Yet another new person


24-02-2013 05:13:01

Hello! My name is Zuri. Very new to RPG and on line forums. Any helpful hints are welcome :)


25-02-2013 20:35:32

Hey Zuri! Welcome to the DB.

Helpful hints.... hmmm...

Participate in everything you can, even the stuff you may not be entirely confident in. I came to the DB primarily as a gamer, but learned I really enjoy writing fiction as well, after trying a few competitions.

The Shadow Academy is a great place to pick up some quick Star Wars / Brotherhood knowledge early on, highly recommend hitting up some of the History courses there. I enjoyed those alot.

Hop on IRC when you get a chance, if you're not familiar with it, we've got a Shadow Academy course which will explain how!


26-02-2013 01:06:06

Thanks for the hints. On my way to take courses :) I have set up mIRC as well. I will eventually find my way around lol
Nice to meet you and look forward to being more a part of DJB.