A Time To Remember, A Time To Forget.


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The battlefield was chaotic, as all battlefields were. There were innumerable Dark Jedi fighting with reckless abandon, blades and blaster fire flashing through the air that lay thick with the smell of ozone and charred bodies. However, within that maelstrom of destruction and anger lay an eddy of calm as the two Grand Masters stood facing each other, memories of their past encounters as allies and enemies flashing through each of their minds as they sized each other up. The two men were given a wide berth due to their sheer power, people preferring to fight further away and avoid being caught up in the inevitable conflict that would soon erupt between the two veterans of the battlefield.


The name Sarin spoke was filled with anger as the Sith looked into the face of his former comrade, eyes burning with hatred. A smirk split Muz’s lips at the appearance of the Sith ‘ringleader’ and he spoke in return, his words lacking some of the hatred that his counterpart’s had conveyed.

“Come, bleed with me.”

Sarin’s eyes flashed dangerously at the suggestion that he could possibly be defeated by his Krath adversary, but in his mind he knew that the suggestion was apt. When two Grand Master’s clashed there was very little between them and a phrase often sprang up to describe such a scenario; mutually assured destruction.

“I have a different idea Ashen, one where we both avoid bleeding and turn the tide of this war at the same time.”

“And I should trust you why? You are Sith and have proven yourself untrustworthy.”

Sarin smirked humourlessly and nodded in acceptance, a slight dip of his head with his eyes never leaving the Keibatsu’s.

“Because you know as well as I do that if we fight here today, neither one of us will win. The Obelisk, however, would not be so fortunate…especially if we joined forces.”

The suggestion was almost dismissed by the Krath offhand, but at the last moment he allowed himself a short moment of contemplation as he considered the Sith’s offer.

“Are you suggesting…”

“The Obelisk kicked this whole war off with their inability to accept a Sith stepping foot in their beloved temple. Had they seen past their own misguided pride, we would not be in this mess. As a result, I think it is safe to say that should we nullify them with our combined Krath and Sith force, we can consider the conflict over and order restored.”

Muz contemplated the offer for a moment, his inherent distrust of the Sith battling for dominance in his mind with the acceptance that what Sarin had said and proposed was almost entirely true. Had it not been for the argument about the Sith entering Boyna, the situation would not have escalated anywhere near as far as it had.

“Alright Sith, we have a deal. Collect your men, we begin our march to Boyna…under my leadership.”


Zandro had seen and experienced a lot in his time with the Brotherhood, but he had always imagined that he would never have to fight his Housemates in true mortal combat, but it seemed that even this final line had been crossed.

Getting back from this will be hard, but this was necessary.

The Arconae had taken his group of Arconan Sith and had begun the march towards Boyna Temple, relatively unscathed by decidedly bored at the complete lack of action they seemed to be experiencing. Rumbles of discontent had spread, but noone had said anything overt in terms of his leadership of the group, everyone realising that they inevitably had an objective, they just weren’t in a position to complete them quite yet.

That’ll change soon.

In the near distance the young Battlelord saw a group approaching them and raised a hand towards his group, halting them and motioning them to ready weapons should the approaching group be enemies who needed to be stopped in order for them to proceed. Grabbing his lightsaber, the Sith sent his senses spreading outwards in an attempt to ascertain just who was approaching.

Cassandra Elsin

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The young Sith Warrior continued moving with her group no matter how restricting the armour was she wore, her slender figure now seemed bulky but at least it was relatively protected. Her robes had become tatted by the scars of battle, saber burns ran across the durasteel plating that protected her body and fatigue was beginning to slow her down. She hated how things had now come into play, not only was she joined by a foe, but by their mysterious spectral demons which were hidden by the twisted force around their lifeless bodies.

“Halt…there in the distance, right where they are post to be” The Krath said as he step forth from his band of brothers.

“This plan is ridiculous Thao…Like the Arcona Quaestor and his Sith followers would back down to your command…Just because your dear Grand Master has agreed to work with a superior order, doesn’t mean the high and mighty warriors of Arcona will back off their pedestal.”

