Return of the old


20-04-2013 13:20:26

Hi, hello, and all those words to greet people.

Not much to say except pleasure to make your acquaintances. I'm a bit of an oldie coming back after a few years away and thought I would introduce myself.

Basic Info:
Names Opie and this is me ---->
24 years young for now, college student studying games design.
Expecting (if all goes well) first child at Christmas so might as well get enough time put in before that happens!
I'm a witch and a very happy one, if your canny you'll know who or what the Morrighan is, if not eh she's lots of fun.
My DJB character Morrighan is based around The Morrighan and that's about it.

Happy Happy, generally hyper and big time geek. Anything else let me know.