Contract 009 - Celevon Edraven


19-02-2011 08:34:28

Zandro was not the biggest fan of paperwork, but since he had become the leader of Arcona he had accepted that it was a necessity he would have to deal with. That didn't mean he had to like doing it however, which was why he offered his services to the Contract Bureau on occasion to give him a bit of a change of scenery, such as was the case at the present moment in time. He had received a request for a mission from one of Arcona's rising stars and had found the perfect mission for the young Soulfirian by the name of Celevon Edraven. A knock at the door sounded and Zandro opened the door telekinetically, waiting as the Guardian entered and came to stand in front of the Battlelord's desk. Pushing a datapad across the desk, Zandro looked up and began to speak.

“Welcome, your mission details are on that datapad but here is the basic breakdown. Streetgang violence in Estle has escalated in recent times and, while we have managed to work out which gang in particular is responsible, we have as yet been unable to identify their leader. Your mission is simple; find out who is leading them, and bring his life to a swift conclusion. Good luck kid, go crush some skulls.”


Target Name: Unknown.
Affiliation: Black Gulls street gang.
Mission Specifics: A recent surge in gang violence has been traced back to the aggressive tactics employed by the Black Gulls. They are a menace that needs to be silenced, and this will most effectively be achieved by nullifying their leadership. The leader of the group has been particularly secretive and has kept out of the limelight, but he must be stopped at any cost. Try not to destroy the district as collateral damage is not recommended, but be sure to stop him permanently. The one thing we can tell you is that he is most certainly not a Force Sensitive, so no need to worry about facing any Force-using opposition with this one.

Apologies for the lack of information, but I am sure a Dark Jedi of your skill and intelligence is more than capable of ending this blight on Estle swiftly and effectively.

Good luck and Happy Hunting.

Celevon Edraven

19-02-2011 23:39:00

Celevon walked out of the Arcona Contract Bureau with his new contract in hand. While to all appearances he seemed to be intently studying the datapad, in actuality he was planning a way to get the information on the leader of the Black Gulls.

Due to a lack of contacts in the area, Celevon knew just the way to get the information he needed, but it would be a bit bloody. Well, more than a bit. All he needed to do now was find a good, low level peon in the Black Gulls, and get in contact with one of his past clients. With a slight hiss of anticipation, Celevon headed towards his quarters to send a message, and hopefully get something to make this work.


In Celevon’s hand was the key to the answers he needed. A single vial of Sedative H4b, a very fast acting spice sedative, normally used in hospitals. All he had to do now was find the perfect candidate. The members of the Black Gull street gang were fairly easy to spot, if you knew what to look for. Some of the younger, more inexperienced members were so proud of their position that they wore something to symbolize it, and either bought arm bands with black birds on them, or had said bird tattooed in a visible spot.

Just as Celevon was beginning to get annoyed with the stupidity of these lesser gang members, he noticed one of them stumbling out of a bar and walking into a nearby alley. Celevon got up to follow the young man, and found him passed out amongst the garbage. He looked over the young man, who had sandy hair, and decided he didn’t even need to use the sedative on him. He lifted the young man and carried him off to a nearby hotel.


Gerald awoke with a painful hangover in a room he did not recognize, to find himself strapped to a chair, unable to move anything but his head. In the low lighting, he noticed a figure emerge from the shadows, which seemed to cling to the figure’s very being. Even the man’s face seemed to be cloaked in shadow.


Gerald was interrupted by a hissing voice which seemed to be coming from everywhere at once, “Who or what I am is... unimportant, Mr. Avarice. I find myself in need of … information… on the gang that calls themselves the Black Gulls, to which you are one of its newer members. I am sure that you could satisfy my curiosity, or I may find myself substantially less amiable.” To illustrate this point, it seemed, the figure drew a sharp dagger and lightly ran it down Gerald’s cheek.

“W-What do you want to know?” Gerald asked in a quavering voice.

Behind his mask, Celevon smirked.


After Celevon finished getting his information, he returned with the unconscious Gerald to the alley where he discovered him, and, after setting up the area to look like a botched mugging, fired a single round of his SSK-7 through the forehead of the young gang member and left the scene.

Shortly thereafter, Celevon was on a rooftop overlooking the headquarters of the Black Gulls, with his Verpine Sniper Rifle in hand. Through the sights of the scope, he could clearly see his target: Chekov “Maladir” Nerichal, Leader of the Black Gulls, seated at a desk overlooking several documents. The man had short cropped dark hair, golden brown eyes, a decent build, and was wearing a set of black military-esque clothing. The man had a tattoo of a black falcon with red eyes tattooed on his neck.

The man rarely moved from his position, even after some of the more higher ups in the gang checked in on him before leaving. Once Celevon was sure most of the gang had left, he took a deep breath to steady his hands, and fired a single shot into the man’s heart, killing him instantly.

Celevon was walking back towards the Arcona Citadel when he activated his comlink, “Sir, it’s done.”


20-02-2011 07:02:15

Mission Results:

Grade: Satisfactory

Debrief: Well, in a nutshell the main problem with this mission was the length. You write very well and you keep the reader hooked, but every time I found myself sinking in to the story I felt like I was pulled back to reality by the constant breaks that entered the contract. However, that may also be due to the fact that this contract wasn't the hardest in the World, but I just think it was missing that final bit of sparkle that would have tipped it over into 'Excellent' territory.

On the whole though, very well done.