To Be Krath Or Not To Be Krath, Let The War Decide


18-10-2010 12:20:31

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KAP Jade Sadow (HNS)
KAP Mitsuhide Akechi (HR)
Both are Krath

Jade sighed heavily in the on coming twilight, the air still warm enough to not show her breath, but was cool on the bare skin exposed through the small battle cuts and holes in her clothing. She had worn her armor for most of the war, and was debating putting it back on, especially with the oncoming night but loved the freedom of the more tight fitting clothing. It allowed the material to move more freely then the armor, though the armor did obliviously provide more protection. Giving up on the debate she moved to where she had been sleeping to put it on when an old familiar face came out of the shadows, the failing light of the sun casting even more dark lines to the mans' face. " Mitsuhide" She grinned and moved up to him. He had once been in her own House, as had a few of the members in the House he now called home. She was use to fighting beside him, and though the new Order war still had her fighting against friends as well as members of her own House family, it was good to see a familiar face.

"Jade, fancy meeting you here. Out strolling the night for more victims?"

She smirked, they had once been out looking for the blood of enemies on the streets, but that had felt like years ago now. She winked at him, "Every chance I can get." She shook Mitsuhide's hand, "Though I see you have followed suit."


18-10-2010 16:38:56

Mitsuhide smiled lightly, his lips twitching almost malevolently. With a chuckle, he responds in kind, "Always, little Sadow. Always."

He moved beside her with a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin, "Tell me, Jade. Who's the unlucky target this time? Not me, I hope."

He fingered his lightsaber fondly, watching and wondering exactly which side of the fence she was on. He hadn't left Naga Sadow with many friends, only a trail of bloody hatreds and he wasn't sure if Jade held any grudges. He faced her braced and ready for anything that might occur.

He remembered the last time they had faced each other, he barely managed to beat her. Now she was the same rank as he, no longer steps behind him in training. He wondered how this would turn out being faced down by her with equal power.

He shook his head to clear those thoughts. They were in the same order, opposing houses, but they were both Krath. He didn't need to worry about her stabbing him in the back just yet. However, should the opportunity happen to come, he wouldn't hesitate to remove her. He counted her as the closest thing he had to a friend, but he wasn't sure where her loyalties laid. If she still held her House in higher regard to her Order, she would have to be removed. He was sure that she felt the same way about him. Unfortunately, he held ties to no House higher than he did to his Order. He was a Krath through and through and that would never be in question. He held something that vaguely resembled friendships with members of the other two Orders, but those he counted as his closest allies were of his own Order.

He released his saber, moving away from Jade, "Where do we go from here?"


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Jade watched his body language as he stood near her. It was tight like a predator assessing a prey source, either expecting to take the kill as hoped, or to have to fight and defend. She almost laughed at his movements. It was true he had left her House, and as a daughter of Sadow she would defend her House against her enemies, but it had always been her nature and her oath to keep her friends close and back the ones she called her own. Though it had bitten her a few times in doing so, she never regretted not sacrificing friends for the privileges of being a teachers pet as they say. "No you are not the victim this night," She grinned and licked her lips as though she were preparing for the taste of blood, "but if you're lucky, you might be." She winked at him then chuckled as his hand moved for his light saber.

He released his saber, moving away from Jade, "Where do we go from here?"

She just shook her head, leaving her sabers on her belt. "The war isn't over yet, though I sense the end is coming."

"What a shame to no longer have the hunt, when it is done." His stance stayed somewhat the same as he still assessed her intentions.

Jade grinned, her teeth looking sharp in the low level light. "That it will. Though I don't enjoy hunting those of my own House, even if they are of another order."

Mits almost frowned, would that mean she was ready to kill him after the war was over? Would her House again rule supreme over her loyalty to fighting with the Krath and along his side again? "I figure it has been a long time since the Krath have shown their true power, be they members of my same House or not, I am ready to show the power of the true Krath."

"As am I, should I need too of course." She activated her purple saber and arched it through the air, the colour symbolic of her order, unlike the silver custom one she kept on her side for when she needed it. Though she was fairly certain should she come face to face with her House Overlord she wouldn't be able to strike him down, but that was something she would have to worry about should that ever come to be. "Though the war isn't over yet, we still have time to make sure our Order is stronger in numbers as well as power."

Mits lowered his eyes as she almost dreamt of taking out an entire troop of Sith and Oblesk mixed Jedi. "Very true."

Jade pointed over the hill from where the small group of Krath had gathered for regrouping and to rest up from full on battle. "Over that hill is an sith encampment, much like our own. Surely they would have an artifact or two that would give the Krath a bit more of an advantage." She raised her eyebrows, "Don't you think?"


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Mitsuhide smiled grimly, his thoughts seeming to race about. His stoicism seems to almost falter before he regains his composure. With a slight laugh, he nodded at Jade signaling her forward. He smiled lightly as he watched her walk away from him, he may not be completely sure of her intentions, but he always enjoyed watching her.

