501st Costuming

Robin Hawk

31-07-2010 00:22:28

Muz has asked me to start a topic, under the Costuming and Prop-making section, in reference to 501st costuming. As an official 501st, I have access and 'some' highly valued information that may help our own members develop their own Star Wars costume.

When I get the chance I will supply some helpful resources when and where I can. Hopefully encouraging members that belong to both organizations to participate and describe their experience with costume making. What it took for them to get their costume up to specs so that they can become an official 501st member.

I will also do my best to answer your questions on how to create your own 501st worthy costume or at least who the best person for you to contact would be.

To begin, here i share one of my costumes, also a link to my other. Be aware the pictures aren't great.
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Good luck and be creative. :)

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31-07-2010 12:48:30

Your link wasn't working, here's an updated link for you Robin.

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Maybe once I've gotten most of my costume done for an upcoming convention I'll get some pictures of it up as well as ideas and suggestions.