Team 2:Teroch Erinos, S’nar - Homecoming Run-One


02-06-2013 23:59:24

Screams echoed throughout the corridor as the torture of the newest Dark Jedi Knight of Galeres rippled through the Station. Following the sounds of his Apprentice sprang Dark Side Adept Teroch, moving swiftly to aid his student.

Although young, he still proved deadly with a saber as he cut anyone down that dared to oppose him. Rushing through the corridors, he finally found the room where the screeches came from. Slamming the open button for the door, the young Adept witnessed his only student being tortured by the Death Walkers.

His hand came up, instantly throwing one of them into a wall, snapping his spine as he did so. Lunging at the second, he brought him down with nothing more than a flick of his wrist, killing him with ease.

“” S’nar’s voice was nothing more than a weak pant as the Adept unrestrained him.

Feeling the pain ripple through his body, the Knight slumped off of the table and onto the floor. Crouching down like that, his sides showed the burn wounds that had been caused during his time in the Death Walkers’ hands.

Hauling himself up, he allowed his hand to grip the table for support as he looked around only to see Teroch throw a device at him. Catching it, he heard it beeping almost immediatly. Flicking the switch of the projector caused the figure of Cethgus to appear in the palm of his hand.

“Ah, I see Teroch has found you quick enough then. I have a new mission briefing for the two of you that I need completed.” He stated, his voice calm.

“Understood. What is it that you need from us?” His voice still ached from the pain that he was feeling.

“An enemy commander is on that station leading its forces. Deal with him appropriately.” His tone was even as he gave the orders, not expecting much of a reply back and not getting much back either.

“Understood.” With that, S’nar shut off the commlink and turned his attention back to Teroch. His Master already seemed ready to move off and onto the task at hand, handing his student’s saber back to him.

The two seemed prepared to go forth and doing the bidding of Arcona and Galeres. Seeing his Master waiting, the Dark Jedi Knight only nodded, showing his combat readiness even if he was still a bit out of it from what his body had gone through in the hours it had taken for him to be released from captivity.

“So then, we kill the commander, then go to the hanger and take a shuttle out of this place.” Teroch’s voice showed authority even for his age as he looked his student in the eyes, a small grin flashing across his lips.

“As for Azasell?” S’nar allowed his thoughts to trail to his student only briefly as he pondered on what should be said on this matter.

“He is being seen to as we speak. You should find him in the hangar once we are done with our primary goal.” That was the best reply he was going to get out of Teroch.


Teroch, S’nar

You are currently deep inside of the Station. There are many levels and tons of Death Walkers around. They are normally equipped with blasters, knives, teeth and long, sharp nails. They will outnumber you, if it comes down to it. Your task is simple: eliminate the commanding officer, then get to the Hangar and get off of the station.

Have fun.

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae
Aedile of House Galeres


09-06-2013 15:06:32

Perception was everything.

S’nar had worked closely with Teroch, learning everything the youth had to teach him in a matter of weeks. He’d been declared a Knight of the Shadow Clan in record-breaking speed, but the Arconae was still largely a mystery. He was scarily young, but moved with the confidence of a much older man. His power in the Force was bested only by two people in the entire Clan, both Dark Jedi Masters; yet S’nar was sure he’d be able to hold his own with pretty much anyone, one on one.

However, the Kaleesh knew one thing: Teroch was scared.

Outwardly, the master of Soulfire moved like he always did - a cocky gait, scary disrespect for the tools of destruction he toted around, and a dismissive attitude to all but a few of his closest friends and colleagues, but the banter wasn’t there. Teroch never shut up. He was always bragging or teasing or generally making an ass of himself; yet now, on this station, when presented with this threat, he was quiet, introverted, and most importantly of all, distracted.

“What’s wrong?” S’nar asked eventually.

“Nothing. C’mon. I’ve got our gear stashed near the lower airlock.”

Grimacing, the Dark Jedi Knight acquiesced, his senses primed for an attack.

