Contract 007 - Andrelious J. Inahj


30-01-2011 17:28:25

Arcona Contract Bureau Offices
Citadel Sublevels

Just like his precursor, the amount of paperwork had finally caught up to Talos Omerta, the second Commissioner of the Arcona Contract Bureau. The Commissioner was shirtless with only a pair of black slacks and combat boots covering his lower half, as the Sith Warrior had quickly discovered that if one was dressed comfortably, they could get a lot more done.

"No..the Bureau is not into handling lovers quarrels" muttered Talos as he skimmed over a flimsi asking one of his contractors to publicly disgrace the ex-wife of a Selenian nobleman. The Commissioner leaned back in his chair and let his eyes flutter shut for a brief respite.

" this a bad time, Commissioner?" a smooth voice said, waking Omerta from his catnap. Looking around the sizable office, Talos' hazel eyes fell on the short man standing in the doorway: Sith Battlelord Andrelious J. Inahj, a powerful Dark Jedi and current training officer for the Arcona Starfighter Corps.

"No, no, not at all. Come in" Talos said, waving the man into his office as he dug through the pile of flimsis on his desk.

"You're here for the...Undercover contract, right?" he added, pulling four flimsis from the stack and laying them out on his desk.

"Yes. C-Class, preferably" Inahj replied. Omerta nodded and pulled the proper flimsi from his desk and walked it over to Andrelious, where he handed it over.

"It's going to be high-risk, Battlelord. You understand that?"

"Of course. I need to get out into the field and stretch anyway. Been a long time" was Andrelious' answer as he looked down at the flimsi.

A brief smile flickered over the shirtless Warrior's face: "Well, in that case, I think this is right up your alley"


Contract 007

Target Group/Organization: Galaxy Guard Security Services (G.G.S.S.)
Location: Crullov City, Corulag

Galaxy Guard Security Services, or G.G.S.S, is a new "private security" firm, founded in 31 ABY by Amalon Y'thir and his wife, Silrani Y'thir. At first, the G.G.S.S flew completely under our radar and it was only six months ago when a DIA operation took down a spice and weapons deal between the Black Sun Syndicate and a small criminal organization based off of Eldar that had been selling Garconian spice to the Black Sun when they appeared as a concern.

The exchange was well-staffed, with the men pulling security for the deal being elite soldiers. The DIA lost two agents from their Bureau of Operations and an investigation by the Bureau of Analysis was opened, which after cross-referencing a massive amount of information, discovered that the Black Sun had begun purchasing the services of one "Galaxy Guard Security Services", which was located on Corulag, more specifically in Crullov City. That right there raised a red-flag as Crullov City is the pinnacle of crime on Corulag and no legitimate security firm would ever set up shop there.

Long story short, G.G.S.S has been behind the provision of security personnel for almost 95% of the illegitimate deals in Estle City and Selen itself, not to mention also filling the ranks of the "Advocates for A Free Eldar" revolution that took place two months ago.

So what you're being tasked with, if you choose to accept, is to infiltrate the G.G.S.S and bring them down from the inside. The Bureau does not care how you do it, but G.G.S.S needs to be dealt with. Any information you can gather on them, particularly the company executives would make you real popular with the Dajorra Intelligence Agency, but priority one is toppling the G.G.S.S


PS - Your new identity is attached

\\\ PAGE 2 \\\
While you are on Corulag, you will be known as:
Name: Benn Samson
Age: 40
Prior Experience: Former Lieutenant in the Galactic Alliance Special Forces Demolition Division. Dishonorably discharged after prematurely detonating a building that resulted in the deaths of not only the target, but also a strike squad of your fellow GASF operators, including your commanding officer. Served five (5) years in a maximum security prison, before being parolled for good behavior, on the condition that you never step foot on Coruscant again.
Speciaility: Demolitions and Special Operations
\\\ -END DOSSIER- \\\

"I'm older than 40, Commissioner" Andrelious said after reading the dossier.

"Fair enough, but you don't look it. In fact, you look younger than 40. Thank slice you'll have a fake IdentiChip" Talos replied, sizing the Battlelord up. Andrelious would definitely work.

Inahj raised an eyebrow: "Flattery doesn't really work anymore, Omerta"

"That was the truth, Battlelord. When I'm flattering you, you'll know it. But anyway, do you accept?"

There was a moment of silence.

