Dark Forge Continuous Run On


29-12-2013 14:32:19

Kordath Bleu sat behind his small, beat up durasteel desk, staring at the datapad before him in the low light of his scavenged desk lamp. Someone passing by may have thought he was doing work, they'd be mistaken of course, but appearances are often deceiving. Dark Forge had been reworked almost from scratch since the end of the Crusades, and now that everyone was settling in, it was time to get back to work. Various notices we're listed on the datapad, come down from on high, missions that he was being 'offered' instead of simply ordered to do.

A group of Keadeans on Eldar we're causing trouble for the Shogunate, which was allied with Arcona, and thus Galeres. It had been 'suggested' that a unit from the House should take care of the problem to promote good will with the natives. Kordath was certain that the Shogunate had something his superiors we're interested in, likely this task would lead to some sort of exchange.

The intel he'd received so far suggested that the Keadeans we're getting tech from somebody off world, likely remnants of the One Sith group that was still floating about, trying to cause trouble for the Brotherhood. The Shogunate itself had raided at least one of the rebels safe-house’s, and come out with confiscated blasters and high grade explosives that the relatively low tech planet shouldn't have had access too.

“Guess my team is going to do some rebel hunting, how grand,” muttered the Ryn, looking over the info.

The Shogunate capital of Shihon was likely the starting point for this mission, noted the Krath, checking over more information about the surrounding areas having reported sights of rebels as well.
There were also conflicting reports of Sardinians operating in the area, possibly with the Keadean rebels, or simply taking advantage of the chaos they we're causing.

Keying his comm unit, the Ryn called in the members of his Team, setting a meeting for the afternoon.

<3 hours later>

“Alright, I see we're all here...I think....that is Ood back there, right?” asked the Krath, peering at what he assumed was his resident Neti. The creature shifted slightly, suggesting it was, and suggesting that he was making some sort of rude gesture at the Ryn.

“Right, okay, umm, rebels. Rebels in the Shogunate city of 'Shihon', they're...Keadean, the local populace of the shogunate, so that's...going to be interesting, I'm sure. Orders from on high are to help the local military find and eliminate the rebel cells, find their leadership, and bring them in. A Tyro....I'm sure this translation is wrong, but it says his name is 'Sing-Sing', nobody make jokes around him, he's got several dozen men under his command that will likely try and gut us if we insult the man's honor.”

Kordath sighed, watching several members of the team fight back grins, before continuing, “We'll load up at 0700 in a shuttle to Shihon, loadout is standard stuff, bring your lightsaber, sidearms...any explosives you think is warranted, the Keadeans don't have a lot of tech, but the rebels are toting blasters it seems, so we're not going to have to much of a tech advantage here. Right, see you on the shuttle then, I'll be here in my office if there's any questions prior to our leaving. May the Force be with us all.”

Lexi Sarden

29-12-2013 19:15:20

Lexi stood in the back with Ood apparently whom she watched in facination of the shimmering figure that radiated dark power from it. She listened to her Team Leader and smiled when the guys name was stated, "Sing-Sing" she mused to herself, "Had a cat named Ming-Ming once." She caught herself before she said it too loud. She listened to the rest of the briefing. Once it was over she remained behind.

"Umm sir," looking at the Ryn behind the desk, "Are we going to be carrying out the interogations of these rebels as well?" Lexi asked with a bit of a shine to her eyes being an Inquisitor she would like nothing more to test out her interogation methods on these rebels. She hovered just outside of the desk edge on her side of the desk as she watched the body language of her leader. Always watching, always evaluating.


29-12-2013 22:46:04

The Guardian had been concealed by the darkened corner of the room, out of the reach of the light. Out of the prying eyes of the others. Although the darkness brang him comfort and tranquility he pushed himself from its cold embrace and stepped forward. His black matte mask barely glimpsed by the others as he gestured with his hand in the air.

"I can cloak and move around to the back. I'll drop some thermal detonators in their generator array to knock out the power." He suggested as he attempted to construct the battle plan in mid-air with this hand, moving in intricate circles and lines. He worked best by himself and having to do a head-on assault with the others was not his cup of tea. He was safer this way. More efficient. "Once this is completed I'll work to neutralize any sniper/marksman threats in the area." his voice quietly suggested, his hand moving in a circle assuming the Rebels would have sniper teams positioned in and around the area.

Ood Bnar

31-12-2013 08:47:34

As the old Epis looked around he could not help but wonder what ancient deity he had insulted this time. Some of these “Children” were younger than the mould growing on the back of Malik’s head. As he listened to them talk, his mind wandered away to his work as Praetor. While physically grabbing a datapad and starting to work would be rude, surely nobody would notice if he did his work mentally and later put it to text.

Words kept intermixing as his attention became divided between the two tasks. The little one in the shadowed corner, thinking himself hidden, started gesturing and muttering something about sneaking. Finishing his mental work, the Neti schooled his face and barked a loud “Speak up you, I’m not getting any younger you know!”.