It came quickly. A small group of the cannibalistic Death Walkers were crouched over a cadaver, tearing into it, pulling strips of flesh from the corpse with their teeth. From the way the blood had pooled, S’nar was sure that the victim had been alive when they’d started to eat him.

Teroch hesitated. Disbelieving, the Dark Jedi Knight glanced over at his former master before unholstering the SSK-7 strapped to the Mandalorian’s thigh, taking aim, and shooting the nearest Death Walker in the back.

It seemed to shake the Adept out of it. Teroch’s lightsaber flared to life, and he ran at the surviving cannibals. One of them let out an inarticulate scream, causing the others to turn from their feast and charge at him in return.

They never stood a chance. Using his momentum, the youth jumped up, spun, slashed his saber twice in two broad arcs, and landed behind them in a crouch, his saber held out vertically. Three heads fell from their bodies and the corpses collapsed to the floor, still hissing from the heat of the blade.

“C’mon.” He muttered, getting up.

Unsure if Teroch was talking to himself, or giving him an instruction, S’nar jogged over the corpses and fell in step with the Erinos. A few more corridors, and they arrived at an airlock. Teroch tapped in a code to the outer door, and it hissed open. Inside were a few crates with Soulfire’s emblem engraved into the lids.

“Your armour’s finally finished.” Teroch remarked, pulling the lid off the first crate. Inside, a set of what appeared to be das’verd armour was present; however it looked smaller than usual. Frowning in confusion, S’nar pulled out the helmet, which was of a non-standard design, and didn’t fully cover the face - only the lower portion, which included a vocoder, gas mask, and a pair of flip up goggles. Also included was a large black jacket with a hood. He looked at the rest of the suit, and was surprised to see a strange netting overlay.

“Juda and I finally managed to perfect the stealth portion. This thing can render you effectively invisible, though there is a slight distortion when you move too quickly. Also, if you take a hit, the entire netting overlay is rendered useless and you won’t be able to use it again. Your armour’s been made lighter to allow you to move quieter, but that means less protection. You’ve got no Lamaninum ingots, so if your armour’s damaged, it won’t recharge. I’ve also added a pair of retractable vibroblades which extend out forty centimeters from each gauntlet. Sound good?”

S’nar simply nodded and smiled “Thanks Teroch, I’ll enjoy using them to carve through these degenerate bastards. I owe them that.”

Teroch simply grinned and pulled out his own identical suit. They began quickly changing into their armour, Teroch looking to his former Apprentice and seeing the numerous wounds covering the Dark Jedi Knight’s body.

Strips of flesh had been cut away, allowed to heal, then stripped away again as the host of cannibals had made use of the Knight’s ability to quickly heal from shallow wounds. He could feel the pain his Apprentice was experiencing with every movement and marveled at the willpower S’nar showed as he covered the many carvings across his abdomen and sides.

Teroch kicked off the lid of another crate. Inside, there were no less than six small carbines, each with the distinctive Zratian Arms sigil on them.

“I give you the Zratian Arms Wolfhound Light Carbine. It has two firing modes: sustained burst, or trip-fire. Smaller than a full rifle, these little suckers can even be wielded one-handed in a pinch, though obviously, your accuracy will be reduced.” Teroch slipped one of the Carbine’s over his back and grabbed several clips as his Apprentice did the same.


“We need to get to Hanger two. It’s where they breached the station. They have their feasts there.” S’nar looked to Teroch and saw the shimmer of disgust cover his Master’s features. “Did you bring any heavy ordinance?” Teroch’s didn’t even need to speak to convey the sarcastic response as he reached down and threw a small duffel to the Kaleesh.

“Thermal Detonators, Shock grenades, even threw in a few burners in case we wanted a barbecue.” Teroch started to laugh before realizing the smell of cooking meat throughout the station came from his House’s own people.

Shrugging into the last part of the stealth gear, both men checked their weapons, ensuring they were ready. Clipping the last layer of the stealth suit into place covered the attachments and extra gear the two carried. Moving to either side of the airlock entrance, both nodded before activating their armour, which shimmered for a moment as the sensors reflected the light away from them, making them seem as though they simply melted into the walls behind them.