Then: "I accept"

Talos clapped his hands together and a broad smile lit up his face. "Excellent. Head down to Master Cuppin on the West Side of Estle. Tell him that you're picking up an order for Silent Sam. He'll know what to do and will make you look as a rogue SpecForce lieutenant should. And then get some rest, you'll leave from Giletta Spaceport tomorrow at 0730, commercial shuttle"

Andrelious J. Inahj, or Benn Samson as he would be known for the time being, nodded. He thanked the Commissioner, pocketed his contract's information, and then withdrew.

As the door to his office hissed shut, Talos wiped a hand across his brow. "Well, that's one less contract" he thought.

Just then, as if Fate was screwing with him, the pleasant female voice of his HoloNet inbox went off:

"Commissioner Omerta, you have two new messages. Subject: Possible Contracts"


31-01-2011 12:27:50

Day One
Approaching Corulag

The commercial shuttle shuddered as it exited hyperspace. The tri-winged ship made its way towards the planet of Corulag. Andrelious J. Inahj sat in on of the seats, watching everything through the transparisteel windows. He wished he was flying the ship, though he was now a navy man rather than a pilot. Instead the Sith relaxed, sipping on one of the inflight drinks that he had consumed. His generous allowance for the mission had allowed him to indulge in several Ebla beers; normally the Battlelord preferred more sophisticated liquor, but had theorised that Samson would not have the money or the palate to enjoy such luxurious beverages. The Arconan had spent around an hour formulating a realistic lifestyle for his alias, deciding that Benn would give the appearance of a bitter ex-soldier, one who resented the Alliance for what they had done to him, but nonetheless had put it behind him and was looking for some honest work. The resenting of the Alliance was easy; Inahj hated the Galactic Alliance himself, seeing it as a rebel government. The honest work was a little harder.

As the spacecraft approached Curamelle, a couple of ships flew close by; Alliance fighters. They were clearly there to scan the vessel, though several of the passengers looked cautious as the X-Wings closed in, before turning away. Inahj sat there quietly, suspecting that nothing amiss would be found. His swig of his final beer was interrupted by the ship’s comm system crackling lazily into life. “This is your Captain. We will now be making approach to Curamelle. Those passengers needing Crullov City are requested to head to docking bay 1138, where you will be transported to your destination.”

The sound of the Bothan pilot’s voice set Inahj ready to get going. He picked up his flight bag, which contained some explosives, along with various papers that claimed the Sith was really Benn Samson. His lightsaber had been left behind, much to his concern, but the Battlelord knew that taking such an item would be far too conspicuous; he’d have to rely on his wits for this one. As he exited the ship, he noticed he was in docking bay 1136. ‘Samson’ looked around, noticing a customs point at the far end, guarded by several Galactic Alliance officers. I wasn’t expecting any GA prescence Andrel thought, knowing that the Alliance were the only people who would even think to question his papers. Luckily for the Arconan, the officers were younger men, and so were unlikely to smell a rat when processing his documents.
“There you go, lad.” Inahj said, as he handed one of the officers his papers. “I also have t’necessary permit for these explosives.” he continued, producing that document too. The documents were scanned and found to be legit, and the man known for now as Samson Benn was on his way, lazily climbing onto one of the spaceport’s internal transports to move two docking bays away. This ride was over before it had even properly begun, and the Battlelord hopped onto the hovertrain, quickly taking a seat in one of the economy areas; Samson was not considered to be the type to mix with the upper class, although there were not many going to the crime infested city that was Crullov.

The hovertram sped toward Crullov city, as Andrel pulled out a datapad. He began writing a message:

To: A. & S. Y’thir
Copy to:
Secret Copy to: T. Omerta
Subject: Employment

Dear Mr and Mrs Y’thir.

I am writing to apply for a job within your company, Galaxy Guard Security Services. My name is Benn Samson, and I was formerly with the Galactic Alliance’s Special Forces, where I was part of the demolition division. I feel that the abilities I obtained through my Alliance training would be of use to your company, as I recently read on the Holonet that you are looking for beings who are experienced with explosives.

I am now on the way to Crullov City, where I shall be living, so I am available to talk to you in the next few days regarding possible employment

Thank you in advance
Lt. Benn Samson (Ret.)
Former Galactic Alliance SpecOps.

Sending the message, making sure that the copy going to Talos was encrypted to a level given to him by the DIA, Inahj sat back in his seat, reading up on the GGSS. He was reading some information on their headquarters when his datapad reported he had a reply.