As the boy, a Guardian by the looks of his uniform, repeated his words, the oldest being in the room could sense his annoyance. Hmm, if he learned to channel that into anger, he could become great one day.

“…sniper/marksman threats in the area." This drew his attention once more to the fore. As the Guardian moved his hands in a circling motion, the Neti asked a simple question, “How do you plan to get to a location from where to shoot them? If you read up on Eldar, you would know that the Shogunate is centered around the continent of Tairiku, which means we shall either be in dense jungle or in wide open desert where you would surely be spotted. Also, what if our target took the time to either fortify or even go underground? After all, Eldar is riddled with mines and tunnels.”

The Epis had by now, turned his full focus on the Guardian and seemed to await an answer either from him or for the Team Leader to announce his plan for the operation.


31-12-2013 11:00:12

Kordath watched the Sith leaning over his desk carefully, careful to keep his eyes on her face, for one. Newly minted as a Knight of her Order, the Ryn knew the young Balmorran was out to make a name for herself. He also was well aware for the penchant for violence that had been instilled in her, or enhanced at the very least, by her slightly psychotic master. Not that he’d ever tell his Quaestor he thought the Zabrak was a sociopathic mad man, not to his face.

“Normally, interrogation is handled by a specialist...we don’t actually have one, far as I know, so for the most part I’ll be assigning Ood, as senior member, and most experienced, of our team. He’ll be responsible for extracting information from any rebels we capture alive….though who knows, you might have a talent for it as well….,” mused the Ryn, noting that most of the team was still in the ready room.

“Right you lot!” he said, raising his voice over the mutterings of his newly assigned Guardian, “Our dear little Lexi here raised a valid point, so I’ll do this now...Ood, I’m assigning you to any and all surviving rebels, you’ll be in charge of...information acquisition. You’ll be young Knight Sarden here as an aide in this, to see if she has any talent in the field…...And it seems, Gevaar, your in the wrong room.” stated the Ryn, slightly annoyed.

The Guardian looked up, hands in mid-motion, “What?”

Kordath pointed towards the door, “Your in Soulfire now, lad, take your muttering that way,” spoke the Krath with a toothy smile, before turning back to his remaining members.

“Further assignments...Kyrun will be point and primary scout when we reach combat or need to check out an area, Seren, you’ll be his backup. Kooki...general fire support, I’m also putting you in charge of medical, if you feel you're up to it. Lexi, other than aiding Ood, you are also in charge of communications, that means keeping all of us in touch with one another, and also Tyro Sing-Sing, and any local authorities we may encounter. It should also be noted that we’ve been assigned one of the House’s Armored Interface Craft, mark 4, or AIC 4s, to aid us in this mission. So we have air support, and transport, we’ll figure that in to our plans as we go along.”

Taking a deep breath, the normally quiet Sergeant looked a bit glazed over for a moment, before continuing, “Right, we’ve also received a small update from...from Sing-Sing,” Kordath paused for a moment as he let the quiet snickering die, “They’ve got a warehouse in Shihon under surveillance, where they believe a rebel element is hiding out. So that’s it folks, we’ve got our first target, I’ll be taking suggestions on an assault plan, we can try to be subtle and infiltrate before taking them down, or direct and forceful. Dark Forge isn’t my team, it’s our team, and as such, your input is important to me.”

Kordath sat back in his chair, raising his eyebrows in question.


31-12-2013 15:34:37

As a keen and adventurous Hunter, Kookimarissia was very excited for her first proper mission since the Crusade. She sat in the room surrounded by fellow members of her Battleteam, which was already buzzing with noise and hustle and bustle for the upcoming event. So many questions and answers were being exchanged and all Kooki felt she could do was listen and learn eagerly.

Kooki felt slightly unsure, but she knew her Battleteam Leader, Kordath wouldn't let any harm come to any of his members. She soon forgot about this and started considering tactics to how she would hunt down some rebels and capture them.


07-01-2014 16:43:25

Anduriel ran as fast as he could in his onyx armor, which meant he was thudding across the halls like a wild Bantha. When he finally arrived at the right room, he punched the open button, and the door silently opened to full room of faces staring at him mid-conversation. He leaned against the door to catch his breath before sputtering out, "Sorry. Had a meeting with my Master, and then I had to go bandage my bruises," He walked into the center of the room and fired off a quick salute, "Jedi Hunter Anduriel reporting sir. Just joined Dark Forge."

Kordath gave him a hard stare, "Yes I've heard about you. Kalon's apprentice, right?" He quirked an eyebrow up at the young Journeyman, "I see you haven't even picked up or been issued our standard issue armor or anything yet."

Andy looked around at his new squadmates, observing the matching armor sets that everyone was wearing, "Oh yeah. I guess we are going to be matching aren't we? Kind of like a band," Andy straightened then knocked twice on his chest plate and grinned, "I don't have any standard armor yet sir, but I do have this. Mandalorian make. Hopefully it doesn't make me look too fat compared to you all. So what'd I miss?"