Turning into the corridor, S’nar took the lead. Teroch had grown accustomed to his former Apprentice’s senses being trustworthy. The very reason he had chosen S’nar to function as Soulfire’s scout was because the Kaleesh was a natural hunter, and his development in the Force had allowed him to become even more aware of any dangers.

Coming to a T-section corridor, Teroch sensed his partner tense. Lifting the wolfhound, Teroch finally heard the skittering sound of nails across the station hull as a group of Death Walkers hunting for new prey turned the corner.

S’nar reached out to the Force and easily leapt over the entire group, coming to a crouch on the opposite side of them as Teroch wasted little time shouldering his Carbine and letting off short bursts of concentrated fire. Confusion rippled through the group as the first three fell, and they surged towards Teroch as his armor became visible behind the repeating fire of the Carbine.

S’nar opened fire from the opposite side, crouching to avoid the crossfire from Teroch as his shots tore through the knees and lower bodies of the rest. Within seconds the two Dark Jedi executed the last of the group and moved on.

Skirmishes took place throughout the station, the two dispatching any small enough groups they came across, avoiding the larger gatherings in the main areas. They could tell that the Death Walkers were receiving orders to draw back, as each group began pulling back and gathering into larger groups to block their advance.

As the two pushed towards the Hangar bay, the corridors became more choked with Death Walkers, the stench becoming nearly unbearable as the station’s air filters struggled to clear the stench of burning flesh and decomposition, as well as putrid stench of the Death Walkers.

Redirecting from a frontal approach, Teroch tapped into a station security terminal and found an a maintenance entrance that would put them coming to the hangar bay catwalks above the main floor. Setting off once again they managed to avoid any contact until coming to the side entrance of the Hangar bay S’nar activated his comm, signaling Teroch to stop. The sub-vocal system built into the suit allowed them to hear each other while generating less than a whisper. “They’ve pulled back into the Hangar. I think our target knows we’re coming for him.” S’nar glanced down the corridor again. There didn’t appear to be anyone holding the corridor, providing a clear entrance to their target, yet something made him think otherwise.

“Lets get this over with. The sooner we cut the head off the snake, the sooner the body dies... I’d like to get back to Eldar and get a damn shower.” Teroch’s usual mirth was lost after the sight of those he and his House were responsible for torn apart, the floors of the station covered in the blood and flesh of fallen Galeres.

Taking off down the hallway, both Dark Jedi kept their senses about them. Death Walkers were even more dangerous because their appetite didn’t stem from rage, but rather stemmed from desire and need, making it harder to tell when they would attack. Coming to the maintenance hatch that would give them access to the Hangar Bay, they activated the hatch.

Both men could still smell the stench and smoke that issued forth through their gas masks. Stepping onto the catwalks above the bay, they both witnessed a sight that could turn even the hardiest of warriors pale: the Hangar had been turned into scene neither man would likely forget, piles of bones that were gnawed on and pitted were strewn across the hangar. Tables had been arranged where living personnel could be strapped down and pieces taken at leisure by the horde of Death Walkers. Screams filled the hangar as the freshest victims still bled and struggled against their bindings as pieces were torn off from the ragged claws and filed teeth of the Walkers.

Among the horde stood their target. His reptilian skin shimmered as he tore the throat from another victim and held the piece of meat up to his mouth, allowing the blood to cover his lower jaw and chest before savoring the taste of his newest meal. The Barabel growled as other Walkers approached his meal, sending them scattering away for easier food to take.

Teroch and S’nar looked down on the scene and suddenly realized that even with their combined might, a frontal assault against nearly three hundred of the Walkers would be suicide.


09-06-2013 22:15:09

The Death Walkers were moving at a swift pace, going about their activities in full swing, seemingly without even realising that they were not the only ones in the area. The fighting that had taken place on the station seemed to be distracting enough, but from what was seen the leader had been sending his troops down to planet surface in waves. It seemed that the fighting would be taking place there.

