Trials of Loyalty - Team Assignments


07-08-2012 03:45:45

Below you will find each teams individual assignments.


07-08-2012 03:49:57


Classified Data:

Target Spotted on Port Olíval, following a lead on a particular Dark Jedi rumored to have passed through.

Target logged as having passed through Port Olíval docks two days ago.

To Whom It May Concern: A rogue Dark Jedi by the name of Weylan Black has been spotted on Olíval. We need him eliminated, and could use some extra...muscle.

-Marick Arconae
Proconsul, Clan Arcona


07-08-2012 04:04:54

Team Fucking Awesome

The Hutts:

No one is greedier than a Hutt. The fact that they are playing nice with Mal Company reeks of something vile. We've identified a pair of high-interest targets. Be sure to round up any resistance on the way, but remember, be discrete. Find out who knows what, and make sure that there are no loose ends that give any indication to Dark Jedi presence on Port Ol'val.

Relevant Data:


Target spotted as being planet-side on Port Ol'val before the Bulkhead breach, logged as having made contact with the Hutt Cartel.


Target known to be running with the Hutt Cartel.


07-08-2012 04:21:06

Team Tea Bag


The Disciples of Kandor are a crime group has been trying to make a name for themselves. With the recent events off the breakout, they've been rounding up anyone they can find to join their cause. Consisting of all humans, they have many anti-alien bias' and don't take kindly to non-humans. Have been known to hang out in bars in "the Ducts".

Should be...interesting for a Barabel. Infiltrate the group. Find out who they have picked up, and make sure they are captured, alive, to be brought back to Bulkhead once re-secured. We want no loose ends trying to evidence of our existence and presence here. As usual, subtly is the key.

Oh, and one last thing. The Disciples seem to be running with a new leader by the name of "Seria Rheseam".

Good Luck.



07-08-2012 04:36:19

Team Obelisk Obliterator's


The Silver Snakes.

A big time crime group on Port Ol'val, the 'Snakes have their hands in countless underworld dealings. Since the breakout, they have, under the guidance from Mal Company, taken over Safehouse "Gregor" in the Entertainment District. Your orders are to take back the Safehouse and return it to Arcona control. Subtly is the key, we do not need any more rumors of "Dark Jedi" on Port Ol'val. Good luck.

One last thing. They are said to be lead by a Mandalorian named Kandar Ordo.

Good luck.


07-08-2012 04:51:46

Team Invicta


The Heads Of The Hydra.

Mal Company is no doubt the driving factor behind the Triumvirate push against Arcona. As Socorra has already highlighted, drastic measures need to be taken to ensure the security of Port Ol'val and Arcona's foothold. Your team is to work with the DIA to take on Mal Company at a political and social level. Figure out who is pulling what strings, and sever the heads of the Hyrda. If you do not get all of them, one will surely grow back. Mal Company needs to learn their place, but our identity must be kept. The Blindman has become a symbol, more than Dralin or Invictus ever were when they handled the monikers. Remind them the fear the Blindman can inflict, and restore balance to Ol'val. You have Qel-Droma's full resources at your disposal, and will have your brothers and sisters working in satellite to help clean up Ol'val.

One of Mal company's political leaders is an Ithorian by the name of Tribb Velles. Dossier is attached. They also seem to have hired a hacker by the name of Aleks ďCerealĒ Goredon. Walli informs me that he won't break through his custom firewalls, but we can't take the chance that this hacker is running loose on Port Ol'val. Silence him.

Good luck, and be careful, Socorra...





07-08-2012 05:40:46

Team Agents of Novus

Safe-house Charlie

SH: Charlie was set up in the Docks as a way for Arconan's to have easy access to Shadow Gate's network of Safe-houses. It is the primary gateway, and beyond pertinent to be put back into Arconan control.

Under the Triumvirate guide, Fly On The Wall has set up a tight perimeter. Combat Droids, monitored security systems, and "engineers" equipped with portable shield batteries, automatic missile turrets, and rockets.