With a nearly imperceptible shrug, he started off after her, his saber coming to his hand when he called to it. With a snap-hiss, he ignited the white blade and filled the landscape with a washed out look. He smiled softly, how would they tell the colors apart if they couldn't see the colors very well to begin with.

He moved silently behind Jade, the hunter seeking his prey. He wasn't sure what he'd find and his mind reeled from the thought of taking life, but the lines were indeed drawn in the sand. He would take a life tonight and likely many more than just one.

He licked his lips, both in anticipation and dread. He didn't enjoy taking life, but the drive to safeguard his Order's prestige was more deeply ingrained into him than his choice to show mercy. These Sith would see no such thing as it would be an alien concept to them. He wouldn't show mercy to those who showed none to others. Only those who did were worth saving. The others deserved their fates.

His mind becomes a battleground, fighting with the insanity of the past three years and also with the idea of wanton slaughter of this Sith encampment. However, another thought impeded on the outskirts of his mind. The thoughts of remembering his time with Jade so many years past.

Shaking his head, he didn't allow himself any thoughts other than those aimed at the coming fight. He began to mentally go through the forms he had mastered.

Shii-Cho bled into Soresu which in turn became Djem So. He continued to flow through his saber forms, mixing his hand-to-hand forms in as well. He couldn't allow any of them to survive. Dulon flowed into Hapan then into Shock Boxing. Shock Boxing became Shadow Fist. Each movement became choreographed in his mind, set in stone but malleable.

He smiled wickedly, the insanity bleeding into his eyes. He would impress this one through bloodshed like he'd never done before. None would survive this rendezvous and he would be the executioner of these ungrateful pieces of offal known as the Sith. He'd grown tired of them years ago, but he couldn't move against them until now.

He schooled his features and moved in tandem with Jade, mirroring her movements as he nearly drooled over the coming bloodshed.

His features calmed, but his eyes seemed to glow even brighter than usual. He pulled his hood as far over his features as possible, shrouding his face and demeanor. Inside the hood, no one could see what he felt.

He touches Jade on the shoulder, bringing her to nearly a skidding stop, "Suppress your Force Signature. That way, even if they are looking for us, they will think nothing of us. Surprise is our friend here. Two of us against them..."

He laughed darkly, the foreign sound chilled Jade to her core. Was this the same Mitsuhide she had cared about years prior?


18-10-2010 18:09:43

Jade stopped in her tracks, memories flashing through her mind. From walking one the streets looking for prey, to hiding on roof tops watching to deliver a surprise attack, to finally fighting Mits face to face, though she didn't remember what the fight was about, she remembered it had been intense. "hmm good idea, too bad we didn't have any Yslarmi to help through things into a loop for them."

"Might tip them off."

"True, but would still be interesting to see how they react when they can't use their precious force." The flashing memories turned into a low hum, gradually building into screams. The voices tormenting her again, pushing her, scratching at her mind. You will not win...he is coming...this is pointless...your power will not now... It had been a long time since the last major war, and the time she had gotten her infliction, and half of her wished that who ever they keep saying was coming would hurry the force up and get here already. With her hands on the side of her head she took a breath and tried to calm the voices. "You should go first, come up with a plan, I'll follow you in." She hated being weakened especially at a time like this, but she wasn't going to let the voices take over their deserved victory.


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Mitsuhide looked at Jade, compassion filling the insane eyes of the Hunter. He nodded once and moved to take point. He extinguished his saber and motioned for Jade to follow suit.

Once her saber was extinguished, he moved silently through the night. He looked over his shoulder at Jade, marveling at the pale skin exposed by the cuts in her garb. He shook his head, he hadn't allowed anyone to land a blow on him yet, and had gotten lucky that all he'd had to face were little peons. He knew the reckoning was coming and that very soon he wouldn't get out of this unscathed.

He smiled within the darkness of the hood, turning back around and leading them towards the Sith encampment. With no further words, he slunk through the grasses and approached the encampment. He approached the sentries, who seemed half-asleep as it was, and addressed them in a harsh voice.

He grabbed Jade and flung her forward, "I caught this Krath scum moving through the bushes. Take her away."

He saw the flash of betrayal on Jade's face, wondering what had become of the man she cared about. The man that had honorably fought her years prior. He turned his hooded face away from her as the sentries seized her.

As they took her to the center of camp, Mitsuhide moved silently behind them. He could feel the pain emanating from Jade. He could nearly hear the thoughts forming in her mind of how she was going to deal with him if she got out of this alive.

He pulled the shock gloves from his belt and quickly donned them. With a burst of Equite Speed, he grabbed both of the sentries. The gloves issued a shock to the both of them and, by proxy, Jade as well. With renewed speed, his Rage took over. His muscles bulged slightly as he jerked the two sentries away from Jade. With the Force, he sent a large Shock through the both of them. Lightning arced between the sentries before he negligently tossed them each to a side. He looked down at Jade, then almost ruefully used to Force to Heal the slight damage caused by his attack.