To: Lt. B. Samson
Copy to: A. Y’thir
Subject: Re: Employment

Dear Lt. Samson

My husband and I would be delighted to have a man of your calibre on our staff. Are you able to meet with us later today?

Silrani Y’thir
Director, Galaxy Guard Security Services

The Sith keyed in a reply indicating that this was fine, and resumed his reading. He attempted to slice into the company’s holosite, using a technique that he had learned from Timeros, but found the site was resistant to it. The job would require old fashioned learning, then, he realised, as the tram reached Crullov City.

(Post 1, more to come)


01-02-2011 08:27:36

It had been several days since the Sith had arrived. His interview with the Y’thirs had gone well, and he had used a combination of the credentials that were ‘his’ and his own ‘special’ abilities to secure a job working with GGSS. His job was to spearhead the expansion of the company into a more mercenary organisation. The reason behind this, he was told, was because of a complex enemy in an obscure region of space. Inahj had figured that this was referring to Arcona, as the scenarios described matched up with what he had known had happened, although he did not really agree with the description of the fallen GGSS members as ‘heroes’. Shooting a man in the back was never considered heroic! Nonetheless, ‘Samson’ feigned total support for the Y’thirs cause, and went as far to declare he would happily go into battle if necessary.

Luckily for the Battlelord, he would have about three weeks for the job, though he planned to take three days, if that. There was no reward in delaying things, he knew, so he was already formulating his tactics for destroying the majority of GGSS. In his role as the head of a new department he had been given access to all but the most sensitive areas of the complex and its vast databanks; he had quickly added the access codes to his personal datapad, choosing not to risk being caught snooping on one of the firm’s own systems. Reading through reams of irrelevant and uninteresting data, Inahj noticed a face he recognised, and brought up the personnel profile relating to this man:

Name: Mett Poytess
Role: Head of Department, Infiltration
Age: 44
Current task: Infiltrate Dajorra Intelligence Agency.
Other information: Poytess is currently leading a small group of men and women into infilitrating the Dajorra Intelligence Agency. The DIA have proven a large thorn in our sides and Poytess, using the alias Jarn Viant, will be commanding our attempt to get some insiders into the Agency. He is due to report back in three days.

On seeing this information, Andrel realised that this was the sort of data that the DIA would be looking for, and quickly forwarded it directly to Timeros. Poytess was due to have a meeting with Timeros today, or so he had heard, so things were about to get very different for the unlucky Mett.

Inahj continued to look through the data, but then turned around, having sensed somebody approaching. It was Amalon, the director.

“I see you’ve settled in already, Benn.” the middle aged human began, his upper class accent reminding Inahj of so many of his old Imperial colleagues. He had, on the trip to Corulag, investigated the Y’thirs, but found nothing other than the information on GGSS. Whatever it was they did beforehand was either of no importance or was classified.

“That I have, lad.” Inahj answered, remembering the accent he was using for Samson. The director noticed what the Sith was up to, and raised an eyebrow. “Up to anything productive?” Amalon asked, leaning over to see who Andrelious was looking at. “I was just looking through t’employee files to see if there’s anyone else with knowledge of explosives.” he responded, scrolling through another dozen uninteresting looking grunts. This answer seemed to satisfy Amalon’s slight suspicion, though he found something a little chilling about the man he knew as Benn Samson. He appeared to know a little TOO much about the company, for somebody who was new to the planet of Corulag, and he also didn’t seem to know very much about explosives, though the director put that down to the fact that the explosives he wished to use were a new technology; Samson had been out of the game for a fair few years, so it was to be expected that he would not automatically recognise every new device at once.

Amalon began to move away, but Inahj had sensed the man’s uneasiness. He would have to start moving things a little quicker to ensure that his mission would be complete – a failure or being discovered would be disastrous. The Battlelord frowned as he saw just how many employees the company had. Destroying a company of this size would normally take time, something that wasn’t on his side. Though he was a head of department, he did not yet have the trust of his peers.

Putting his datapad away, the Arconan was distracted by the entry of another visitor, this time a man he recognised as Zarian Karhov, the head of internal security. Karhov was one of Andrel’s biggest opponents, voicing his concern at the appointment of a man they knew little about to such an important role. He suspected foul play, and was of course right, but did not suspect it was actually the Dark Side of the Force at work.