It was clear from the movements that they were going to take the fighting to the ground. The question was, would the high value target go there as well, or would he stay safe at the station in the protection of his men? As growling noises issued from his mouth, he saw at least two-hundred of the troops move out of the staging area, clearly heading to the hanger to go down to the surface.

As the room emptied out it seemed that their first estimates were wrong; it was now the target and only around eighty of his best troops in one room. Although, even then the fighting would be an easy one to get to him. It would be a challenge for anyone to get through to the main man of the army, as he knew that anything could happen and took every precaution; but it seemed that something was causing him to deploy more troops down onto the planet surface.

Suddenly, Teroch had a communication coming through onto his own device, though this one was a written one as to make sure that even if he was behind enemy lines it was not at risk of giving his position away. Teroch took out the device and began reading what it had to say before passing it to S’nar so that he could also read the information that was coming in.

Unfortunately, it only seemed put the situation in a far worse light than it was already in:


The following is currently underway: it seems that the Death Walkers are preparing for war, and from what we have seen a large force is gathering on the surface. Therefore, I will be leading the Galeres troops against them. We will have no choice but to make our stand but we still need control of that outpost.

For now, you are to continue your main objective and kill the commander at the moment. We will hold out for as long as possible. Once your mission is completed, you are to return to the planet’s surface and join in the ongoing conflict.


The message seemed to explain the current shifting that had happened in the forces as they would probably be deployed to fight in the war that would be taking place. Teroch quickly put the datapad away and looked at his student, knowing that they had to complete this mission and that they needed a solution on how to do it.

Teroch, S’nar

Your mission is still the same. With the troops moving out to the ground, you will find it easier to take out the commander. Make sure that you take him out and get off of the station. You are needed down on the ground to fight and assist your brethren in the fight that is taking place. Bring your target to justice for his crimes against Galeres.

Have Fun.

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae
Aedile of House Galeres


15-06-2013 21:19:17

(Teroch's Post)

“We need to get off this shab’la station.” Teroch murmured softly into the comlink.

S’nar, who crouched next to him, nodded.

“Scratch that. We need to destroy this mir’osik haran-hole, then get down to the planet.”


Teroch rolled his shoulders, cracked his neck, then forced a smile. “Go to whatever passes for main engineering on this shab’ika of a station, set all of these to detonate,” He handed the satchel full of explosives to his former apprentice. “, then get back here. By the time you do, the Hangar will be clear, and we’ll have a route to the surface.”

“Teroch, I can’t get there alone, and you can’t take on the metric shit-ton of them down there alone. We need to go together.”

Irritated, the Sergeant glared at the sign of insubordination. “I can handle myself; I won’t be alone. As for you, stay stealthed. Avoid large groups of them, don’t engage unless you absolutely have to, and you’ll be fine. Now go, and don’t everquestion me again.”

Rattled, the Kaleesh turned and left without a word. Teroch never lost his cool. He never snapped at his friends. The Death Walkers had him seriously riled. He’d need to work out what had happened if he was to work effectively with Soulfire’s Sergeant before this mission was finished.


“Galeres Actual, this is Soulfire two, do you copy?”

It took a few seconds, but Cethgus’ voice crackled back over the comlink headset. Jury-rigging the holonet transceiver to his mask had somehow worked.

“I copy, two. What’s the situation?”

“Soulfire one is currently engaging the hostiles in the Hangar. I believe he’s trying to get to the deader. He’s sent me to blow the main reactor, then rejoin him.”

“So two suicide missions for the price of one? That sounds like him.”

“Actual, I need intel. Soulfire one seems…distracted by the present threat. Is there any background information I should be aware of?”

There was a long pause before Cethgus replied. “Negative, Soulfire two. Unless it affects him doing his job, carry on as ordered.”

“I believe it is affecting his decision-making. He cannot possibly-“

“Complaint noted. Carry on, Soulfire two.”

The line went dead, and S’nar cursed Cethgus under his breath. That definitely didn’t go as planned.


