Sith, The Red Shirts Of Star Wars


19-10-2010 08:05:59

A RO between Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar (Arcona) and Dyrra Skye (Naga Sadow)

A grimace bestrided the Obelisk's face as he looked out at the outroar happening before him. Over in the distance, the Anaxsi could see several of his Sith Housemates, fighting amongst the crowd. Their lightsabers cut through the air as they took on Krath from the so-called Royal Clan.

He spat on the ground, showing his displeasure at such a display. Thank Ferran for the sense of the Obelisks, he chuckled. Such irony as his brothers and sisters of Arcona fought as well. The Temple Boyna was an awe-inspiring sight, but the blasphemy that was being committed here was outrageous. Only those of his own Order were allowed within these hallowed grounds, and here were the traitorous Sith and the disgusting Krath despoiling it. That was what the majority of his order believed, of course the Entar couldn't care less. It was more entertaining to watch the imbeciles fighting over nothing.

All down to the infighting of the Dark Council this war was, countless members of an already shrunken Brotherhood were rampaging through the ranks to weaken them even more. Ironic really, that they should've been fighting for survival, instead they were fighting to destroy.

A shadow fell beside Sanguinius, warning him of someone approaching. Glancing away towards the encroaching person, his grim face tightened into a thunderous façade. Reaching for the lightsaber hanging from his belt, the Arconan Templar swore at the figure standing in the low-hanging sun’s glare. He recognised that presence all too well. "Dyrra....what midden did you crawl out of?"


20-10-2010 08:56:44

Dyrra's eyebrow arched lazily as she looked at the Arconan before her.

“Shouldn't I be the one asking that question, considering the last time I saw you?”

She hadn't intended the comment to enrage him, but a slight narrowing of his eyes suggested she'd hit a nerve, at least. She could understand that – she wasn't exactly comfortable about working with someone who'd tried to kill her in the past, either. Still, orders were orders and she wasn't the one calling the shots, here. More to the point, if she were, she wouldn't be letting her Equites wander about looking at battles as though they were tourists.

“Anyway, I just came to get you to stop ogling the dying Journeymen over there and tell you we've got to go check the other side of the Temple out. The powers that be are worried that someone will try sneaking around and they want us to be there just in case.”

She fiddled restlessly with her saber hilt, waiting for him to react. The other two Orders had briefly seemed to lay off the Obelisk, seemingly content with destroying each other first. While she welcomed the respite – had it really been such a short time since Sai had dragged her to one side and told her to get on a transport away from Aeotheran as fast as she could? - she didn't trust it. Someone had a trick up their sleeves, that much was certain.

When Sanguinius did reply, his voice was somewhat incredulous, jerking her out of her thoughts.

I'm working with you. This'll end well.”

He turned and set off walking back in the direction she'd gestured. It was clear that while he wouldn't dispute any orders, he was sure as hell going to complain about it.

“You say that like you think you can't trust me or something. I'm hurt. Wounded, even.”

He didn't seem to appreciate the sarcasm.

“You threw me out of an airlock!”

“Pfft, only a little one. And you started it. I was content to glare malevolently, but no, someone had to come charging across the transport like a rancor with a hangover and start something. By the way, how was falling to what I'd hoped would be your death? I mean, I know it was good for me, but..”

When Dyrra was on edge, she had a tendency to babble in a bid to calm herself down. Sanguinius had no idea what he'd let himself in for.


20-10-2010 10:31:55

Sanguinius sighed with an air of capitulation, he wasn't in the mood to argue. Especially with someone who tried to kill him the last time they'd met. Of course, it was probably his own fault that happened. But then he had changed since then. The near death experience had mellowed the Templar's outlook on life. Mainly on the living part of it. He wasn't happy that the powers that be had caused this association, musing to himself, the Arconan wanted to shove his lightsaber up the behind of the being who had decided this. But then, that would probably cause more trouble than he could handle. Instead, the Entar strode after Dyrra.

Of course, if the girlie wanted to be sarcastic, then he would do a good job in returning the sentiment in kind. "Oi girlie, wanna hear a joke?"

Dyrra wasn't going to fall for the bait. Instead she threw a scathing reply back. "If you're going to talk about yourself, then by all means, go ahead." A grim smile crossing the Sadowan's face.

The crap-eating grin which was plastered across Sang's face died, before his features were cast in a stone-like visage. He muttered under his breath about blasters in the back.

As the pair made their way across the Temple grounds, several journeymen had detached from the main fighting amongst the Krath and the Sith. Dyrra easily dominated the ensuing fight, cutting down two of them, before driving off a third. Meanwhile, Sang simply defended himself. He couldn't be bothered to kill at the moment. Feinting with a stab to the Knight's right side, the Arconan brought back the aquamarine hued blade, cutting inside the Tarenti's defences. Before shutting down the active emitter, to smash the saber's hilt into the side of the Sith's head. Sending the Bothan crashing to the ground. Sang grunted as he stared at the Sith.

The alien had commited sacrilege by trespassing on the Temple grounds, but hey, life was precious. The Obelisk thought to himself. Turning away, Sanguinius left the Bothan lying comatose on the ground. Dyrra stared at the Entar in disapproval. Clearly she had no such qualms. The girl seemed a firebrand, better he kept away from her.

"Come on 'conan. We've got orders, as you Mando lovers say, move your shebs."

Sang spat in reply, "I ain't no Mando lover girlie," but the Arconan smiled slightly. Of course, he still hated his fellow Obelisk, but at this moment in time, he needed someone to watch his back. His highly self-valued back. The Entar decided to play the safe game. Keeping the tomboy sweet. Especially as it could have major ramifications, good and bad.

The two Obelisks reached the other side of the Temple, standing there for a few moments to catch their breath and view their surroundings. Sanguinius decided to leave the decisions to the Sadowan, better that she take the responsibility if things go wrong. Not really an Obelisk thing to do, that much Sang knew. More like a Sith thing to do. But hey, life isn't cheap. Unless they're Sith.....or maybe Krath?

"So what now?" The Arconan demanded. "Your lord and masters given us minute plans on what to do eh?"

Dyrra repeated her earlier gesture of a lazily raised eyebrow. "You're getting impatient with me?" she asked in a sardonic tone. "But I thought that you enjoyed the chemistry between us?" The Haruunian sneered.

Sang turned away in disgust, he waved his left hand dismissively, "What-"

But the Obelisk was interupted in mid-sentence. "Ah Dyrra, what a pleasure to see you here my dear." A familiar voice to the Sadowan rang through the air. The two Obelisks spun to see a figure standing nonchantly in the glare of the low-lying sun.

Their eyes narrowed in recognition, this was not what the pair were expecting.