Cassandra snapped as she stormed forwards, her hand at her saber, clasping it tightly to try relieve her inner fury. The grudge between Plagueis and Arcona came back into mind; but it was nothing like this, nothing like trying to remake a tie between people who less than an hour ago were fighting against one another on the front line. She tried to breath deeply letting the bitter smog like air fill her lungs, but even this couldn’t calm her down.

“Face it girl…We have a common foe now, its time we get along for once, now get moving!” The Krath Archpriest who went by the name of Thao snarled, and then took off into the shadows of Antei.

After looking back at the mixture of Sith and Krath from a variety of places in the Brotherhood, Cassandra sighed and took off after her companion, hoping for all of this to pass. But it was then she heard it, a new voice in the back of her mind, full of anger and an uneasy aura.

In the name of the Sith…reveal yourself before we strike you down where you stand

She froze, confused and lost, but yet something deep down told her trouble was up a head. Her ears already picked up the commotion, who couldn’t after all with a Krath leading the way. As Cassandra sprinted forwards, she had already passed a fresh kill, one of her men, rattled by blaster fire. That’s when she spotted Thao, his amethyst tainted blade a light as it ran along side with a thunderous clap of thunder against a familiar crimson saber.

Men around them glared towards one another with blood lust and anger, perhaps it was the mix of the Krath and Sith that took them that one step over the edge. Cassandra stared into the eyes of the Sith Battlelord admiring their deep brown lustful tint, but it was only seconds before he could easily bury his saber into the torso of Thao.

“Stop this for Christ Sake! We are post to be bloody working together…back down, all of you!” Cassandra shouted out, hoping her voice would be heard.

That’s when he looked up at her, a Plagueis Warrior making some connection with a man from Arcona was doubtful, but this was different. Behind his long fringe hair, Zandro smirked with admiration. Then everything suddenly became tense again as the hidden wraiths quickly mutated themselves to be visible, their unearthly appearance came back alive by the sides of the Krath Archpriest.

“Zandro Savric Erinos Arconae, its time you learnt where your place is…”


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The Sith disengaged the brief saber lock and leapt backwards, landing lightly a few metres away with his lightsaber held by his side. Zandro’s right eyebrow rose slightly, not quite sure he had heard correctly. However, from the stance that his opponent had adopted he knew that this Krath meant business.

If he tries to attack, he dies in seconds.

“You’re serious aren’t you? You actually think that you of all people have the power and ability to put me in my place. Let me help you avoid making a mistake and give you one last chance to shut up and back the shab down. Right. Now.”

Thao seemed to pause as though contemplating taking the young man’s advice, but clearly ignored it when he sprang forwards, his lightsaber ready to strike as he charged.

Wrong move scum.

It was over in the blink of an eye, Zandro’s crimson blade flashing through the air like a shooting star as he met his opponent’s charge, slid beneath the clumsy strike from the Krath and lashed out with his own blade, biting through flesh and bone. The strike cut almost halfway into his opponent’s mid-riff, cooking his internal organs in microseconds and snuffing out his life in an instant. Zandro turned off his weapon and ignored the now-lifeless body as it dropped to the ground.

“Right, now that that unpleasantness is out of the way, we can work together. We need to be a team here, so if anyone else has a problem, step forwards now.”

The man waited for a handful of seconds before nodding to himself and clipping his lightsaber back to his belt.

“Good to hear it. Now, we have our target; the Obelisk Temple Boyna. I’m sure you all know the plan, but for those who don’t, here it is in a nutshell. We march on the temple, the combined Sith and Krath forces crush the Obelisk uprising there and then we reunify as the Brotherhood, whole once more and that will be that. We need to set off right now or we’ll miss the festivities, so get a move on. If you need any help or want to ask something, talk to me on the way, we aren’t far off now.”

Turning, Zandro moved off in the direction of the target, his pace high as he led the group away from the corpse that had once tried to stand against him.

