Contract 011 - Sayar


19-02-2011 15:39:27

Zandro wiped his face with the back of his hand and tried to stave off the onrushing feelings of tiredness that were beginning to dog him after working so hard for so long.

And I came here to try and get away from paperwork, how silly I was.

A knock at the door alerted Zandro to the arrival of his next appointment and brought him back to reality.

“Come in.”

One of Arcona's newest members walked into the room and was immediately greeted by the Battlelord who handed him a datapad and started to talk, leaning against his desk as he spoke.

“Right, we've just received a ransom demand from a group of low-life thugs who operate here in Estle City. It seems that they managed to grab one of Arcona's non-Jedi leaders who help us out with the everyday running of the Government here in Estle. I don't intend to pay their ransom, so your job is to sneak into their base of operations, rescue our little damsel and then get out. Try not to be detected on your way in lest they kill their prisoner, but on the way out your main job is to keep this man alive, and if that means you shoot your way out then so be it. Good luck, get going.”


Target Name: Orlo Rand
Target location: Holding cell in the Black Hawk Streetgang hideout. Estle City, coordinates attached to this message.
Breakdown: We expect roughly 30 guards in and around the base. Avoid detection until you have secured the target and then extract them by any means necessary. Keep that asset alive at all costs.

Good luck and happy hunting!


21-02-2011 12:23:59

That Night

“Well, this shouldn’t be too hard…” mused Sayar as he peeled his attention away from the binoculars to study the data pad again, his eyes adjusting to the sudden change of lighting. Seemingly satisfied with the answers he was looking for, he stood up on the rooftop he was perched, reveling in the nice cool breeze that caressed his skin.

“Now how do we get in there?”

From the intelligence reports that he had read there were about 30 guards between him and his adjective, with a quick count he gathered that the majority must reside in the building. Sayar jumped from the rooftop to the top of wall which separated the Capac Ring from the upper levels of Estle City, and moments later dropped to the ground with a soft thud and rolled into a near side-alley, using the darkness to gather his bearings, and peered out amongst the factories and the filth and crime these buildings seem to attract.

Criss-crossing from one side of the street to another, Sayar got closer to the Black Hawk hideout, sacrificing his great speed for that extra security…not that it was needed. The change of the guard brought with it several stumbling intoxicated idiots. Their level of inebriety and lack of discipline made it easy for the Feeorin to subdue a waylaid human who decided he needed to break the seal.

As the guard left his post at the front entrance, Sayar made his move to intercept him, and literally caught him with his pants down. The gang member was doing his business as he got a solid tap on the shoulder.

"Whaddya want?" He slurred, the smell of his breath alone was capable of putting down a wampa. His eyes widened with horror as he peered down the barrel of the dark jedi's bryar pistol.

"The Holding Cells, where are they at?" Sayar replied, trying to use the force to get the information he wanted, as he had seen others do.

"Enter through the front door and its down the hall to your right past the main area" came the reply
"Oh wow, it actually worked" Sayar thought surprisingly
"Are....are you gonna let me go then?" he pleaded
"Of course not, what do you take me for?"
"But I told you..." was followed by a pistol whip to the face, a subsequent knee to the stomach, and to top it all off a quick blow to the back of the neck. He was left lying there in his own urine.


Sayar was at the door, he peered inside to consider his next move. He spotted an adjacent room to the left with the lights turned off. To his right was the long hall he needed to be going down. He shrugged and started off to his right, but he changed his mind as soon as he saw two black hawks coming his way. Jumping into the open door, he imagined himself absorbed into the surrounding darkness; with enough luck and force ability he evaded notice by the gang members oblivious small talk as they strolled through the door.

Taking his chances, he rolled out of his hiding spot and started to make his way to his objective knowing his was about to make it passed the main hall because of all the reverie taking place. The goings on could only be described as loud; there was no way he could be discovered unless he strode inside naked with his intentions written on a sign strung around his neck.

His heart was pumping to the rhythm of the music, and faster still as he neared the holding cells, only a single console separating him from his quarry.
The former mercenary has done his amount of splicing so he got down to work.
Plugging in his data pad, he attempted to put in an override code into the console. It must have worked at the door soundlessly opened.
“Whos out there?” demanded someone from inside.
“Ahh damn it” he cursed himself silently for forgetting that anyone might be in there.
“Just me!” he quipped as he popped a few blaster shots at the gamorean keeping watch. The boar dropped with a loud thud. Orlo Rand cleared his throat “Are you here for me then?”
Sayar strode over to Holding Cell 3, pulled a lever, freeing the government official.
“Stay behind me” command the Protector, placing a tripwire at the opening.
“And whats that for?” Rand asked
“A surprise” came the retort “Now let’s get out of here”
The duo started to move, completely missing out on the blinking red light, which signified an alarm blasting in the room with the gaggle of thugs.
The Music abruptly stopped, with only the blaring klaxon left.
“I have a bad feeling about this…” offered Orlo Rand.
“How very astute” Sayar added.

Time slowed. Breathing became slow and regular. As the cattle started to trickle out, Sayar started to fire into the slowly gathering crowd, it was a massacre. He grabbed Orlo Rand and pulled him along. Hoping over the pile of bodies, he attempted to get out of the building without nary a scratch. That is, until the dead weight he was dragging tripped over the aforementioned pile of bodies.
“Really?” He said, exasperated. He was clearly over the mission.
“You. Run. Now.” He commanded as he tossed a grenade.
The ride back was uneventful. Now all Sayar had to do was have a debriefing.


23-02-2011 09:26:54

Contract Grade: Excellent
Comments: There were some small spelling and grammar mistakes here and there and, while it could have been a bit longer possibly, I felt that your writing was very very good. You managed to make me crack and smile and almost laugh which is very difficult when I haven't had much sleep :P

In all honesty, your contract was very good. Next time I'd recommend reading it over a few times just to make sure you haven't missed anything and maybe try to stretch it a bit more, but for a first time this was very good. Well done!