are, or if we've been ripped off. So, my mission for you is thus. I will give you the location of the vault which holds relatively non-descript items that just happen to be worth a lot, paintings and the like. Your job is to try and break in, grab a particular pair of gauntlets that are in the vault and get back out...preferably without being caught. I'd like it if noone died on this one, so be as stealthy as you can. If you succeed, it means that we were lied to and someone will have to die, but if you fail then I'll just know you aren't quite as good as you say you are.”

It was now the Entar's turn to grin as he leaned forwards slightly.

“Let's up the stakes. Loser buys the winner unlimited supplies of their favourite beverage for a standard year. In?”

“I don't think you have the credit for it, but why not. Go ahead and enjoy this one, it's a bit more...unique than we're used to. Good luck and happy hunting.”


Target: Vault 1294a
Item to take: Gauntlets of Planthora (Dark black gauntlets with silver ringlet attachments all along them).
Vault location: Below Savric Flight Academy


24-02-2011 07:54:45

Sanguinius swore profusely as the alarms blared, klaxons wailed and the sterotypical red lights started flashing; this was gonna cost him big.

8.45 hours earlier

A simple job was all the Templar had asked for, unfortunately, the Quaestor had caught wind of it. And being the smug bastard that he was, the Erinos had given him a difficult job. Difficult in the fact that he was being tested, tested in the way that derided his skills. Break into a karking vault and steal some damn gauntlets. "What kind of job was that?" the Entar muttered to himself.

Extricating himself from the Lord Quaestor's office, the Anaxsi had gotten to work, going through the blueprints of the Savric Flight Academy that had been named in honour of the same di'kut who was sending him there. The security plans looked impressive, must have cost the House a pretty credit too. No wonder the system needed to be tested. Sanguinius whistled impressively, this was gonna be difficult. But nothing had ever stopped an Entar from getting their own way. Except perhaps a horde of angry Yuuzhan Vong, oh and that pisssed off dancing girl on Nar Shaddaa who had tried to stab Cethgus after he stiffed her on the payment. Sanguinius chuckled at that fond memory.

So, I'm not to kill anyone, be stealthy and get back out? The Templar pondered, Lucky the little rat didn't forbid me from using my "skills".

A light chime sounded, denoting that someone was at the door, "Enter,"

A protocol droid walked through the now open door into the lit room. "Excuse me sir, but you asked to be informed when the next military transport was departing from Selen to Boral."

"You know I did shiny, thanks for the heads up."

Sanguinius jumped up and grabbed the blueprints, he had made a visit to army stores before stabling himself in the room. Now dressed in head to toe in an AEF Captain uniform, the Obelisk would be able to get through security a little easier. Of course, the fake id and stolen passcodes thoughtfully provided by a wonderful hacker droid made all the difference.

6 hours earlier

All had gone to plan, the disguise had worked and had gotten the Templar on board the shuttle to Boral, now he was on the connecting shuttle to the Flight Academy which was situated just outside the main settlement on the moon. Sanguinius unconciously clenched his fists in expectation, he was getting riled up. Not necessarily the best person to be stealthy, the Anaxsi would be damned if he failed and ended up owing Zandro a hell of a lot of drinks.

The lieutenant, who was piloting the shuttle came on the tannoy, "Now on our final approach to the SFA. Please put your chairs in the up-right position and fasten your restraints, please remain seated until the shuttle has come to a complete stop."

Sang muttered under his breath about the bloody red tape wrapped around everything. A bugger couldn't fart nowadays without someone making you fill in a form.

Seated near the Obelisk in the shuttle were several other AEF and DDF personnel who had been posted to the Flight Academy, he was relying on them to distract the welcoming party so he could get on with the job. As the engines shut down and the unfasten restraints light went off, the Arconan released the harness and started to saunter down towards the hatchway. Sanguinius was eager to get off the bucket of bolts, especially seeing as he knew how old the thing was.

A welcoming party stood there, consisting of two officers backed up by everyone's favourite rank in the army; sergeant majors. Nasty things they were, all mouth and vitrol. Sanguinius frowned as the sergeants started to bellow out orders, sending the rank and file running around like headless chickens. The Entar strolled down the ramp and stopped before the two officers. He glanced at the pins on their shoulders, which denoted that they were a Major and a Lieutenant. Moving his eyes downwards, he caught their names, which had been written on their uniforms, just above the breastbone. Sanguinius saluted, the two officers returned the salute. "Major Tibbs, Lieutenant Myron, I'm Captain Ranald reporting for duty." Sanguinius offered the papers that he brought with him, which explained that he had been posted to the Flight Academy for the near future.

The Major studied the documents, "Ahh Captain, welcome to the facility, I hope your trip was a pleasant one."

"It was indeed sir, I hope you'll allow me to retire to my quarters for a few hours so that I can rest and recooperate sir."

Major Tibbs nodded and gestured towards the young Lieutenant. "The lieutenant here will show you to your quarters."

Myron saluted the Major and then led the Arconan deeper into the facility, through the Terminal and into the barracks area. Luckily Sanguinius knew the way himself, so he was able to keep up with young Myron easily. The Lieutenant seemed disinclined to make small talk, something that the Entar was eternally grateful for. Coming to a stop outside a suite of rooms in the officer's area of the barracks, the Lieutenant finally spoke.

"Here are your quarters Captain."

"Thank you Myron." Sang replied coldly, before entering the room and leaving the junior officer outside.

As Sang surveyed the military grey room, which was sparsely decorated and furnished, he grinned. "Phase one complete.

4 hours earlier

The darkness was consuming, the perfect cover for the prowling Templar, he had made his way through the facility, dodging personnel and where not possible, using his fake id to bluff his way through. Thank Ferran for these blueprints, without them he wouldn't stand a chance. Finally he was at the right maintenance shaft that led down into the bowels of the moon, and the vaults.

Straining at the lock, the Anaxsi pulled with his muscles and his mind, allowing the Force to flow through him and finally opening the rusted door. No one had been through it in a while, leaving the lock to rust and seize up. The door swung open with a squeal, the rusted hinges warning anyone in the vicinity that he was up to something. Sang was glad that he had cleared the area first. Leaving one poor unfortunate unconcious, tied up and locked in a store cupboard.

Grabbing the flashlight that was attached to his belt, Sang turned it on and pointed it down the shaft. It was a long drop.