Cassandra Elsin

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The body twitched and wriggled as it finally crashed onto the floor, and the purple blade had vanished back into the hilt of its saber as it rested beside the lifeless body of its Master. Cassandra looked down at the Krath, a sense of remorse broke within her soul but that was quickly put to rest by the relief of frustration finally vanishing. She stared into the paling face of Thao, he was a worthy adversary, but his pride in Krath Magic and his own cockiness brought him crashing down in just mere seconds.

The young girl could not help but pay attention to the spectral like demons that were the Archpriest’s slaves, not even the masculine Questor’s speech could break her attention. She watched as their faces mutated into an agonizing glare, as if they were burning from the inside which rumbled throughout their grotesque bodies . Then with a sudden blinding flash, they vanished back into the void where they were created from. The Sith stood back, somewhat astonished what the force could be twisted in to, but as Zandro fleeted off her mind set back on the battle ahead.

“ Come on Cassie, as much as I hate working with Arcona…We have not got much choice in the matter”

The random voice passed her ear, it was very much familiar, a young Journeymen from her own House. But he quickly got away with the rest of the Dark Jedi, leaving the girl to her own thoughts.

Inside the Temple of Boyna

The Obelisk Commanders had gathered together once again in the safety of their precious temple, something had changed, and they were beginning to finally notice. As they stood around in a circle, sharing loud voices to be heard, a trooper burst into the chamber looking wrecked and was breathing heavily.

“Sire! Our front lines are falling…Krath and Sith forces alike are marching upon us…We will be outnumbered for sure!”

A Primarch step out amongst from the group, his left hand clasp his saber as he pointed it lifelessly at the anxious marine. His face seemed more twisted with the fury of a Sith rather than the fighter he should be, but as he took a deep breath everything calmed down again.

“Don’t doubt us Marine, get back out there and do your job…the Obelisk’s fist will never fall to their conjoined forces…”

The trooper looked speechless, as he made a snappy salute, he quickly disappeared before the troubles got worse.

“Come now Brothers, we have our army, guns and weapons…Muz has even destroyed himself with this move…perhaps we should send them a message, let them know that we aren’t finished just yet”

The Aura in the room quickly changed from tension to seer support, with a cheer they had their plan, and the Obelisk knew it was time to fight stronger than ever…

Cassandra caught up with the rest of the group, they were moving fast now, fleeting as one across the plains of Antei. Every now and then she shot a glance at the Sith Battle Lord, there was something about him that caught her attention, perhaps it was the untouched polished Soulfire armour he wore. But whatever it was, she was mesmerized how he moved with such swiftness rather than a strong bulky stride.

On the horizon they could see the tip of the Temple of Boyna coming into view, and there was the surrounded noise of battle echoing into their ears. But that suddenly was shot aside as Zandro stepped forth, his ears twitching as he looked up into the air with gloom


His voice was silenced as the ground in front of them exploded, rock debris launched onto them but was followed by the spark of fragmentation grenades. They landed everywhere, heat already expanded across their surface and then they detonated. Thousands of metal shards flew out all over the place, cutting down men with a swift hacking motion. The Warrior cried out, her armour took away most of the harm, but that did not stop them getting to her face. A shard ripped through the rosy skin that covered her cheek and flew off into the air. Her blood was to follow, and oh was she pissed inside.

That’s going to scar

Several of the Dark Jedi were more unlucky than herself, some even lay dead in a pool of their own blood. Zandro crawled back to his feet with a grunt, holding his saber ready but was thrown back again as a fist connected around his face. New foes surrounded them, their robes resembled the Order of the Obelisk, and they seemed to be kited up heavily with weapons.

The Young Plagueis Warrior glared ahead with anxiety, she did not even realise her hand was slipping to a Locust Knife, it just seemed natural. But as the Obelisk in front of the Arcona Quaestor raised his blue lightsaber, she launched it, and its biting blade caught its target perfectly. Zandro looked up at the Knight, he was clasping his throat and his blood boiled over his skin. With a moan filled with agony, he collapsed backwards, dying like his Order was.

“Move!” Cassandra shouted and then dove forwards with her cyan saber gleaming proudly.

