Team 5: Etah, Vynn, Kyrun - Homecoming Run-On


05-06-2013 23:24:21

The wind buffeted the three men as they stood in the clearing of the woods. It seemed like they’d been walking for hours, yet so little time actually passed them by since they’d arrived at this location. It would seem that they had managed to slip through to one of the communications outposts of Galeres with little worry. The building only had one floor above ground that was visible; underneath that was a network of paths, levels and corridors.

“Seems simple enough...we are to make sure that this station is operational on ground level. Nothing more than a routine maintenance check to get things running smoothly.” Etah’s voice showed a form of authority as he spoke to the others.

“I hate when people say that it should go smoothly.” Another voice replied to the other two. It was the student of Cethgus, Kyrun. He examined the outpost, not knowing if he should just expect it all to go as smooth as possible.

The three moved swiftly to the outpost’s door system, Etah in the lead in. He punched in the opening codes, hearing a hiss coming from the door as it slid neatly open, allowing the group access. Entering slowly, they then sped up and made their way to the command level quickly, taking less than a few minutes to reach their destination. Vynn was the first to move, heading to a console and hitting the buttons.

“Seems we might need to get our hands dirty on this one. There’s problems down below with the energy.” His voice was calm as he addressed the others.

“Right, let's make this quick. I don’t want to me out here along with what we already know is taking place.” Etah was quick to reply, the group nodding in agreement.

The team went to one of the service hatches, allowing it to hiss open and seeing the darkness below them. The air that gusted up the passage had the smell of what could be described as rotten flesh. It hit the group intensely, and they almost gagged from the pungent odor.

“What in the hells is that?” Vynn asked roughly, voice strained as he coughed.

“No idea, but something’s down there.” Kyrun’s voice broke out as he loomed over the hatch. He noticed something below them, but it was gone too quick to sense it fully, and it seemed that it was only the young Journeymen of Galeres that caught a glimpse of this issue.

“It was nothing.” Etah came in ignoring the fact that Kyrun would have sensed something, putting it down to nothing more than animals. The group needed to sort out the underground workings of this outpost. That was the priority.


Etah, Vynn, Kyrun

You have been charged with repairing the communication station on the ground of Galeres, but you’re already exposed to the Death Walkers. What is waiting down there for you? Is it more Death Walkers, or is it just the newest member’s hallucination? You are to repair the station and report back in with Galeres as quickly as possible. Good luck lads and get the job done.

Have Fun

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae
Aedile of House Galeres