Dark Genesis


25-04-2005 15:04:52

Title: The Birth of Darkness
From: The Abyssal Tome
As translated by: Epis Vassan Rokir

In the beginning, the was only Light. Light was the all. Light was the infinite. Light was alone.

Far across the endless expanse was Light's domain. He was conscious only of Light, thus Light understood all that there was and would ever be. Light knew nothing else but that which was Light.

But then, far in the expanse, Light encountered an anomaly, and Light was struck with fear, for Light had never known of anything Light did not know. Light encountered The Stone.

The Stone sat, motionless, amongst the expanse that was Light, and Light was not sure what to make of The Stone. The Stone did not speak. The Stone did not move. And yet The Stone was so unlike Light that Light could not help but be first fearful, then curious, then infatuated with The Stone.

And so Light bathed The Stone in Light's warming glow as a show of both love and respect for The Stone.

It was then, when Light gifted The Stone with its intense glow, that Darkness was born. Darkness awoke, then, and all around Darkness saw the glow of Light, but did not see Light. All Darkness saw was the cold, shaded side of The Stone. And just as The Stone blocked Light from Darkness, so was Darkness hidden from Light. Neither knew of the other.

And so Darkness thanked The Stone for having made Darkness, and Light bathed The Stone continually in Light's glow out of love and respect.

The Stone did not speak. The Stone did not move. After time, both Light and Darkness became worried.

Finally, Light wondered if the reason The Stone did not move or speak was because Light was not looking upon The Stone's face. And so Light dared to look.

At that same moment, Darkness, as much curious as to the silence of its creator as Light was, wondered as well if The Stone were made unable to speak to Darkness by something unseen. Darkness, as well, moved to look.

That was when Light and Darkness became aware of the other, and each knew then that the other must be the cause of the scorn showed them by The Stone. Jealously blossomed between the two, and both moved away from looking at the other, blocked from each other once more by The Stone.

Light, hoping that by showing The Stone more love, The Stone would decide to choose Light, bathed The Stone even more intensely with Light's glow. This, in turn, made Darkness ever stronger, causing Darkness to feel that The Stone was empowering Darkness to spite Light, who was keeping the attentions of The Stone all to Light's self.

And this unintended battle went on, and continues to this day: Light's vast love ever making Darkness strong, and Darkness ever battling to conquer its creator, and Light's obstacle: Indifference.



08-02-2006 08:19:42

may i just ask what is the point in this topic


08-02-2006 08:28:28

That was neat. I like it. Good job, but Shadow is right, what is this for? :-P



08-02-2006 09:04:46

at last some one that grees with me, actualy the more i read it the more currious i get to why its been put on here


08-02-2006 10:47:45

#1. This is a very OLD topic

#2. It was for an Arcona history projects


01-03-2006 13:11:41

#1. This is a very OLD topic

#2. It was for an Arcona history projects

once again teh Halc knows the answers :P