Homemade Luxeon Lightsabers


18-08-2010 22:45:35

This is a topic for Luxeon Lightsabers. Post up the one's you've customized or built.

The one above belongs to my wife, known on here as Masika. This is probably my finest piece of work.

And these are my paired sabers. Matched set, and my favorite toys ever.

Kant Lavar

28-06-2011 17:59:36

[size=150][b]YouTube video[/b][/size]

Power supply: Single Trustfire PCB-protected 3.7 V 1600 mAh 14650 cell
Controller board: Petit Crouton
Blade LED: Luxeon REBEL star, green, 166 lumens at 700 mA, 3.4 Vf, 8.7 degree lens assembly
Control features: Main switch with LED (lidle flash and on with blade), auxiliary switch, recharge/kill port,
Additional features:Rubber grips, machined Covertec knob, removable blade, quick disconnects for blade LED
Hilt: Modular Hilt System, customized by The Custom Saber Shop

Muz Ashen

30-06-2011 02:43:50

Very nice.


30-06-2011 17:09:36

Its pretty neat. How much money did it cost and how much time did it take to build?

Kant Lavar

02-07-2011 23:28:19

The cost of all the parts on that saber... somewhere north of $400, if memory serves.

The actual assembly, once I got the parts in hand, took only a few hours, but all I had to do myself was solder the electronics together, then tweak the settings on the control board to my liking. The hilt is made of different sections that screw together - thus the name "Modular Hilt System." It is possible to do a setup that you could move from saber to saber, and just plug stuff in. The actual time it took to get the parts machined and powder coated, then shipped was about three weeks, but the guy was a bit swamped with orders; usually customization of parts like that take a week or less.

It's actually a really nice setup the guy has - The Custom Saber Shop sells pretty much everything you need to build your own lightsaber - MHS parts, LEDs, polycarbonate blade stock, batteries, wiring, heat shrink, buttons, and the Petit Crouton board. If folks are interested, for us Star Wars geeks it's always a cool feeling to turn on a lightsaber and be able to say "Yep, I built this, this is my saber, my design." There's a forum attached to the board, and it's a damn gold mine of information with the search function. Spend some time reading and learning, especially if you've never done hobby electronics before. It's not difficult to get the basics - hell, I built my first lightsaber while I was on deployment with the Army - but starting simple is a good idea with this stuff.