A Family Matter

Robin Hawk

21-10-2010 23:23:53

My partner, Talos d'Tana, unfortunately fell ill during this 3rd week of the Disorder RoS. Here is what our plan was and I did what I could to write something, having heard no contact from him.

Opening Post(s):

We meet at some outpost of the Sith Army, on the eve of the Sith's big attack on Boyna. We are dedicated to the Sith Order entirely, preparing ourselves for war. The fact that there are d'Tanas in the other Orders is really of no consequence...yet! So for both of us, it should be about us meeting up, getting our gear ready, mentally and physically preparing for war. That cool stuff.

Middle Post(s):

The morning of the war has begun. We, the Sith Army, is marching towards Temple Boyna, with only the destruction of the Obelisk in mind. Then, we go battlecrazy. We can have a good length description of us just tearing into the enemy lines, and then, during some sort of respite, we are pulled to the side by a high-ranking Sith along with some other Sith (they can be unnamed) and a company of soldiers. We are given a mission to capture the power center of the Temple and then cut the power.

We do so, and incur some causalities on the way (Sith and soldiers both) before making it to the entrance of the vehicle pool. We should end our posts with actually getting into the vehicle pool.

End Post(s):

Between you, me, and our unnamed Sith and soldier team, we are pushing back the Obelisk and beginning to take over the vehicle pool. But then, since we didn't really care to be sneaky, a team of mixed soldier and Jedi Obelisk come in as reinforcements. Leading them is none other than Prelate Etah d'Tana (this is a major shock). A possible idea for this part is that, since you and Etah are the same rank, you do battle with him while sending me off with the rest of the team to engage his force and also finish our mission to cut the power.

We do so and when we finally make it to power matrix station, another rude awakening is in store. In command of the matrix station is our very own Lord Baron Koskian d'Tana (another huge shock). What I want to do here is not so much focus on bloodlust and battle, though that is part of it, I want to really show some emotion in meeting Etah and Kosk on the other side of this huge, defining war.

We end there, on a note of desperation, with mixed emotions running through our minds; yes, we are Sith fanatics, but then again, we've been through more trials with Etah and Kosk than we have with many of our other brethren Sith. Can we truly turn away from Family for our Order? Yes, no? Do we try to kill Etah and Kosk or maybe try to convert them to the side of the Sith. Possibilities are a-many and I, for one, am excited to do this!

Robin Hawk

21-10-2010 23:56:30

Robin was called to a personal meeting located at one of the outposts that held some of the Sith Army's Platoons. The complete disorder of the Order battle not only left Houses in disarray but Families as well. Hawk was intimidated by the situation as she had just become one of the famous families in the Brotherhood, the d'Tanas. Their dealings kept top secret from the rest of the Brotherhood.

Having arrived at night, she ducked around the back of the fortress that held the platoon of Sith and approached a familiar figure.

“Talos, How do you fare during these confusing times?” She leaned on the wall beside him and crossed her arms similarly to him. Both cloaked from head to toe in their Sith trimmed robes.

“Disturbing ...” Talos decreed, keeping his head forward and looking down at the ground in solace. “We must prepare both physically and mentally, specifically for the next engagement.”

“Why specifically now? Haven't we been prepared up until now?” Hawk queried.

“Family is involved.” He stated directly.

“Oh....right.” Robin agreed but felt strange saying it. Both Talos and herself were the newest members of the d'Tana family, but yet their bond to the Sith, especially now, had to be honored.

“Facing either Prelate Etah d'Tana or Lord Baron Koskian d'Tana will be a challenge. At least for you Hawk, you match Etah's rank so we may fair a chance....but Kosk.

“I can't think of that right now....to even attempt to strike down one of our own...” Hawk sounded frustrated, torn between her loyalties to the Sith Order, and to her new family.