“What do you want, Karhov?” Andrel hissed angrily, nearly forgetting to put on the false voice. “I am afraid your game is at an end, Inahj.” the other man responded. “You may have rooted out Poytess, but he got the message to me in time. Benn Samson is an Arc…” he continued, stopping as he felt his body begin to fail, his very essence being sucked out by some sort of twisted power. “I know, Karhov. I also know that you’re too hands on to have told anyone. That is your mistake.” the Battlelord growled, standing up and pulling out a personal blaster. The head of security dropped to his knees as he continued to grow weaker, before being thrown to the floor by the now furious Sith.

Without showing any mercy, Inahj pulled the blaster’s trigger, ceremoniously ending the life of Zarian Karhov with a well aimed shot directly between the eyes. He took the security head’s personal datapad, confirming that Poytess had indeed managed to obtain the information of who Benn Samson really was, and also confirmed that the foolish human had failed to inform anyone else; the file had been opened once, and he knew that only Karhov was able to read the dialect his datapad displayed messages in, an old underlevel language from Coruscant. Nonetheless he quickly disposed of the message, and begun to browse through the rest of the datapad, knowing that Karhov had the highest clearance. A few messages were disregarded as irrelevant, with a couple pertaining to Arcona being forwarded to the DIA, before Inahj found one of great interest:

Staff File: Amalon Y’thir
Age: 45
Place of birth: Coronet, Corellia
Real name: Jarsk Bulovian
Spouse: Silrani Bulovian, aka Silrani Y’thir
Notes: Amalon Y’thir is an alias name for Jarsk Bulovian. Bulovian is the leader of the now defunct Bulovian Besiegers pirate gang, a large group of pirates that became quite successful in plundering Galactic Alliance commerce ships. Jarsk and his wife are wanted across the galaxy, but have successfully converted their band of pirates, including myself, into a successful and seemingly legal security company. Only a few of us Besiegers remain, with the vast majority of the company being ‘innocent’ men and women from the galaxy. Many of them know of the Besiegers and what we have done, so I cannot imagine what would happen if they were to discover the truth.

This file was of great importance. A further search, this time on his own datapad, revealed that Bulovian was indeed wanted by the Galactic Alliance, for crimes that included murder and piracy, and that a large bounty was on his head as he had fled and was believed to be in hiding in the Outer Rim. Andrelious had heard of the Besiegers, but only through what several of the GGSS workforce had said. He had found it of interest that so many of them had been wronged by them. Several had lost family, and had vowed revenge. This, Inahj realised, would make things easier.

For now though, the problem of Karhov’s body was the matter at hand. The headquarters was far too busy to dispose of the body discreetly, and the security system, while it didn’t cover personal offices, did cover the corridors outside. Any movement would be noticed. With that in mind, Inahj deliberately shot himself in the leg, falling to the floor as the agony from the shot increased. Crawling over to his desk, he pressed the alarm system, before shouting “GET AWAY FROM ME!” and firing his blaster at the wall several times, causing scorch marks. Several members of internal security arrived.

“Mr. Samson, what happened in here?” one of the men asked, looking at the injured Sith and the deceased Karhov. “T’bloke tried to assassinate me, lad.” Inahj responded, acting shaken. “It’s because I’ve found something out about this company, check this file out.” the Sith continued, loading the staff file that he had now copied onto his own datapad.

The large man took the datapad and read the file several times, seemingly in shock. “He’s right, men. Amalon Y’thir is Jarsk Bulovian. Look at their pictures – Amalon is Jarsk if you simply add a beard and shave the head.” This revelation did not go down well; as Inahj had read a lot of the men had had ‘problems’ with the Bulovian Beseigers in the past. One immediately shouted that it was time to get revenge for his little girl, but was calmed down by others.

“I agree he should face revenge. I have not been entirely truthful. My name is indeed Benn Samson, but I am really an agent of Galactic Alliance Intelligence. We had our suspicions about t’one known as Amalon, and thanks to my research I have found the truth. I have been authorised to use lethal force. Are you with me, men?” Inahj asked, not willing to give away his identity. Some of the workers had been involved in conflicts with Arcona, as well, and the Sith did not think that the time was right to invoke a three-way conflict. It was enough that GGSS would soon turn on its owners. In time, he would deal with the remnants of the organisation.

Leading the small detachment to the top level, where the Y’thirs held their office, Samson managed to persuade many more staff to desert, though others were sceptical of this new man, and believed him instead to be an enemy plant. These were easily dispatched, Andrel using the force to make sure that any questions of loyalty from his new followers were answered in his favour. All in all, three dozen men happily joined the ‘Alliance’ cause, with another ten proving loyal instead to Bulovian.