He looked down at Jade, expectantly, "Well?"


18-10-2010 19:21:21

Jade looked at him, a little shell shocked from being injured to suddenly healed had her mind and body doing a quick scan to figure out what really happened and if there needs to be injures looked after. It was one of the down sides to using the force to heal oneself or another, it often threw the body off wondering what happened and what it missed. Though the feeling of it would pass fairly quickly, her idea of kicking Mit's ass wasn't something that would move as quickly. "I think your cloaking and hiding our force signatures just went out the window." She said it through gritted teeth before standing up and facing him. "You do realize that only got us so far inside and drew added attention to us right?"

Mits gave her this stare that was almost like an 'oh crap!'

Jade looked over her shoulder as she heard a couple incoming Sith moving towards them. "So what did you have planned now?"

Mits turned to her cocking his head to the side, he hadn't thought that far ahead, he just wanted to get in, his energy so itching to draw blood, to draw a life force, that he didn't think of a full plan or a proper way in. His plan could have gotten them in further without arousing suspicion, but he hadn't expected to feel so defensive of Jade once the sentries had their hands on her. Maybe it was the look of betrayal, maybe it was something from his past, or maybe it was just cause if anyone was going to harm her it was going to be him. Whatever the reason he didn't know, but it certainly didn't help his image of a strategist. "...kill some Sith in the name of the Krath?!"

Jade gave an almost scoffing grunt noise, "Thank you Mr. obvious." She would have preferred to know how many of the Sith were in the encampment before rushing into battle, rather then playing hide and seek, but this could be interesting. She just hoped there was at least an interesting relic they could take back. "I claim the sabers of the first down!" She giggled, as an apprentice, likely the rank of a Jedi Hunter, came up to her. It reminder her of another she had to kill, in that time she had let the battle go on just to see if the kid got any better, to which they didn't of course. She was half tempted to give the kid a lesson and let him go to crawl back and say what happened...come to think of it that might be a good plan after all. Her adoptive Master after she hit the rank of Dark Jedi Knight would have done the same thing, granted he was a Sith, it was a great tactic. Leaving a survivor who wouldn't be strong enough to heal them self quick enough to pose a threat, yet be bale to crawl back to a home base, would make for a good way to give her a reputation. And with the end of the war coming she wouldn't have to worry too much about personal retaliation.

She activated her blade and swung it in a circle then danced around with it around her body before looking at the now unsure Jedi Hunter. "Let's do this."


18-10-2010 20:53:03

Mitsuhide looked at the little apprentice and Jade. His eyes watching carefully as he surveyed the surrounding area. Many people were beginning to head their way.

With a twisted grin, he pulls his cloak off to reveal his battle garb. The mounted shoulder plates to protect his neck were covered in a darker red than usual. His hair was also streaked with the blood of the fallen troopers.

He looked over at Jade, the smile growing wicked, “Drinks are on the one with fewest kills.”

Without drawing his blade, he launched himself at the nearest target. With several fast blows, Mitsuhide turned the head of the target into a pulpy, charred mass of goo.

A howl of rage ripped through his lips as someone grazed his back with a blaster bolt. He turned to look at the apprentice holding the shaking blaster. Shooting someone in the back was low and this kid knew it. Knew that the raging Archpriest in front of him would likely be the last thing he ever saw.

Growling with animalistic fury, he lunged at the kid who fired one more time at him. The bolt hit him in the shoulder just under his protective plate as he reached the kid and grabbed him by the throat.

With a snarl, he shoved his fingers deep into the kid’s eye sockets. He grinned as he smelled the charring flesh as the shock gloves activated. With a contemptuous toss, he lobbed the kid into one of his cohorts.

He moved to the next target, sending a thought to Jade, I’m up to four now counting the two sentries…


18-10-2010 21:45:17

Jade parried and blocked the apprentices thrust forward. the kid had some good training and no doubt with practice could hone his skills, his master had done well. She was tempted to kill the kid since he may grow into something powerful, but she just couldn't, promise would be needed in the future. Using a force push she knocked the kid back and on the ground, using telekinesis she had a few rocks land on the kid, enough to give a few bruises and maybe a sprain or two. When the kid stayed down she walked over to him, he groaned by kept his eyes closed. Using the force she picked up the saber and hid it among some other rocks off to the side. When the kid managed to pull himself out of the rocks he would have to spend time getting his saber, she wouldn't have to worry about the kid till they were long gone. She gave him a slight kick them leaned down and whispered "Count yourself lucky kid."

She then turned and did a flip in the air landing on her feet close to Mits. Those two don't count, they started after your bet, besides considering you hit me in that little maneuver I should get them as points if they count She smirked then suddenly launched her saber into the midsection of a Sith who came up on her side, expecting to be sneaky. These are too easy, where are their masters? Surely the encampment wouldn't just be apprentices...


