[Private RP] Cethgus and Sai


11-04-2013 21:41:38

Walking into the hanger of the BAC Darkest Night it was rare to have a member of Qel-Droma aboard the ship, but today was something that would change all of that. Overseeing the loading of a simple transport shuttle was the Aedile of House Galeres, his eyes followed the men moving around the shuttle. The Human entered the Hangar to see the preparations already being made for the mission the two of them would be taking.

“Shall we get this mission underway, I can brief you on the travel down” His voice calm as he addressed Sai, walking into the back of the shuttle it took them a few minutes of time to get the engines fired up before the shuttle began its journey down to the planet surface.

The shuttle rocked slightly as it once more entered the atmosphere of the cold, ice planet of Rhelg. The blizzards that raged on the planet allowed no mistakes from anyone, this planet was forgotten until the Crusade happened. Arcona had recently fought on and blood had been spilled on this snow, but not enough to quench the thirst of some of the members of the clan. Rocking from side to side the shuttle continued its rapid descent to the drop coordinates. Tilting slightly the nose began to come up as the ship allowed engineers to slow its descent down.

Standing in the back trooper compartment where two of the well known Arconans that were around. Cethgus stood there his armour fully equipped as he prepared himself to once more go into battle. His eyes just stayed focused upon a datapad he seemed to be working on, deciding to speak little with the other member in the shuttle. There was no need for communication they knew what their mission was and idle talk would only be a waste right now.

The other was Sai, a recent and tested member of the Brotherhood but in the eyes of the Arconae still as new to the Clan as the next member. The man remained silent at that moment in time though leaving the holding area for the two of them almost lurking in eerie silence.

As the shuttles engine began to wind down it was clear that they had finally arrived, the shuttle slowly stopped. Finally the door hinged opened letting the blizzard like conditions begin to fall onto the open ramp. The white landscape completely filled the view of the back as the Aedile began to make his way down the ramp. Feeling the cold temperature against his skin though he shrugged it off instantly as his focus went back to the mission and its completion.

Sai was quick to follow allowing the shuttle ramp to close behind the two of them, knowing they would have to request pick up when the time came. As the Iridonian allowed his eyes to turn around he saw the shuttle once more heading up and away from the atmosphere. Cethgus allowed his eyes make contact with Sai’s though he didn't know the Keibatsu, his abilities were still in question as to his motives.

“Our mission is simple enough at the moment, we are to clear a remnant section of the One Sith” His voice calm as his eyes glanced over to Sai for that split second not caring to keep a conversation going longer than it was needed.