The Temple of Boyna was only up head, but a fight they could not back down from lay in their way. Hitting the Obelisk at the heart would have to wait, it was time to let go of grudges, and fight side by side with the Krath and even the warriors of Arcona…

SW Cassandra El'sin (Sith)//Plagueis [ACC: CL:1] GC / SC / DC-CP / SN / Cr-1D-1R-3A-4S-9E-9T-5Q / CF-SF / CI-GC / SoL / S:-16U-13B / LoR


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The unspoken message flashed through Zandro’s mind and was immediately shunted aside as he leapt forwards, his lightsaber flashing to life and arcing towards the nearest Obelisk to the Arconae. The young woman clearly wasn’t very used to handling a saber and her block was both clumsy and unsure and the Sith almost hesitated before deftly decapitating the unfortunate enemy. Almost.

“Push forwards, we need to create some room here and advance, no mercy!”

Zandro suited actions to words as he dashed forwards, his natural speed augmented by the force and allowing him to cover the handful of metres that separated him from a pair of Obelisk warriors in a blink of the eye. His crimson blade shot towards one of the opponent’s but was easily blocked, the half-hearted strike caught on the other man’s azure blade as his partner lashed out with his own weapon. A bolt from somewhere to the left of the Erinos caught the attacking man in the gut and flung him backwards and killed him before he had even hit the ground, sparing the Sith from losing a limb to the strike and allowing him a second to act. Collecting the Force within himself, Zandro sent the energy coursing through the muscles in his arms, boosting his strength and allowing him to force the saber lock back towards the other man’s face. As the blades inched closer, the Obelisk tried to pull away but it was already too late and, even as he tried to pull away from the lock, Zandro’s blade sprang forwards and bit into the man’s head, burning the brain matter within and snuffing out the man’s life in an instant.

Time for the Wraith’s I think.

Even as the battle raged around the Arconan, he allowed himself a moment of stillness in order to enact his plan. Seemingly plucked from the ether, his main wraith suddenly appeared beside him. Crudely nicknamed the ‘Worm’, the beast arced forwards, defying gravity as it rushed towards a knot of Obelisk who were suppressing the Sith and Krath forces from a dozen metres away. The group spotted the wraith and turned to fire on it, but their attacks were in vein as they failed to halt the charging creature before it could tear into their ranks, it’s sheer physical bulk crushing the group and killing them instantly. The worm turned and drove towards another group of Obelisk, once again ignoring their weak attempts to dissuade it with blaster fire before they too had been crushed by it’s bulk. Zandro could feel himself growing weaker, the sheer drain of having to keep the wraith going having a profound effect on the man and he sent the wraith away, disbanding it and sending it back to the ether. Even as he did so he dropped to one knee, the sheer effect that keeping the wraith going finally taking it’s full toll.

Need to keep moving, we’re clear but not out of the woods yet.

Rising shakily to his feet, the Arconae raised his saber and pointed it towards the Temple that lay not too far ahead.

“We need to move, we’re clear here but our comrades are already at the temple and need our support. Let’s move.”

Cassandra Elsin

21-10-2010 21:37:08

The young Warrior held her head high, she tried her best to avoid the desolate glare of the lifeless Obelisk. As their blood boiled out their crushed bodies, there was nothing but the smell of death filling her lungs and mind. Still shaken herself from that struggle, and even coming to terms with Zandro’s force based attack, Cassandra moved up to the Battle Lord's side. Her smile must off been gleaming, as she felt proud inside and knew that her efforts had saved the Quaestor’s life. She wanted to support him as he tried to stand strong, as even she could see he was dragged down by weakness.

But even before she could say or do anything, he had swiftly turned and started his run towards the Temple. The Arcona Sith scuttled after him, they were his protection and his guardians. The Girl smirked, and with a faithful salute to the few remaining Krath and Sith around her, she took off with a great haste. It hardly looked as if her feet touched the ground, as she zipped off towards the line of battle.

The outskirts of the Temple were in fine sight now, she had even seen Zandro charging right into the front lines, taking the battle head on. She started to slow down now, her eyes set on the great temple and how large it stood from the surface of the planet. But that moment hardly lasted long, a war cry shot in to the air from behind her and then it was as if they moved as one again, charging into the midst of battle themselves.