18-10-2010 23:02:23

Mitsuhide grumbled, Fine. I’ll split them with you. One each.

He continued to move from target to target, silently calling the numbers to Jade. After a little while of tearing the apprentices to pieces, he looked around for the stronger instructors of these children.

He sent out his thoughts with the Force, trying to sense where they you would be at. With a flick of his wrist he threw the dismembered hand at Jade.

When she turned to glare at him, he pointed further into the camp. The apprentices were all backing away from the gore-covered Archpriest, fear brimming in their eyes as his gaze swept over them. With a fierce step towards them, they scattered and left the camp to be nothing more than a ghost town.

He began to move towards the life signs further in, when he felt Jade’s hand on his shoulder. With death in his eyes, he looked at her. She noticed two things then.

First, he was a mess. Second, Mitsuhide was not present in those eyes. He was displaced by the Hunter. This Hunter wore the same face and had the same voice, but it wasn’t the Mitsuhide she knew. She let her hand drop, before speaking.

“Use the saber, Mits….” She began, “I’ll feel safer if you do that.”

The Hunter laughed at her, “What use do I have for additional weapons when I have these?!”

He stuck his hand in her face, “He likes to think that the saber keeps him safe…but, it doesn’t. I keep him safe!”

He stalked off into the center of the camp and bellowed a challenge to the encampment’s commander.

The commander exited from the largest tent and looked at the blood-soaked Archpriest. He paled visibly, but held his ground. From the formal robes, Mitsuhide knew that he was only a Sith Warrior. This wasn’t something to be terribly worried about, but he grinned viciously.

He squared off with the Warrior who pulled out his saber and ignited the crimson blade with a snap-hiss. Mitsuhide’s grin widened even more. He grabbed the hilt of his saber and threaded his fingers between the hilt and the attached blade, but didn't ignite the lightsaber. He gripped it as though he was only going to use the blade attached to the handle.


19-10-2010 00:41:09

Jade stood at the ready in case someone should come up from behind and take a chance shot at Mits, she was right, a DJK came out the back of the commanders tent, a girl to Jades somewhat amusement. Well it was certainly one way to...err get proper training. She smiled and moved down to intercept the girl. "Hello." Jade spun her blade around, the purple arching in the night sky leaving a nice purple circle of colour as it moved, before she stopped it and looked at the girl. The girl jumped and gave jade a once over before igniting her red blade. Jade could tell by the way she held it she must be a newly appointed Knight, the real blade showing a slight fear to her eyes, being used to the training saber. "Your commander is in a bit of trouble."

"He's not..' The girl suddenly snapped up to full attention and lunged at Jade, she had obviously been told about some Krath tricks to keep her occupied. Jade had no problems fighting should need be. But she thought it would be fun to wait. As the girl got closer and closer she stayed in one spot then suddenly moved as she jumped up to land on Jade with a strike. The kid hit the ground and rolled, her momentum keeping her going. A little phased the kid stood up and turned around finding her self in the way of a purple saber, she quickly brought her saber up and across her body in an attempt to block the purple blade, but didn't see the silver one come out from nowhere. Jade made it a quick death and took the girls head off, taking her saber and placing it on her belt next to a couple others from her victories. Though they were small victories their parts could be at least used, or she could modify them for her future apprentices.

Looking around she noticed no one coming so moved to a higher vantage point to survey the area. The encampment looked fairly calm, but the major force tension stood around Mits and the Sith Warrior. Though it was a bit odd to have a Warrior in command, the encampment was small enough that it was likely a practice test for the man before getting promoted. Which could mean that he was more powerful then he appeared. That or the Sith were spread thin...but something was odd about it all. it was almost as though the Warrior was...hmm she thought about it and surveyed the area again. Everything seemed quiet but a small dark vein of power hid among the shadows. Jade looked back at the Warrior fighting Mits. He was prepared, he could tell Mis was not operating on all cylinders. Where the Warrior was formulating a plan, Mits obviously hadn't.

That's when she saw it, a slight shadow in the tent from where the Warrior had come from, there was another. Jade ran down from the small hill and using telekinesis picked up the tent and threw it, exposing the man inside.

The Sith Battle Master stood up from behind a small crate, clapping mockingly. "I had hoped till your friend took over the new competition for my post, but I see no reason to wait any longer." His gaze dropped and he lowered his body as his saber hissed to life. Jade activated her purple blade.

"Bring it." Jade watched the Battle Master as he prepared to fight. Finally a fight worth a fight, not just another apprentice pawn.


19-10-2010 12:34:23

He looked at the Warrior before him, his eyes glinting with hate. He moved in a small circle around the Warrior, watching Jade take care of the few remaining obstacles. He gripped the hilt of his lightsaber, moving intently towards the Warrior.

Without warning, Mitsuhide leapt forward, landing a blow against the Warrior's offhanded shoulder. With a grunt, the Warrior swung his saber in an attempt to disembowel the Archpriest. Backflipping away neatly, Mitsuhide shed the few remaining pieces of armor that wear no longer useful.

