The End Of Ultimate Power

Mist di Cloud

18-10-2010 07:43:32

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Written by JH Tiberius Di Cloud Plagueis Pin 10484 and
SWL Kharon Daragon Naga Shadow Pin 3944
Both are Sith
Tiberius Di Cloud writes first
Title: The End Of Ultimate Power
Tiberius was not afraid of hard work or even a good fight, the Order War had been a long and eventful one for Tiberius he had done everything that he was ordered to do and got things done. In the trenches of the battlefield in Antei he was having a conversation with his Commander, SWL Kharon Daragon, they didn’t know each that well they would say the usual good morning and that was it, but today was different some how and they both knew that something was in the air, but didn’t know quite what the only thing that they knew was that there was going to be an order to go over the top of that trench and do some serious damage to the enemy and they wont look back. Tiberius said to Kharon “What do you think is going on Sir, it seems that something going on and I cant put my finger on in it”, The Commander looked down on Tiberius and said “To tell you the truth Tiberius I don’t have a clue but I hope we came out if this alive and well, I have a feeling this could be the end of the Order War all or nothing”, Tiberius looked at the floor for a moment and said “I Bloody hope Sir”. They both looked out of the trench and the sound of a bell rang out “its time Tiberius” the Commander said, with that all the Dark Jedi of the order of the Sith looked up from their trench including Tiberius and Kharon, and shouted to Victory, and with a mass of a rush the Sith came out of the trench and began the fight to the enemy, running as fast as they could they could both Sith could feel the rocks on the ground under their feet and their boots were full of dust and dirt as they ran towards the enemy’s camp. They could see sabers at the ready the Sith had theirs ready a mass of red glowed into the air, blasters flying every where, the sounds and sights of the Beginning of the End Of The Order War….


18-10-2010 17:43:51

The two Sith moved swiftly to engage their enemies as they approached. While this was the first time the two had fought side by side in battle, as true followers of the sacred order it came natural to work as a team when fate made it so.

A few random blaster bolts still would flash through battlegrounds from the remaining droids that had somehow still managed to survive. With a quick one handed slash Jedi Hunter Tiberius removed the head of a nearby droid who was but a mere annoyance to the Sith as they focused on their true foes.

Making eye contact with an opposing Obelisk, Kharon closed the gap as their sabers clashed with a loud hiss. The blades slid down spreading the combatant’s arms until they were staring at each face to face. Recognizing the fear in this young one’s eyes, the Sith Warlord separated the two with a smashing headbutt that spurted instant blood from the Obelisk’s nose.

Foolishly the novice let his guard down to check if his nose was bleeding. It was his last mistake of his life as a quick thrust to his midsection from the Sith ended the Obelisk’s existence.

Mist di Cloud

18-10-2010 19:01:44

Once again the two sith worked together as a team and saw the common ground and goal, the enemy were surrounded and the sith knew it and Kharon shouted “Kill These Bastards” with that the group of sith troops began to push forward sabers with their red glow lit up the dark battle field the dark force was with the sith and Tiberius could feel the force flow through him and he worked knocking down a Krath as they tired to push their saber through Tiberius the Jedi hunter saw this and quickly parried the attack and slashed the Krath’s robes as his saber entered the Kraths left side Tiberius felt the saber push through the ribs of the Krath and the Jedi Hunter face lit up with glee as he saw the enemy die before him. Meanwhile Kharon the Commander looked across at Tiberius and give him a smile and said lets “push forward my friend”, they both ran toward the enemy once again Tiberius saw a couple of battle droid’s were coming towards the Commander behind him Tiberius shouted to his fellow sith “Look at Kharon” and both sith put away their sabers and got their blasters out quickly and began to fire at the droid’s, Kharon concentrated on the droids legs whilst Tiberius on the heads the blasters were doing their job well and knocked down the droids with little effort, Tiberius hissed and put his blaster away and got his saber out and with a big push knocked down both droids and burnt off both their heads. Once again both sith pushed forward finding Krath and Obelisk to kill knocking down anyone who got in their way, Tiberius grab a Krath by the throat and pick him up and throw him across the ground the sith with his saber grabbed it by both hands and push his saber blade into the heart of the enemy and watched as they died in front of him. Kharon rushed forward and got hold of an obelisk and slashed through the dark Jedi’s robes swiftly lifted his saber and watched as the obelisk was split in two……


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A Krath Priest maneuvered his blade deflecting the attack of the Sith Warlord. Kharon continued on the attack pushing forward as his fellow combatant swatted away the strikes at odd angles looking for an advantage to change to the offensive.

