Team 1) Inarya, Atyiru, Azasell - Homecoming Run-On


02-06-2013 23:59:56

The body of the Jedi Hunter was a crumpled mess on the floor of the Station. It had been tortured and scarred from the interrogation that had taken place during his time as a prisoner of the Death Walkers. Alarm bells echoed around the station and the sound of fighting on what could only be imagined as all levels punctuated the din. His vision was blurred as he allowed his hands to drag across the surface of the ship, exhaustion taking hold of his body. Azasell hauled himself onto all fours like a dog as the door hissed open, the sound of blaster bolts hurtling down the corridor became louder.

“Found one of them, he is in a pretty bad state.” The voice of a woman echoed around the holding cell. Another figure appeared in the doorway, both were blurred to the downed Jedi Hunter. As he tried to focus and stand, he found his legs fighting against him.

“Stay still, I'll sort you out in no time. Inarya, cover the door.” the woman’s voice showed the authority in it as she spoke.

“They shouldn’t be too hard for me.” Inarya’s voice was calm in the storm of fighting that was happening around her, a sign of a true Equite of Arcona. As a Death Walker sprinted forward, her saber ignited, bisecting the man and sending him crumpling to the floor.

A stray blaster bolt hit the door as most of the bolts were easily met by the white blade and sent into the walls of the metallic corridor. The Twi’lek took it in her stride as she fought, aware of the other female attending to the wounded Journeyman.

Azasell felt the warmth of flesh coming and gripping his shoulder, as the Knight dragged him up against the wall he felt cold metal through his robes, his eyes still blurred. As he felt her injecting something into his arm, he grunted slightly, his vision starting to come back. The sight of the Miraluka tending to his body allowed some of his strength to return.

“I’m Atyiru, it’s ok, Azasell, we have come to get you out of here.” Grabbing him, she hauled him up onto his feet, trying to make sure that he was able to walk.

“But......the others.” his vocal cords felt like they had been set on fire, his first thought was to his Master and what had happened.

“We are meeting them in the Hangar, I was sent to assist you and sort injuries out. Inarya was sent to protect me, the others are here helping as well.” Her voice was gentle as she tried to calm the injured member of Galeres.

“I understand...”


Inarya, Atyiru, Azasell

You are currently deep inside of the Station, there are many levels and tonnes of Death Walkers around, they are normally equipped with blasters, knives, teeth and long sharp nails. They will outnumber you if it comes down to it. Your task is simple, get to the Hangar and get off of the station, and survive.

Have Fun.

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae
Aedile of House Galeres

Atyiru Entar

04-06-2013 00:35:19

The sound of blaster-fire and the hum of a spinning lightsaber filled the air. When she breathed, the scent of blood and decay was heavy enough to coat her tongue. The hallway echoed with the almost inhuman screams of pain and voracious calls from the Death Walkers.

It was almost more disturbing to be able to sense them just like any other non-Force user, any other person. They were just people, like she and her team; but they were awful, terrible people. The injuries of the young man in her grip was plenty evidence of that.

Every presence on the other side of that door was malign, hungry, and fetid. Inarya’s bright aura was currently the only thing between them and it. Her hands itched to grip her rifle, or her saber, even as they tended to the Jedi Hunter.

Atyiru tied off another bandage securely and considered injecting another anesthetic, before dismissing the idea. They would need to run, and fight. Any more pain medications would only dull the man’s senses further.

Azasell stumbled as he regained his feet, and she caught him, drawing his right arm over her shoulder. He could walk, yes, but not unassisted. She began recalculating, her free hand going to the small cache of explosives clipped to her belt as she observed their surroundings.

Thank Ashla and Bogan for Dark Forge’s demolitions specialization...The Miraluka thought fleetingly.

“Inarya, the corridor to our right is clear.” She called firmly over the noise. “Go!”

The Twi’lek took only long enough to cut through a few more enemies before she ran aside. The Death Walkers shouted at them, perhaps orders of their own passing among their disheveled ranks.

Atty tightened her grip on Azasell, muttering to him to cover his eyes. “Grenade!” She shouted the warning to their other female companion; then, she drew back her arm and flung a stun grenade into the mass of Death Walkers.