As the shoulder plates fell away, Mitsuhide righted himself. He looked at Jade who was preparing to enter combat with the Battle Master and nodded.

He sent a probing thought to Jade, I'll help with that as soon as I'm done here....

His eyes no longer held the insanity close, but traces were still there. His stoic face was haggard and exhausted. He raised the hilt of his saber and looked at the Warrior.

With a snap-hiss of his lightsaber, he grinned toothily, "Let's see how you fare against me now, little Sith..."

The Warrior stiffened, "I am a trained member of the Sith Order! You won't beat me, Betrayer!"

Mitsuhide laughed as white brushed aside crimson almost negligently, "Betrayer? You who kill your Master after you're done with training? At least we keep our own around in case they can be useful again."

White was brushed aside by crimson, the dance was beginning and Mitsuhide's mind took over the fight. He moved with grace. He falls into the style of his adoptive family, Addan Anye. He moved from parry to feint to half pirouette to a strike. He moved with grace and skill, leaving the Warrior mesmerized. The sith retained enough mental capacity to continue to defend himself, but even as Mitsuhide, he was tiring.

He raised his blade in the old ceremonial form, signifying that if needed they could take a break. When the Sith responded in kind, they both extinguished their lightsabers and looked at each other.

"You're not bad...for a Krath," the Warrior said removing the helmet from his uniform.

Mitsuhide smiled lightly, "I've been practicing for quite some time now."

With a nod, the two fell silent once more. Perhaps a half an hour later, Mitsuhide stood up straight, "Ready?"

The Sith nodded and placed his helmet back on. The two warriors ignited their blades with a unified snap-hiss.

Mitsuhide looked at Jade who was just entering combat with the Battle Master, I need to finish this soon...


19-10-2010 13:23:38

Jade saw Mits flipping out of the corner of her eye, his response in her mind I'll help with that as soon as I'm done here... had her quickly responding as she ducked to the side and rolled across the ground as the Battle Master took his first strike. You better...

The battle master picked up the crate with the force and threw it at Jade, she waited until the last possible moment before moving, giving her some cover in that she might be under the shards. Hiding under the flap of a near by tent she waited till he was close. As the Battle Master looked at the pieces of wood Jade activated her saber and took a swipe at his feet. He jumped up, skipping the deadly blade like it were a childhood game of jump rope. Doing a back flip back he looked at the tent as Jade slipped out from under the flap and stood staring at him.

He waved a finger at her. "Uh uh, that wasn't very nice, kind of dirty handed and a low blow...if I didn't know any better I'd say you were a Sith at heart."

It was true Jade was changing, becoming darker then her original days in the Brotherhood, even a bit crazier, though she attributed the last to being trained by the Madman Macron and the voices she was now plagued with. Jade used the force to push off the ground and did a somersault in the air, coming down in a sudden arc her saber aiming for the Battle Masters right shoulder and to slice down across his body. The Sith brought his saber up and around to the left effectively blocking the hit, but also stopping some of Jades momentum allowing her to land right in front of the Sith. She took as few shots, bringing her saber back up the hilt leaning to the left, the blade to the right as she corrected from where he had blocked her, the Sith brought his blade down and across hers defending his body. Jade smiled at him from behind the glow of the violet and red locked sabers. "You forget something..."

He grinned evilly, the light casting on his face giving him the red skin of the original Sith. "And what might that be?"

Jade used the force to enhance her strength in holding her blade against his then suddenly broke her blade off and used her power build up to force blast the Sith across the encampment. Smiling she stood at the ready, slightly crouched down and looked at Mits for a moment. He looked like he was tiring, she really hoped he would use his Saber in the end against the Warrior, if at the very least whenever he came over to have fun with this Battle Master. As she thought about it she hear the snap hiss and saw the white of his blade, she smiled, Mits was slowly getting to himself again.

The Battle Master stood up shaking his head slightly and looked at Jade with a stare that only meant death, and not the instant death one might wish upon a good combatant, but death by slow agonizing piece by piece. She laughed and as the Battle Master took a moment to really plan his next move Jade continued with what she was saying. "I'm a Dark Jedi, trying to piss me off only gives me more strength and power."


19-10-2010 13:53:08

Mitsuhide continued to dance with his opponent. Half pirouette, parry, pirouette, strike. He moved from each step fluidly into the next. His fighting style was fast, but graceful. His movements were not wasted, nothing left to chance.

Half pirouette.

Crimson filled his vision. He felt the energy humming from the blade. The nearly imperceptible error in his half pirouette from one of his legs having been crushed decades prior. He covered himself quickly though, closing the opening to his femoral artery.


White intermingled with Crimson, casting an eerie sheen on the combatants. The crimson bit deeply into his left arm, the acrid smell of burnt flesh filled the air around the embattled duo. Mitsuhide winced slightly as the saber bit, but continued on.