* * *

The Grandmaster and his Deputy stood together, the slaughtered Obelisk guarding the doors to the main chamber of Boyna lay at their feet. Although Muz had been wary of this idea, deep down he was proud it worked as he knew the enemy forces were in disarray and fighting till their last breath. As his eyes met Sarin, the Sith hand his hand held back and then with a swift flick, he launched a devastating blow with the force to the solid doors that stood in their way.

It struck the stone with a grand crack, and the door shattered inwards as rock burst into the chamber where the Obelisk Commanders hid.

“Ashen…” Said the Master At Arms with a soft yet bitter tone.

As the Deputy Grand Master still remained as a shadow, he watched as the other commanders had drawn their light-sabers and a blue glow filled the room. But he already had his saber clasped tightly, and with aid from the force he moved with a speed like none other. Sarin darted about, too quick for the blind eye and all that could be heard was the devastating howls of death from the few Obelisk. All who stood left was the Dark Council members, leaving Kir and Korras to willow in their no doubt coming defeat.

Both of the Obelisk’s had their sabers drawn with a flash, there was no more hiding, only battle. The Grandmaster smirked, his blade was ready along with his Sith ally, this was a duel not to be missed…

* * *
Cassandra took on foe here and there, she fought through the ranks with a vengeance, trying her best to strike down all who stood against her. Although the Obelisk numbers were trailing, the fight was still brutal, and many were coming away injured or worse. The young Sith staggered through the battle, coming to slight clearing where she spotted to familiar figures. She felt her stomach twist, as she watched her student being picked up off the ground, choking in the grasp of a Zabrak.

She whispered as she watched the Jedi Hunter struggling against the Obelisk’s hold.

“Your weak Jedi Hunter…just like you Master…oh how did my student become a failure” Cethgus growled, looking into the eyes of the Journeyman bitterly.

As she heard his petty snarl, Cassandra stepped forth to make her presence known. It had been a long time since she had even spoken to her Master, he had been twisted away from their bond a long time ago.

“Let him go Cethgus…”

The Obelisk only clenched his hand tighter around her students throat, smirking bitterly as he faced the young girl he had trained many years ago.

“I said let him go”

But as she finished her barking scream, she reached back and then swung her arm forwards, launching something formed through the force. The spear of midnight black whooshed through the air with magnificent speed, cutting a path through the bitter air and then eventually struck the Arconae Exarch to the side of his chest. He was thrown back with a heavy howl, letting Tiberius slunk to the floor gasping for air.

Cethgus rolled back up to his feet, he was slightly bent over, struggling to stay straight. Although he had a high toughness, the force attack surely did some damage. But the Exarch let nothing bother him now, as he activated his emerald saber, he charged towards his student letting anger fill each stride me made. The female warrior smirked and raised her cyan saber upwards to a tradition soresu defence stance. As his first strike came hurtling towards her, she made a flick of her wrist to simple parry it aside. The Zabrak groaned and then swung his saber quickly, making a flurry of attacks, it was then she realised he had grown in speed and strength. It was harder to keep up with him, and his muscle driven strikes had began to wear her down.

She tried to reach back into the force to aid her, but everything was drawn into the spear, leaving her almost drained. Using what little she had, Cassandra clasp her saber tighter and swung it with a swift strike of speed down at her Master’s thigh. He made a deafening howl of pain, but he had already made his counter attack, using the force as his guide for pure rage and brutality. He smashed his saber down so furious it cracked Cassandra’s hilt, tearing it instantly in half. But he wasn’t finished, he swung his fist around, clenching the girls throat and then choked slammed her into the stone ground.

“You never learn …Do you Cassandra”

He said above her, the tip of his saber pointed at her chest as she moaned and shivered in agony. Her eyes met his and fear started to rumble up from within, but that changed as a figure stood to Cethgus’s side, one he might sure recognise….