The hair-raising burst of electricity crackled even at this distance, the Death Walkers screaming or caterwauling as they were caught in the nerve-attacking blast. Atty didn’t want to kill any more than necessary, even if they were deserving of it; and moreover, an actual explosive ran the risk of hurting one of them or damaging the base.

“Move.” Atyiru ordered the Human, supporting him as they half-jogged towards Inarya. The stun effects would only incapacitate their enemies for so long. They had to get out of the immediate area and find somewhere defensible to tend Azasell’s wounds.


08-06-2013 16:57:20

Stumbling along, supported by the white haired woman, Azasell tried with all of his might not to pass out. His vision blurred and the hall before him swayed with each passing moment. Instinctively, his hand reached to the small pouch on his waist, and feeling its presence he became slightly more relaxed which allowed him to focus inwardly to use the force to lessen his pain.

Although hating it, he continued to accept the help from the woman beside him as they made their way as quick as possible down the hall away from the creatures that had tortured him.

He thought back to the past couple days and shivered from the memories, causing a look of concern from Atriyu that he simply waved his hand to assure her that it was nothing.

They ran for what felt like hours, all the while Inarya kept the Death Walkers at bay with a flash of her saber every now and then. Eventually they came upon a small room that offered a defensible position and a place for them to rest.

The Death Walkers seemed to have either given up the chase or were planning something devious, because they had not followed them down the last several corridors. Standing guard, the Equite readied her saber while Atriyu brought the Jedi Hunter over to a nearby wall to continue treating his wounds.

After her inspection, the medic found that although it seemed as if the man was covered in a lot of blood, it was more from multiple small lacerations rather than from any large wounds. It appeared as if they had slowly bled him out over a long period of time.

The largest wound she found was an area on his back that looked as if they had flayed his skin off in a small circle.

Time passed and the medic did her work as Inarya continued to guard the entryway from anymore hostiles. Azasell was slowly starting to feel better from his treatments and in fact was able to stand on his own once more. Gripping a saber or his blaster still caused him much discomfort and pain, but he was at least able to assist in the escape now.


08-06-2013 20:17:18

The amber eyed Twi’lek kept her attention fixed to the doorway. She had dealt with the Death Walkers before and the first time was bad enough. She had seen what they left in their wake. If they were overpowered, each of them would have their flesh torn from their bones by thousands of blunt teeth. She, for one, didn’t like the prospect of that one bit.

She turned her head to the Knight. Inarya wasn’t sure if the Miraluka was checking for signs of life for their benefit or her own. The red skinned female looked briefly through the door behind her, seeing the full splendour of the bloody artwork that had been left behind.

“You’re lucky your people are born without eyes. Saves you appreciating the mess these things leave behind.And there is no point looking for survivors, there won’t be any.” The Twi’lek knew that she should be giving the newer member of the group a sense of hope, but in her mind is was better she learnt about the world’s falseness sooner rather than later.

There was silence between the three till the distant sounds of groans and the smell of blood filled the narrow corridor. The groans grew louder as the origin of the sound made itself clear: a huge, bloodied mass of Death Walkers creeped closer to them.

Frotz Inaya clipped her saber to her belt, drawing her rifle and taking pot shots at the approaching horde.

“I hate to alarm you, but if we don’t move now then we will end up being the dessert.”

Atyiru Entar

09-06-2013 11:48:56

“Then we move now.” Atyiru replied, gingerly pulling the Jedi Hunter to his feet. Together, they moved past Inarya, keeping out of her line of fire as they exited the room. The Twi’lek fired a few more shots before jogging after them.

They continued down the hall, moving as quickly as they were able away from the Death Walkers. Occasionally, the report of rifles sounded as they paused to pick off individual enemies. It was an odd incidence to have three snipers in one team, but it worked effectively, for the moment.

They proceeded in this manner until Azasell called out softly, indicating a sign on the wall that directed them towards the hangar bay. Atyiru could sense lots of Death Walkers in that direction; but it was really their only option out of here.

