Contract 010 - Kant Lavar


19-02-2011 10:05:20

Zandro was feeling flustered an urgent new contract had just crossed his desk to be completed as soon as possible. As a result, he had specially requested a specific person he felt was perfect for the task and he managed to sense the person approaching through the Force.

Time to roll.

Kant had barely entered the room before Zandro had handed him a datapad and was beginning to talk, his voice low and secretive, but the urgency in his words and tone were obvious.

I requested you specifically for this mission, we have just received word from one of our Intelligence assets in the Estle City spaceport that he has spotted a rogue Jedi wandering the halls. This guy used to be one of ours but went AWOL without any notice or indication, and we want him dead. He knows too much and could be a serious liability if he is not stopped, so I need you to head down to the spaceport with all haste, track this guy down and silence him for good. I know you can do this, please let me know when your mission is complete...and thank you for coming here on such short notice. Details on the pad, read it on your way.


Target Name: Krandar Toth
Affiliation: Rogue, Ex-Arconan Dark Jedi
Vital Stats: Guardian level
Excelled at hand to hand fighting, recommend neutralisation from distance to negate this skill.
Weak with the Force but extremely resilient to Force-based attacks.
Distinguishing Features: Bright orange hair, held in ponytail. Very tall (around 2.1m). Human Male.
Last seen wearing a black set of robes that failed to cover his hair, giving us something to work with.
Last seen at Estle City spaceport around 5 minutes ago, suspect he is still in the vicinity if not in the spaceport itself.

Good luck and happy hunting.