Clan Competition

Tarax Kor

30-01-2005 16:23:53

What's happening with the monthly Clan Competition that Vassan started? Is it still going on, is it on hold, or is it completely scrapped?


31-01-2005 00:34:28

Give us a bit of time. We should have lots of stuff rolling after the RoS...which is more than enough for everyone, along with our little Capital Ship naming competition :P

I do plan on bringing back the monthly thing though....we shall see


14-02-2005 13:47:13

Heres a name for our capital ship "The Grivous" after the new villian in episode 3, General Grievous.


15-02-2005 14:03:42

How about "The Tpyo"... in honour of all the people in Arcona who can't type properly. :P


16-02-2005 22:05:16

Especially with Mejas