Mitsuhide moved swiftly, ducking under another hasty strike. He moved to the side of the warrior, feinting once. Moving again, he positioned himself to end the fight.


With a familiar Z-patterned strike, Mitsuhide unhinged his rage and struck four feints. Feint to the left, blocked. Feint right, blocked. Feint high, blocked. Feint left, barely blocked. Each simply moving into the next movement. Following the feints were four parries, which were only used to throw the opponent off. With the final strike of his own addition, he plunged his saber through the chest of the Warrior. His face a sweaty mess, he silently berated himself for reveling in the loss of life. He wished that he could return to a time where he was more innocent, more carefree. But, he returned to a time of trial and tribulation for the Orders. He had to stand firm or he would be swallowed up by those seeking the blood of his own Order.

He switched off his saber and moved to catch the Sith before he fell. Removing the Warrior's helmet, he lowered his opponent to the ground.

Mitsuhide leaned close to the Sith and whispered, "You fought well, Warrior. May the Force take you from this place and shelter you..."

He looked at the Sith, watching the light in his eyes dim and fade. After his opponent was dead, he reached down and lifted the saber to his belt. Attaching it, he continued to look at the fallen Warrior.

Behind him, he heard Jade's urgent voice, "Get your ass over here, Mits!"

He turned with a snap-hiss of his blade, as he began to advance on the pair. The look directed at the Battle Master was one of unadulterated hate. His eyes burned with bloodlust, his soul screamed for someone's pain. He grinned wickedly as he moved closer to the fighting, his thoughts only bent on destruction of the Battle Master.

He gripped his saber tightly as he moved into position to assist Jade. He wouldn't allow this Battle Master to take the life of another Krath. He would fight to defend her if for no reason other than the bonds of training. He glared at the Sith, his white blade washing out the colors of the area once more. He drew the crimson blade and ignited it as he grinned wickedly.

"You think you'll be any luckier than your student?" Mitsuhide sneered as he advanced towards the Battle Master.


19-10-2010 14:07:31

The Battle Master launched up into the air and twisted in a spin and as he came down, spread his legs out, managing to strike Jade in the right shoulder, the force knocking her to a knee on the ground. His red blade hissed into action as he brought it down towards her left side, aimed at her neck and taking her head off her shoulders. She called out to Mits as she ducked forward, feeling the heat of the blade against her back as she narrowly missed the deadly saber. Her forward momentum hitting the Battle Masters' Legs and causing him to topple over and slide across Jades back. He did a roll against the ground using the force to push himself up. Jade spun along the ground and pushed with her hands on the ground to stand up. Pain shot through her right shoulder, making it harder for her to hold on to her saber. Her more dominant hand, it had been a good planned strike by the Sith she had to give him credit. She took a moment to gather the force to heal it while switching her hands with her saber as the Sith advanced on her.

Suddenly his stance changed and he looked over her shoulder. "You think you'll be any luckier than your student?" Mits voice came up behind her somewhere. She grinned as the Sith had a sudden flash of knowing he may now be in some trouble fighting two Krath Arch Priests at once. Taking one on at a time would have been easier, and he was clearly enjoying the toying fight with Jade, but now that Mits had come to back her up, it was going to get a bit more difficult.


19-10-2010 14:22:47

Mitsuhide stood there panting. It was clear that the exertion was beginning to get to him. He locked eyes with the Battle Master before he began to circle him like a panther. He looked at Jade, her right arm hanging nearly useless at her side while the Force did what it could to lessen the pain.

He smiled softly, "I'm willing to give you the chance to leave and never return, Sith..."

The Battle Master glowered at him, "Retreat? I would rather die than retreat like a coward!"

The Archrpriest shrugged, "Don't say I didn't try then."

With a lunged, he and Jade moved in tandem. The first strike was a diversion. He launched the Warrior's saber at the Battle Master. When he batted the crimson blade away, he found that both Mitsuhide and Jade were nearly upon him. His white blade situated in his left hand moved almost synchronously with Jade's.

Cross slash.

Mitsuhide swung from low right and Jade swung from high right. The Battle Master knew that he was outclassed by the two Archpriests but held his ground. They moved in a circle around him as though they were going to use tandem strikes throughout the fight.

Mitsuhide grinned softly, striking out at the Battle Master's head as Jade swept for his feet. The Sith backflipped away from the blades, grunting in pain as Mitsuhide's foot came up and connected with the base of his spine.

The Sith landed in a heap and Mitsuhide moved to stand over him. With a kick, he knocked the lightsaber from the Battle Master's hand. Mitsuhide hadn't understood to reason for the backflip, however, and it nearly cost him dearly. The Battle Master had landed almost directly over the Warrior's lightsaber.

Snatching up the blade of his former apprentice, he swung swiftly at Mitsuhide's femoral artery. With a startled oath, Mitsuhide jumped back jsut enough and caught the blade of the saber from his left hip to his rib cage. The blow was grazing, but the pain shot through Mitsuhide's mind.