* * *

Kir Katarn lay on the stone floor of temple, clasping his arm, yelping in agony as his hand had been severed in battle. The Grand Masters were for too much for them to handle, and as Muz stood above him with the tip of saber pointed at his throat, he general believed his life was over. His eyes lurked over to Korras, who struggled against Sarin’s upper ability, it came to the point the Sith had disarmed the Master At Arms, leaving him defenceless.

“Surrender Obelisk…And we will spare you…for now”

Sarin’s words were like a hiss, he was still bent on owning this situation and being its victor. But that’s when the Justicar finally spoke up, using his energy to speak, hoping to twist the bond between the Sith.

“Muz, you have to realise that when your are done with us…the Sith shall destroy you to…surely you have come to know that”

“Treachery is the way of the Sith…and it always will be Grand Master” Korras tried to speak quick, whilst he clutched his throat as Sarin bent the force around to choke him.

The Krath looked from the two Obelisk to the eyes of his Deputy Grand Master, they had worked together before, but he had only just thought about this betrayal could have been his plan all along. Sarin grunted, trying to break the nerve racking silence. It was then the Grand Master, leader of the Brotherhood felt it to be true. A web of lines built up over friendship, destroyed in a second, nothing could stop it.

He turned on his feet, ignoring the injured Obelisk, directly confronting the Sith himself again. Reaching into the force, he out stretched his hand, sending bolts of lightning towards his Deputy. Sarin let go of Korras, and brought his saber around, trying his best to repel the attack with his saber. It was like pure thunder as the two struck together, and a bright flash shot into their eyes. The sparks zipped away, absorbed by the golden blade, leaving that awkward silence back in the room. Sarin grunted, he was just about to begin his charge to the Krath, and end his life like he should have done before. But suddenly, a trooper burst through the broken door to the chamber, heavily panting.

“Sire…Long range scanners have just picked up a huge fleet exiting hyperspace above orbit, they have the planet blockaded!”

Everyone froze, they could hear those words echo in their minds, knowing deep down they were true. A flash of blinding light shot into the room, binding itself together as the shape of a man. Dressed in Jedi Robes, smirking bitterly.

“Impossible…” Muz muttered, feeling speechless as he stared towards the man

“Ah, you must be the Grand Master…As you can see Dark Jedi, we have your planet blockaded…there is no escape…your fall is immanent”

Sarin snarled as he stared towards the man, he had his saber ready, letting hatred for him fuel his soul even more.


Those were his only words as he charged towards the figure, yet surprisingly enough as he swung his blade through the body, it did nothing past but through the light shadows that formed the Jedi. As the ex Dark Jedi’s laughter filled the room, he opened his mouth ready to speak again.

“Come Dark Jedi…Meet us on the face of Battle…meet your destruction head on”

Those were the last words of Michael Halcyon, his body twisted back into the blinding light and vanished. As the Dark Council members stared at each other anxious as each other, they couldn’t help feel that maybe the Jedi was waiting for them to cock up, making sure they were at their weakest.

* * *

Cassandra looked from Zandro to Cethgus, pain still ran through her nerves as she looked up to the Sith for help. The two members of Arcona glared towards one another, the Zabrak knew he would be outmatched against his Quaestor, but he couldn’t come to break the bonds of this friendship. But that didn’t stop Zandro as he raised a fist, right hooking the Obelisk across the jaw. As the Zabrak roared in pain, a massive explosion shot out through sky.

Everyone froze, and the fierce fights quickly silenced. Star-fighters, bombers and transports flooded the sky, even the low orbit capital ships could be spotted. Another explosion shot into their ears, and the tip of Boyna blew up as a squadron of bombers made their pass once again.

“We’re under attack!”

People were in shouted, screaming, gathering together as one again. The Sith Warrior struggled back up to her feet, watching the midst of battle as it turned against the Dark Jedi.

To the entrance of the Temple Muz appeared, glaring out to the Horizon. The Brotherhood followed his gaze and saw what he nervously stared at. A bright rainbow of sabers appeared, hundreds of men, clasping the weapons of a Jedi. The War built from petty arguments had ended, but the fight for the Brotherhood had just begun…