Soulfire - Operation: Grand Theft Awesome RO

Nadrin Arconae

19-09-2013 15:17:32

Nadrin stood in front of the gathered men and women, his mouth dry as it felt like Krayt Dragons were duelling within his stomach. Swallowing what little saliva remained in his mouth, the Arconae stepped up to the holo-projector and turned it on, the buzz of conversation that had been filling the room ceasing immediately as the assembled Arconans turned their attention to their leader.

“Soulfire, we’ve recently been forwarded some intelligence that is pointing towards an independent company designing and building a new type of starfighter that could put some serious levels of hurt on our capital ships. Needless to say we aren’t going to be letting that happen.”

Nadrin flicked a switch on the holo-projector and a picture of a hodgepodge starfighter sprang to life and floated in mid-air.

“The ship has been called the ‘Fusilade’ and from what we can gather, it is essentially there to mess up big ships. Three missile pods and 3 laser cannons make up its armament and while it has no shielding, it is pretty nippy and has a hyperdrive, albeit a pretty poor one. We cannot allow these ships to survive, and so we have been dispatched to do what we do best. First, insert ourselves onto the planet on which the ship is being built, and to do this we will be heading there by commercial vessels and meeting up on the planet’s surface as we don some costumes and make our way through customs separately or in small groups. Celahir, if you could get working on some new identities for us to use for that part it would be a great help.”

The Kiffar looked at his Sergeant and nodded, clearly pleased to have an opportunity to put his technical wizardry to good use.

“Once we are groundside and we have joined up again, our next job is to break into the facility building these craft, steal any data they have and wipe their records clean before blowing the place sky-high. If we can get an intact prototype out then that might be worth it, as might kidnapping a high level researcher to see what else we can learn from them, but these are secondary objectives; primarily we are there to steal the files, wipe their databanks clean and blow the facility up. These ships cannot be allowed to threaten the Brotherhood’s fleets, I’m sure you will agree. Details will be on your datapads as soon as we are ready to roll, along with your new IDs for insertion. Until then, collect your gear and plan ahead, I’ll be personally bringing our essential kit through so don’t worry too much about that and I’ll see you when we’re good to go. Dismissed.”


The group collected in the hangar, each having brought a small bag with them which held their essential gear; guns, bombs and any number of other things which would give spaceport security a reason to earn their wage.

“Your IDs have been given to you, along with some credits to use to book your own transport to Calcia, the planet that this facility is based on. When on planet, we’ll meet up at the co-ordinates that are attached to the briefing for the mission that was sent to your datapads, along with all of our available intel on the planet and facility that we’ll be hitting. Good luck, I’ll see you on Calcia.”


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19-09-2013 21:50:06

The trip to Calcia was without incident. Vynn had commandeered a small unregistered transport from the pool of Arcona’s cover organization. Celhair had provided him with a new Transponder signature as well as the easiest and most believable cover a Trandoshan could have. The bounty hunter cover allowed him not only to move about with ease but it also allowed him to carry in some equipment that might have aroused suspicion otherwise. The teams Slicer was very thorough, as usual, even giving him papers for an officially sanctioned bounty that made it easy for him to pass through the spaceports security. Well that and the menacing stares he gave to the officer who looked over his papers.

A small bar was the rendezvous point that made even dives look upscale. It was run down and in perhaps the worst part of the town it could be in. The type of place that made even Vynn mutter a few curse words in his native Doshan. Hoping the rest of his team had arrived Vynn entered the establishment.

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Nadrin Arconae

28-09-2013 15:07:40

Nadrin’s journey so far had been fairly uneventful; he had spent some of his own funds to book passage on a fairly swanky yacht that had been heading to Calcia and had enjoyed good food and terrible company en route. The trip had gone fairly quickly however and now the Arconae was stood in the line to get through customs, quashing the desire to fidget and move about too much as he came to the front of the line and handed over the papers that Celahir had prepared for him. Without even looking up the customs officer took hold of the papers with a bored air and scanned them.

“Name and purpose of visit?”

Remembering the cover story and identity, Nadrin began to speak.

“Varth Arturiel, here to source mechanical expertise for my company’s projects.”

This caused the customs officer to look up, his bored expression not hiding the evaluative look in his eyes.

“Your company?”

Nadrin allowed himself to smile cockily, his head tilting to one side.

“Yeah, my company. What, because I’m young I can’t be enterprising? Sounds a bit discriminatory to me.”

The man’s gaze lingered for a second and he looked as though he were about to retort when his training took over, he swallowed whatever comment he was about to make and handed back Nadrin’s documents without another word, beckoning him past and waiting for the next person in line to step up. Not waiting around, the young Sith walked forwards, through the doors that were behind the customs officer he had just dealt with and out into the spaceport of Calcia’s main city.

Time to get to the rendezvous point and make sure everyone made it here alright.


Nadrin walked into the bar that had been designated as the squad’s meeting place and looked around, taking in his surroundings even as he picked up the members of Soulfire through the Force. Walking over to the group, the Warlord slipped into the booth which was almost full and began to speak quickly.

“I’ll be brief; we’re heading into the facility in an hour, collect your gear from the coordinates on your datapads and then meet up at the second location. Let’s do it.”

With that the young man stood and walked away, leaving the bar and heading out to where he would pick up his gear and meet up his squad to begin the infiltration.


Nadrin had his blaster in hand as he counted the assembled men and women and, happy that they were all there he motioned them forward and over the small wall that formed the perimeter to the Caladrin facility, and the prototype killing machines within.


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