He knew he was tiring quickly, the energy put into keeping himself fighting was eating his reserves at a ferocious rate. He knew this might be the last fight for him if he didn't finish this quickly.


19-10-2010 16:30:02

Jade rolled her shoulders, her right was dislocated, though the force was dulling the pain if she was going to fight at top strength she would have to fix it and fix it quick. She moved with tandum with Mits till the Battle Master found himself on the ground. As Mits walked up to the Sith, Jade found another crate and knelt to the side of it. Placing her arm up as much as she could across the front of the crate, she leaned her body in and pulled against the box, guiding the force at the same time to help with the sudden pain as well as the relocating. Gritting her teeth she stood up and rolled her shoulders. A small amount of pain was still present but she now had the ability to use her arm again.

Jade jumped up onto the crate and watched as Mits and the Battle Master paired off again. The Krath was getting tired, it was evident in his stance, the Battle Master seemed to prepare for this advantage. Enough was enough, She was Krath, they were Krath, it was time to show this Sith just how the Krath liked to use force abilities. Taking a breath and summoning the force she focused hard on the area around her, feeling the force flowing through her and through every piece of structure and molecule near by. The air around her started to vibrate and the moment she felt the vibrations come to her command she pushed them towards the Sith Battle Master. The wind rushing fast enough to catch the Battle Master off guard, picking him up and spinning him, faster and faster, the force whirlwind immobilizing him in the current of the wind.

Mits turned and looked at Jade. She was standing on the crate, both hands in the air waving as though casting a spell, the air around her lifting her air out to the sides, and if she had been wearing a cape he guess that would be blowing too. Looking back at the Sith Battle Master the man was spinning so fast, caught in the wind of the force, that he looked like he was standing still in the air. Not letting the chance go unnoticed he summoned the force and concentrated on the energy that he had left within him. Building up the air pressure around him he added an impulse and sent a blast of pressurized air towards the Sith Battle Master. The effect hitting the man hard enough to knock him free of Jade's whirlwind and a few feet away. A couple of near by boxes also fell victim to his power, he just hoped they hadn't held anything good for looting.

Jade took a breath, feeling the added force push by Mits to the Sith. Looking over to where the Sith had fallen, the man was still down, she guessed a bit ill from the spinning and likely dealing with injuries of hitting the ground, not to mention the blast from Mits. She pushed off the crate and tucked in close as she somersaulted through the air and landed next to mits. "You ok?"


19-10-2010 21:10:11

Mitsuhide looked at Jade, a rather bemused expression fill his eyes.

“Am I okay?!” he snorted. “I’ve been shot and sliced open by the same lightsaber. TWICE!”

He turned away from Jade who was resolutely looking at the ground and trying not to laugh. He looked at the fallen Sith, his eyes burning with hatred. His breath came ragged and shallow. He was nearing the limit and would soon be of little use for the rest of the day.

He moved with a slight limp towards the Battle Master, his face set in stone with the occasional wince. He stepped over to the Battle Master, looking down at him as he stood there. With a small tendril of the Force, he obliterated both of his legs. The sound of the bones shattering in the mostly unconscious Sith was deafening.

The Battle Master came awake suddenly, howling in pain. The Sith looked up at Mitsuhide with fear, pain and hatred plastered across his features. He spit on Mitsuhide’s boots and was given a kick to the mouth from the offending boot.

Mitsuhide looked at the Battle Master almost sorrowfully, “I asked if you wished to live, Sith. You chose to fight. Now, you pay the price.”

He looked at Jade, “I’ve got one more than you counting the Warrior.”

He ignited his lightsaber and drove it through each of the Sith’s shoulders. He turned to walk away, “It’s your kill, Sadow. That makes us even.”

Jade looked at him, confused, “But, the competition….”

Mitsuhide waved his hand and went to find a place to sit. He found a chair in the remains of the command center and placed it on its feet. With an explosive sigh, he half sat, half fell into the chair. Placing his hands on his knees, he rested his head on his hands.

He only vaguely heard the Battle Master scream in pain as Jade deftly drove her sabers into his chest.


19-10-2010 22:33:28

Jade walked back to Mits who looked less like he was sitting on a throne of victory and more like he was sitting on a throne of 'for the love of the maker, get me a bed.' She sighed and walked over to him looking around at the damage. "You think there is anythign good worth looking for in here?"

"Hmmm well it is a Sith encampment, they tend to have some form of relic or holocron laying around."

Jade laughed, "you think you can pry yourself off that chair to go looking?"


19-10-2010 22:45:36

Mitsuhide glared at Jade for a moment, "I'm sure I could still get out of this chair and kick your ass..."

He stood slowly, moving around the encampment. He began to pick over the remains of the Warrior and the Battle Master before digging through the crates. He started with the crates that had been broken open during the fights. He found an interesting assortment of blasters and armory lightsabers. Not really anything that caught his eye, but he was sure there would be something eventually. There just had to be.