Inahj had repaired his wound only with a bandage that he had dabbed in bacta, and so was still in quite a bit of pain from it. His squad of men would be sent in first, he decided; he knew that Amalon would be well guarded by loyal, former Besiegers, and that he would have prepared for this day a long time ago. They had opted to storm via the emergency evacuation system, which consisted of a large stairway, as this was less likely to be guarded than the lift, which was probably booby trapped and would lead to unnecessary casualties. As they reached the top level, Inahj waved at them to stop.

“You go in first, lads.” ‘Samson’ ordered. “I’m going to try this prototype bacta syringe to see if it makes me feel any better.” he added, waving a syringe that he had filled with bacta around. As he pressed it in, he reached out with the force, healing his wound; the bacta syringe was not very reliable and would only heal him partially, whilst the force would heal him completely.

By the time he had fully healed, the firefight was in full swing in the office. Many from both sides had been killed, with a few severely wounded. Bulovian was in one corner, taking cover behind a large vase. He was using grenades to keep people well back, seemingly not caring at who was taken out. Inahj noticed that Silrani was attempting to engage people in close combat with a katana, managing to use her high speed to decapitate several opponents. She was soon in a corner, as well, however, having to hide behind her desk from a barrage of shots from a fuming Twi’lek male.

“Benn! Help us!” Amalon yelled, clearly unaware as to the fact that Benn was neither his loyal employee or an intelligence agent. The Sith noticed that there were only a couple of men left on each side, such was the intensity of the fire fight. This would make things easier, he reasoned, as he grabbed an E-11 that had been discarded. Firing a few pot shots towards the Bulovians, he dived behind the command console that was on Amalon’s desk, and examined the available commands on its screen:

1: Open roof to allow access to T-4a Lambda Shuttle ‘Bulovian’
2: Lock down exits (time delay: 60 seconds)
3: Detonate anti-HQ capture bomb (time delay: 120 seconds)

As another ally fell, Andrel pushed all buttons 1, 2 and 3. The roof opened up, allowing access to the shuttle. Bulovian saw what the Sith was doing, and ran for one of the twin staircases onto the roof. Silrani saw what was happening, and tried to run for the staircase herself, but was cut down in a barrage of fire from the Battlelord’s E-11, leaving her severely wounded. Jarsk appeared not to care, opening the shuttle and diving in. The Sith ran at full speed, jumping as he saw the hatch on the shuttle begin to close. The force carried him through the air, and Inahj slid into the ever-closing gap just in time; many a larger man would not have made it.

By now Bulovian had gone to the front of the ship and was taking off, ignoring standard procedure in an attempt to get away. The wings of the shuttle unfolded as it left the roof of the building. Just seconds later, the building exploded, killing the vast majority of the remaining GGSS staff. Only the few agents off planet would be left, and it was likely many of them would desert on hearing of the day’s events.

Andrelious waited at the back of the shuttle, not wishing to attract too much attention. He did, however, take the time to re-configure the IFF of the shuttle back to its codes as the personal ship of Bulovian, as opposed to that of Amalon Y’thir.

“This is Shuttle Amalsil, requesting permission to leave system. My base has been destroyed by a rogue Alliance soldier.” Bulovian broadcast, talking to the Star Destroyer that acted as traffic control. “Wait there please, ‘Amalsil’.” a Bothan voice responded. Jarsk did as he was told, knowing that the IFF check would come back all clear. As the shuttle came to a halt, however, the Star Destroyer activated its ion cannons, easily disabling the stationary ship.

In the now darkened recesses of the ship, Inahj listened in to the conversation with a smirk.
“Jarsk Bulovian, you are under arrest for the murder of Amalon and Silrani Y’thir, as well as well over an additional ten thousand counts of murder regarding the GGSS staff, and innocent men and women on Alliance cargo freighters. You are also under arrest for the destruction of GGSS property on Corulag, and for theft of a shuttle.”

A Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault Transport was dispatched, and Jarsk was soon led away by several heavily armed troopers. Inahj, still claiming to be Benn Samson, claimed he had been kidnapped on the way up by Jarsk, but had been unconscious during the events and remembered nothing. The last thing the Sith needed was a long and complex trial.

As soon as was possible, the Alliance deposited Inahj back onto Corulag, and he purchased a flight to a space station that Arcona used when extracting members who were on undercover. GGSS were more or less totally destroyed. They would be no threat to Arcona anymore.

Andrel’s mission was complete.