Death Walkers behind them, and ahead of them. Would they make it to the shuttles? What about the other team? The pilots? The Death Walkers might reach them at this rate. They could be swarmed if they waited for her team.

Atyiru turned back and surveyed Azasell and Inarya, debating her decision and how they’d react. Rage? Agreement? Perhaps the Twi’lek would kill her before the Death Walkers could.

Atty tabbed her comm, listening it buzz and connect with the shuttle that was supposed to evac them. Then, exhaling slowly, she issued her order to their pilot: “We’re delayed. We have hostiles blocking the way and at the rear...if we don’t arrive in twenty minutes, you are to leave without us.”

The man’s hesitant confirmation crackled through her earpiece, loud enough for the others to hear. Atyiru exhaled again and disconnected the link-up; then, she smiled softly at her teammates.

“We’d best hurry.”


09-06-2013 21:14:31

The group were running out of time to fight there way to the hanger, though from the sound around them they were not the only team that was currently causing issues with everyone inside of the station. The group that was blocking their path to the hanger began to sprint off away from them, giving them a small window to take, in which they took it without even blinking.

Entering the hangar the shuttle was there waiting for them, troops standing on the ramp slaughtering the Death Walkers with their blasters. The squad Sergeant noticed the group of Dark Jedi instantly giving them cover fire as they marched themselves onto the shuttle. Hearing the ramp hissing behind them Inarya turned to see the squad taking seats beside them.

“We have orders to drop you off onto the battlefield ma’am, you will be reporting to Aedile Cethgus on the ground” the Sergeant spoke as the shuttle made its way quickly from the station entering hyperspace for the few brief minutes it took to return to the homeworld of Galeres. As the shuttle came down into the landing pattern it was clear that they were going to be landing in the thick of an army preparing itself.

As the shuttle hissed slowly it began to make its descent towards the landing zone, it seemed that the area was bustling with shuttles arriving and dispensing soldiers, medics, and various support crews. But still there was nothing that they were able to see apart from thousands of troops disembarking. The shuttle's landing pads made contact and allowed them to gently press down onto the grass the ramp opened up, the troops disembarking from the shuttle headed directly to the frontlines.

Atyiru and her team set off at a determined but exhausted walk towards the staging area. Seeing the figure of the Aedile she set off towards him, shaking her head as she well that Cethgus was excited shouting orders across the battlefield, his voice carried impact through his use of the Force giving his men comfort and infusing them with lust for the upcoming battle knowing that many feared the unnerving reputation of the Death Walkers. Atyiru felt her own exhaustion melt away as she approached and felt the vigour and desire for battle strike her. Settling her nerves and focusing her mind she and her companions shook off the Aediles efforts.

“Atyiru you managed to find your way back, I expected you to get lost on your way back.” his tone was firm but the Dark Jedi Knight still smiled at the attempt for humor.

“Azasell report to the medics and get patched up, I am going to need you to fight as well as soon as you’re capa-”

“I’m ready Lord Arconae, Atyiru already saw to me, I’m ready to take from these bastards what they did to me” The Jedi Hunters voice only trembled a moment before his nerves were cast aside and he met his Aedile’s eyes.

“I’ll keep him alive Cethgus” Inarya’s voice came from behind the two Journeymen as she pulled Azasell away.

“Damn woman always forgets to address me how she should” finally cracking a smile Cethgus seemed to forget about Atyiru who followed quickly after her companions.

Dismissed they took position in the forward trench, taking on the left side and making sure that it was protected with the troops that they were able to muster, knowing full what their Commander expected of them. Inarya stood firmly in between the two Journeymen ready to fight till the end.

“They will come at us in waves, try and overtake you by pressing so many bodies against you that you won’t be able to move. If they take the trench, fall back then push forward never get cornered.” Her words struck the two Journeymen that she spoke from experience.


Inarya, Atyiru, Azasell,

You have completed your first objective but now war is threatening to rage on against Galeres this is the big battlefield conflict that will see if we will hold in the war. Simply put you are in the thick of it in the trenches outnumbered but you must hold them off and make sure that they do not break through your side of the line. Kill them and make sure you hold that left flank.

Have Fun.

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae
Aedile of House Galeres