Teroch stood up from his crouch, still bathed in shadows. The gantry above the Hangar offered an excellent view of the scene of carnage below. There were innumerable half-dead former Galerians staggering about the place, in some cases dragging screaming station workers towards the fires and flesh pots. In other instances, shoddy ranks of the Death Walkers ambled towards the waiting shuttles. In the middle of it was the Barabel: The One Who Is The One. Teroch had seen him before. He’d blinded him. He’d been chased through the bowels of the Citadel on Selen by the freak. The Mandalorian had been captured by him, and turned into one of his subordinates. For a brief period, he’d fought with that scaly nightmare. It had taken both Sashar and Voden, his fathers, to bring the Barabel down and save their son. He still woke up screaming about it, most nights. He still bore the scars on his ankle where that scaly brute had grabbed him.

I’m going to tear his Demagolka face off.

Teroch hopped down from the gantry, landed amongst the thickest concentration of Death Walkers, and let loose a telekinetic shockwave which sent scores flying in an ever-expanding circle away from him. Several transports were rocked from the force of the blast, and even The One Who Is The One was sent sprawling, hissing in vexation.

Before they recovered, he leapt, letting the Force aid his flight, and drew both the Wolfhounds in his possession. He fired them indiscriminately into the crowd of savages, downing dozens before emptying the clips. At the top of his parabolic, he flung both into the primed engine of one transport. They got sucked in, jammed in the repulsor’s mechanisms, and the engine erupted, grounding the transport. The explosion also downed several more potential threats. he landed in a crouch once again and drew his SSK-7sf, rose, and let the Force guide his arm. Seven Death Walkers went down before they started converging on him. He leapt once again, grabbing one of the support struts under the gantry. Hanging one-handed, he kept firing, downing more and more of his former Housemates. The Barabel was up and shouting, but the Death Walkers were undisciplined and didn’t listen. Teroch emptied clip, then dropped the weapon, letting go. He landed atop an old Delta-7 Transport, unclipped his Father’s lightsaber, and smiled.

“Let me sing you a song.” He said, his voice playful. “It’s called the Summer Flame. You’ll love it.”


20-06-2013 23:33:48

The alarms continued to ring through the station as S’nar moved towards the core. With most of the Death Walkers on the station being distracted by the Dark Side Adepts currently ripping through their ranks, he had a small, discrete opening as he continued to go into the depths of the station. Its reactor was a short journey away, and his advance was not going to be stopped that easily. He continued his descent, knowing full-well that the enemy would still be protecting the reactor, if they were sensible. Death Walkers were manic, but not foolish enough to be blind to what would could cause their destruction.

Meanwhiel, Teroch moved swiftly into the ranks of the Death Walkers, his proficiency with a saber unquestionable as his blade ripped them apart with ease. More and more Death Walkers were rushing to the aid of their leader, seemingly despite knowing that it was nothing more than a death trap to do so. They tried to fight to protect their leader, but it was hopeless against someone so efficient at being a bringer of death as the Adept was. Following the plan would see them either succeed or die in this station.

The situation had changed now, with Sanguinius and his team deployed on the station with the others. They had begun to work their way through the crowds of Death Walkers in order to try and meet up with those that arrived at this station first. The team was making decent progress through the hostile area, lead by their Quaestor as they continued to advance through the workings of the station.

“I want you to try and find the others. Split up if you have to.” His voice echoed through the corridors as he gave orders to the members of Galeres.

The group began to quickly split up, fanning out and finding pockets of resistance from the Death Walkers at seemingly every corner they turned. It was slow, and dangerous; even the military might of Galeres still lost men to the constant attacks that happened.

It wasn't long before they were heading towards the main area of the station. Hearing fighting from one direction, Sanguinius decided to head his team that way to meet up with the enemy and confront them directly. Galeres would not be attacked and allow the enemy to get away with it. Retribution was coming.


Teroch, S’nar

Your mission objectives have changed slightly since last time. You have split up recently but must continue your mission. With the others searching for you on the station, will they manage to meet up with you in time to evacuate the station? Will you destroy the reactor? Will you kill the main bad guy? It’s all up to you on this one guys. Do your best.

Have Fun

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae
Aedile of House Galeres