Custom Mando'a Lightsaber

Kano Tor Pepoi

20-10-2010 17:11:52

So today, while taking a break from the RoS, I got extremely bored and began searching throughout the house for anything that would spark my interest. What I found was 2 pieces of pvc pipe in the hall closet. There was one extremely thin piece and one rather large. Neither alone would be the correct size for a lightsaber hilt so my brain began to tick. I cut a end piece from the large pipe and using a crappy hacksaw I cut a V in it and then also removed about 1 1/2 inches. After that I boiled some water on the stove and dipped the cut piece into it so that I could bend it in any manner that I wanted. I then wrapped some tape around the end of the smaller pipe until the bigger pipe lid on snugly and glues it into place using Krazy Glue.

On the bottom of the smaller pipe I had the problem of how to stop up the hole. While toying around with ideas Rang threw a penny at me, hitting me in the face. The penny happened to be almost the exact same size as the bottom of the pipe. I used more glue to secure the penny in place and then glued some dust from cutting the pvc on top of the penny to hide Lincoln's face then I just sanded it down some.

After that I began to look for ways to make the handle a little bigger and easier to grip. After a few test I used 5 sheets of printer paper with a layer of masking tape in between each to keep them in place. This helped add some size to the hilt and with a quick layer of silver paint it was hardly recognizable as only being tape and paper. I cut the design onto a piece of tape and stenciled it onto the emitter. After that I warped 550 cord from the top to the bottom and used a lighter to melt the ends securely. Then in homage to my favorite Jedi ever, General Rham Kota, I wrapped and tied a piece of brown 550 cord with the inner strings removed to the bottom of the emitter. With that and all in about 2 hours I present my Halloween lightsaber.

Severon V

03-11-2010 10:35:27

Nice job. Very well done.