05-02-2011 20:40:12

Arcona Contract Bureau Offices
Citadel Sublevels

"And as I've told you, the man known as Benn Samson is not one of your agents, but a private contractor. Therefore, he is not your subordinate, but mine. And that's that. Have a nice day, Deputy Director" said Talos angrily. He slammed the "End" button on his Holo-Transcevier and the azure-washed image of the Deputy Director of Operations for the Dajorra Intelligence Agency shimmered into nothingness.

"It seems I always catch you at a bad time, Commissioner" said a voice from the door. Omerta looked up to see Andrelious J. Inahj leaning against the door frame, his short stature still bearing the look of Benn Samson, the alias he had operated under.

Talos gave a weary grin and motioned his Order superior into the office. Andrelious took the seat opposite the Bureau Commissioner as the latter opened up a holo-file.

"Jarsk Bulovian was put to death this morning on Coruscant, at the Galactic Justice Center" the Warrior said simply, closing the folder and looking at the Battlelord. Inahj merely nodded and waited for Talos continue.

"And here on Selen, the body of Mett Poytess will be found by an Army Military Police squad in...5 minutes, give or take"

At this news, Andrelious' face broke into a satisfied smile:

"Excellent. It's good to know that Timeros found the information useful" he said, to which the Sith Warrior chuckled dryly.

"Oh, he did indeed. As for you, the DIA equally loves you and hates you; you took down Galactic Guard Security Services and avenged the deaths of the agents that GGSS was responsible for killing. And you brought a fugitive wanted by over five separate Intelligence Agencies, not including our own, to justice. However, you did do something that the DIA couldn't and you didn't even have access to their exorbitant budget or resources. So I'd stay in the Navy if I were you"

Andrel gave a snort:

"I have no interest in being a government spook, Sith or not" said the short man as he rose from his seat and Talos followed suite.

"You did very well, Battlelord, very well indeed. A major thorn in not only Arcona's but the DIA's side has been removed, thanks to you. You're dismissed. Get some rest" the Commissioner finished, extending a hand for Inahj to shake, which he did.

As the door "whooshed" shut behind the Arconan, Talos picked up the Contract 007's holo-file and fried it with a single arc of Force Lightning.

"I hope to see you back here, Battlelord. Sooner, rather than later" the Firrerreon muttered as he retook his seat.

_/\_ ::Debrief:: _/\_

As requested by the Dajorra Intelligence Agency, via the Arcona Contract Bureau, the private security company known as "Galactic Guard Security Services" has been eliminated, with valuable intelligence gathered by the contractor. By using experience, wit, and Force prowess, the contractor was able to complete his assigned task without any evidence remaining that could lead back to House Arcona or the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Well done!

Mission Grade -- Excellent

Contract Review

Technical -- The contract was written very well, with proper grammar and puncuation throughout the entire thing. Andrelious kept to a single tense and also distinguished the changes between Benn Samson, his alias, and Andrelious J. Inahj, his character, very well. However, I would have preferred if the sections of the two "dossiers" (Mett Poytess and Amalon Y'thir) had been in bold, simply to make for easier reading.

Story -- As if it wasn't funny enough that Andrelious' contract was not only 007 and he requested an Undercover contract (which is how James Bond usually goes about his missions), he wrote the contract in a way that would have made Ian Flemming proud. There was intrigue, a solid plot that was easy to follow, and a very nice conclusion (including the unorthodox end; I liked how Andrel dealt with Amalon Y'thir without just killing him). Finally, there was very little fluff, which at first glance, I didn't like (I'm a huge fan of fluff), but as I continued to read, I saw that the lack of fluff complemented Andrel's writing style superbly. All in all, very well done!

Style -- Andrelious is definitely a Sith, that much is shown through his use of the Force and manipulation. But his style of writing, which cuts out the fluff of a story and gets right down to the action without feeling rushed, is something of a relief. He provides minimal backstory, but allows readers to kind of piece it together through his character's current actions. The blend of Force powers and all out blaster/explosive mayhem was also a great way to end the contract.

Conclusion -- The "E" grade of this contract was in doubt for some time, I will admit, but when I stepped away from the computer and then came back after a nap and snack (which reenergized me) to reread the contract, I found that I actually liked the way Andrelious wrote his contract and that everything he did complemented not only his strengths, but also his character's style of doing things. Which is really what the ACB is all about, strengthening and sharpening a writer's skill and connection with his/her character. And that, along with a great story and next-to-no technical errors, earned Andrelious the grade of "Excellent".