After a few hours of digging and tossing armory sabers over his shoulder, he looked over at Jade. A smile played on his lips as he spoke.

"Are you sure there's anything of value here? I mean, I know that the Sith usually carry enough treasure with them to drown a small boat....but all I'm finding is weapons. Like it's just a depot they can stop at to replace their old weapons..."

After he said it, Mitsuhide's face took on a wicked grin, "I think no matter what we find that we may have just hit the jackpot. Without weapons, they can't continue to fight indefinitely...."

Jade looked at him, the realization dawning in her eyes, “You know, Mits….you’re a very vicious fighter. We’ve just removed two ranking Equites from their ranks and you want to take their weapons as well?!”

Mitsuhide shrugged, “Why not?”

Jade only laughed and moved towards Mitsuhide with a look of surprised amusement, “You are a very dangerous foe.”

He grinned, “I never once said I would EVER play nice with anyone.”

His voice dropped a little, the insanity started to fill his eyes, “Not even you, little Sadow.”

He grinned toothily and sat back in his chair, watching as Jade continued to move around her side of the camp. He closed his eyes after about half an hour and tilted his head back.


19-10-2010 23:22:52

Jade shook her head half tempted to trip Mits and then say 'oh really? bring it on,' but she didn't want to get him going mainly cause he was spent from his crazy side taking over, something she hadn't seen from him. She was just glad her voices had settled down. Though she didn't expect that to last too long.

She watched him toss a few weapons aside, he was right of course, taking away a weapons depot would be a loss to the Sith side, not to mention a good bonus of weapons to the Krath. Jade picked up a blaster and thumbed it over before placing it in her belt. The light of the moon glinted off of something near by catching her eye. Stepping over some shards of metal and wood she found a small dagger. Swords and daggers being a favorite of the Daughter of Sadow she wasn't about to let this go. Placing it in her boot she stood up and walked towards mits, who was once again settled nicely into the chair in the former command area.

"I don't think I ever pictured you as the 'play nice' type, I bet you never even learned how to share as a kid."

Mitsuhide glared at Jade, "Of course I learned to share. I just don't like to. Once I have something, I rarely let it go. And I get VERY jealous if someone else wants to take it from me."

Jade laughed and kicked over a rock when a sudden familiar feeling came across the force. Jade turned towards the source and saw Mits sitting up in the chair out of the corner of her eye. She blinked watching Tsainetomo Keibatsu Sadow walk out from the shadows. Her heart sank. Sai was a like a brother to her, they had done much training and fighting side by side, he was even a fellow Sadow...but he was a Sith and he was her QUA. Taking a deep breath she began to prepare herself for a battle she didn't want to happen when a second body moved from the left. Jade gave the second man a glance, noticing the blue robes of the Oblesk, this was going to be interesting. If all else failed she would go against the new man and let Mits deal with Sai, though she would still be half tempted to fight on Sais side. Oh yes this was going to be interesting after all.

Mits turned towards the new intruder and was surprised to see his QUA Eiko Lanzer walking up on his side.

Sai came to within a 100 feet of Jade. "The war is over Jade, its time to fight for Sadow once again."

Jade never felt such relief in her life, but that meant it was back to the Houses, and Mits was technically a traitor to Naga Sadow, or at the very least a criminal. Even though they had just taken on a Sith encampment, fought side by side and recalled old events...Jade activated her saber giving Mits a small smirk, hoping he would understand.


20-10-2010 00:02:25

Mitsuhide looked at Eiko, gripping his lightsaber tightly. He watched as the Hunter walked up to him. He had seen Tsainetomo approach and braced for a fight. He had a feeling that he might be able to take Sai, but only if he’d been just as tired as Mitsuhide.

He knew that the Sadow viewed him as a criminal; he’d taken clan secrets and left the Known Regions for years. At the very least they would want him for questioning. But, this was not the time to worry about that.

With silent gratitude, he saw Eiko approaching. He knew the Obelisk would rather see the Krath humbled, but Eiko was different. He seemed different.

Eiko looked somber as he walked to Mitsuhide’s side, “Sheathe your weapons, Akechi. We are going home.”

Mitsuhide stood slowly, draping an arm over Eiko’s shoulder. He began to move away when he turned to look at Jade. Desire rested in the pools of insanity, but at the same time there was the knowledge that it would likely never work. He had enough to worry about. It was time to get home to Lei’ella; she would be waiting to tend to the few wounds on his person.

He ignited his saber and smiled wanly at Jade. He knew that this might be the last time they met as friends, but that was okay. It had been a good run.

He looked at Eiko, “No matter the victor…we are Revan, my Lord. From now on, my loyalty lies to you and our House.”

Eiko nodded, the shadows on his mask shifting slightly with the movement. Mitsuhide smiled weakly at his Quaestor, "I think I'd very much like to see my new home, my Lord. Let's be off."