As the Krath tired to decipher the Sith’s strategy, Kharon landed a soccer kick with his boot between the Priest’s legs. Instantly hunched over, the Priest began spitting a mixture of vomit and blood. Kharon then struck with a powerful uppercut to the Krath’s jawbone, sending him sprawling backwards to the ground unconscious.

A quizzical look from Tiberius prompted Kharon to respond, “Treachery is the way of the Sith.”

Kharon reversed his hands and alternated to a looser grip holding his thumb lightly as he advanced on a new opponent with swirling strokes. His opponent matched his quickness as the crimson and sapphire blades collided repeatedly. His adversary advanced on him quickly, striking out at his chest. He deflected the blow at the last minute forcing the blade down however it still did damage causing a deep gash to Sith’s left thigh. In a series of lightning quick moves, he followed up with his success pushing his injured opponent back as he took the advantage of the battle.

Kharon switched to a defensive mode and became focused on halting the attacks. In the middle of a two handed attack from his opponent, the Warlord was sprayed with a mist of blood as a passing by Sith swatted his fellow combatant with an ax.

Pausing slightly awaiting a new target, the ground began to shake. Kharon glanced towards Tiberius as the rocky ground shook once more followed with a nearby burst of flames.

Mist di Cloud

20-10-2010 04:07:23

The ground began to rumble yet again and more fire was coming from the ground as both sith looked at each other and wondering what was going on as they both looked down from under their feet the sith could see that the earth was parting from under them, and a mass of mist come from the earth the rumbling became bigger and Tiberius looked at Kharon wondering what was going to happen next. Tiberius ran with Kharon a little way back so if they could see anything they would hopefully with out being splattered or burnt by what was coming up from the earth, they both could see a large object beginning to appear from were the rumbling was and the mud and earth once more began to split into were the object was pushing through the ground. As the object came up from the earth it looked as though it was a large sphere and was red hot from heat were the object was pushing through and that’s were the fire was coming from the object began to make a noise and a hum could be heard, and then what seemed like a door way was beginning to open up and a warm dark red glow come from the entrance of the sphere. Then to Tiberius’s and Kharon amazement droids and droidekas began to come out of the sphere with a large army of sith following them out of the object, Kharon said “Head Command said that would be sending enforcements to help wipe out the Krath and Obelisk, but I never knew that this would be the way that they would be doing things”, Tiberius replied “Well the sith have seemed to pull this one out of the bag”, once the droids and droidekas were out of the sphere Tiberious and Kharon began to ran forward once more into the battle and to get the Krath and Obelisk once and for all and to end their order and for the sith to gain more power over the star wars universe……...


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The carnage on the battlefield was at its highest. Corpses and the slowly dying lay upon the ground all around the two Sith. To survive as long as they had in this great battle was a nod to their skills as guardians of the dark side. Although they had not gone untouched during the fracas, Kharon had numerous gashes across his body including a deep thigh wound that would most likely leave him a limp if he survived long enough. While Tiberius had his own share of glancing strikes including another cut on his right side of his face that would add a second scar in time.

The skies above the disorder grew as red as the blood that covered the ground beneath it. Feeding off the anger and destruction taking place in the Shadowlands, the tainted planet absorbed the powers being released.

As various warriors fell, from Elders to Apprentices, it appeared the end of the war would only come when the Brotherhood had destroyed itself from within. But a lone figure stood atop the great temple that had caused the war in the first place and screamed, “ENOUGH!”

While the man, if he indeed was still human, looked simple enough with his pale skin, silver hair, and other obvious appearances of old age. All knew his power and it went unquestioned that when Grand Master Jedgar Paladin spoke; you obeyed. This was proven upon the battlefield as all combatants, even fellow Grand Masters, halted on command of one of the founding members of the Star Chamber.

“This has gone on for long enough and I am ashamed of many of you,” the elderly man stated as he pointed his ebony staff in the direction of a few distinct members.

“The Brotherhood was founded with the influence of the ancient orders of the past. Together these orders unite to form OUR Brotherhood. It is what makes us unique and thus more powerful than those that oppose us. Together we are all the FINAL ORDER.”

Sith Warlord Kharon Daragon and Jedi Hunter Tiberius Di Cloud raised their sabers in the air with the rest of the united Brotherhood and yelled, “Long live the Final Order!”