Your mission is simple. Take back Safe-house Charlie. I am lending you an Oblivion Field Agent by the name of Fx'zet. He's a Verpine that is an old friend, and his knowledge of electronic systems should come in handy. His contact info is attached, and he knows you will be looking for him in the Docks.

Good Luck.



07-08-2012 06:02:08

Team Unitos Valens

Safe-house Reggie

SH: Reggie is an integral part of the Shadow Gate network. Located in the heart of Jerem Plazza, and is the most "open" Safe-house we have. It falls under the guide of the "Spotted Pitten Cantina", a place where Bounty Hunters and the like can come and go as they please and check for new bounties and freelance opportunities.

As former Gatewarden, you know this, but I'm sure your apprentice could benefit from the background.

You and your team is to return SH:R to Arconan control. You will be dealing with a combination of Fly On The Wall defenses and Mal Company's hired guns. Not to mention freelancers and Bounty Hunters and civilians, and of course the escaped prisoners that are running free.

Fear not, for you have the "Daywalker" with you. Talos was the former Vice-Captain of Oblivion Brigade and the original Gatewarden. I figure there is no one better to help you in this task. Rumors also have it a friend of yours has been poking his head around, Talos. A man by the name of Jorik Sul. He seems to be following a lead on alleged "Dark Jedi" on Port Ol'val. See to it that these rumors are squelched.

SH:R is in the center of the Plaza, so discretion is of the utmost importance.

And Scelestus, keep your apprentice close. One of the escaped prisoners is a Kaleesh named "Saes" who's known to be dangerous and have a history with Anigrel. I leave the decision of telling him or not up to you.

I should also note that a Kirya Hanzo has been logged as having communications with Mal Company. Watch your six, Scel.

Faith in Chaos, brothers.


07-08-2012 06:25:49

Team Home Affair


SH: Jackson was hidden even behind LIC - Lightspeed Ice Cream. The Glitterstim operation was designed as a possible red herring to protect SH:J. With the Hutts having the inside intellegence though, they sent their hired muscle to secure SH:J, which is an old warehouse that sells discounted clothing and has a series of pawn shops that have set up camp. They are also a big distributor of cigar's and other trade goods That of course is a cover to the underground holding area that has an arsenal of weapons that belong to Clan Arcona and Shadow Gate Agents. The Hutts muscle will be working with Fly On The Wall security so expect heavy resistance from engineers with automatic turrets, shield batteries, and rockets.

Fortunately, I don't think Strategos wants his cigar's in the hands of those savage Hutts. I'm sure your team will take back SH:J without flaw.

As usual, discretion will be key, Gatewarden. You know the drill.



07-08-2012 06:37:33

Team Hot Momma's

It's been a while since you've been back, Sang. Hopefully your time as Quaestor hasn't made you soft. You should feel right home. More importantly, your team is needed for a recovery mission. The Hutts have taken 3 Gatekeeper's hostage. They are being held somewhere in the Pride of Corellia sector. The Hutts will have support from Mal Companies mercenary groups, so expect some resistance from the Black Suns among other groups.

All three agents have valuable information, and are no doubt doing their best to resist interrogations. I doubt anyone can break them, but we cannot risk them revealing anything. You are to save our agents at all costs. Failure is not an option.

I am sending you a friend of mine to lend you some extra firepower. Soto is a former Bounty Hunter, but he is loyal to me and knows that I will always pay better than anyone who tries to hire him against me. He is on Ol'val now and can rendezvous with you as needed. I've attached his dossier.

Good Luck, brother.



Name: Sotodeh Sanghedi
Race: Trianii
Height: 6'2
Occupation: Former Bounty Hunter
Specialty: Infiltration, Explosives, Ranged Combat
Weapons: 2x LL-30 Blaster Pistols, Sniper Rifle, Explosives.

Relevant Attribute Data:
(Out of 5 Total Stars)

Rank: EQ3
STR: **
AGILITY: *****(*) <-Bonus for Feline-race-reflexes
Piloting: ***