Arcona Family Feud - Entries Showcase


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Week 1 Multimedia:

1st Place: Marick Del'Abbot

2nd Place: Putra

3rd Place: Invictus

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4th Place: Ronovi

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5th Place: Timeros

My name is KPN Tim Entar and I'm putting together a special team, and I need me eight Dark Jedi. Eight Entar-Arconan Dark Jedi. Now, y'all might've heard rumors about the family feud happening soon. Well, we'll be leaving a little earlier, and once we're in enemy territory, as a bushwhackin' guerrilla army, we're gonna be doin' one thing and one thing only... killin' Erinos. Now, I don't know about y'all, but I sure as hell didn't come down from the goddamn moon of Gethsemane, cross five AU of space, fight my way through half of Selen’s gay bars and jump out of a fuckin' spaceship to teach the Erinos lessons in humanity. Erinos ain't got no humanity. They're the santorum slurpers of an Entar-hatin’ limey Brit maniac and they need to be dee-stroyed. That's why any and every son of a bitch we find wearin' a Mando armor, they're gonna die. We will be cruel to the Erinos, and through our cruelty they will know who we are. And they will find the evidence of our cruelty in the disemboweled, dismembered, and cauterized bodies of their lovers we leave behind us. And the Erinos won't not be able to help themselves but to imagine the cruelty their lovers endured at our hands, and our spiked dildos, and the edge of our lightsabers. And the Erinos will be sickened by us, and the Erinos will talk about us, and the Erinos will fear us. And when the Erinos closes their eyes at night and they're tortured by their subconscious for the evil they have done, it will be with thoughts of us they are tortured with. Sound good?

6th Place: Maaks

The ERinos Family
'if you haven't already joined us, it's probably because you're in ER!'

Brothers, Sisters and non-specifically gendered creatures,

I bring you the message* that the rumours are true. We, as the Erinos family, do not wish to cause you any pain by allowing you to realise that we are massively endowed and what dregs we have been feeding you really aren't butter. Creamy, yes, salty, yes, but not butter.

I regret to inform you that if resistance is received, you will force our hand and we will cut off our abundant viscous kindness and will turn to hardcore BDSM(as many of you have suspected we practice) as a form of punishment.

I invite you, join us, become a supporter of ours. I hope this poem will help you make your decision:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Come be our friend,
Or we''ll fuck you with a rake.

Much love,

Maaks Erinos, The Last Prodigy

7th Place: Socorra

8th Place: Sang

9th Place: Zandro

10th Place: Scelestus

11th Place: Jam3z

12th Place: Teroch

So, in efforts of reminding everyone why they shouldn't support the Entars and their abberant behaviour, I've managed to obtain evidence that one of their supporters is....wait for it....


I hear that they have six fingers and on half-moons their skin peels off only around their ears.

Be afraid and support the Erinos.

13th Place: Etah

14th Place: Celeveon

15th Place: Lenzar

16th Place: Mazer

Hi! Many of you know me as Arcona's expert infiltator. I I am here
letting you know that you should sign up for the Erinos. I personally
infiltrated the base of operation of all three families, and the
Erinos had the best protection. So remember, Erinos offers you



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Week 2- GFX

1st Maaks

2nd Teroch

3rd Ceth

4th Socorra

5th Sang

6th Etah

7th Celevon

8th Lenzar


22-01-2012 20:55:01

Week 2: ACRO

1st Zandro

1.) ABLVE – Arcona’s Best Love Victorious Endeavours.
2.) JOO – Ji Ovulates, Obviously.
3.) RAYU – Ronovi Adores Your Underwear
4.) KIBUL – Keibatsu Ignorance Builds Unfair Lore.
5.) INVICT – Isis’ Northern Valley Is Certainly Turgid

2nd Sang

1) Arcona Buggers Loads of Vicious Ewoks
2) Jedi Oppose O
3) Rally Against Young Uggos
4) Knickers! In Briliant Underwear Light
5) Invictus Needs Very Important Clap Trap

3rd Teroch

1.) Approaching Balthier Lessens Vitality & Energy
2.) Jon Optimises Orally
3.) Remember: A Young
4.) Keep Invictus Bent Under Lego
5.) Insist No Viscosity In Cunt of Tim

4th Scelestus

1) ABLVE: Ascendant Blue Lord, Vaunted Entar (in reference to Wuntila)
2) JOO: Jews Opposing Oberst
3) RAYU: Rampaging Arconans' Yells Ululating
4) KIBUL: Kicking Irfan's Butt Under License
5) INVICT: Invictus' Nickname Vic Is Cool Tag

4) KIBUL: Killing In Battle Upholds Life
5) INVICT: Initiating Negotiations Veils Imminent Capturing of Teroch (code name for operation to deal with the little Erinos punk-ass upstart)

5th Ronovi

1.) And Bloodfyre Loves Vampire Erotica
2. Jew Of O’Marick
3. Rancor Attract Yacks’ Undergarments
4. Kill It! Brimstone Unleashes Lunacy!
5. It’s Not Very Interesting Courting Timeros

6th Maaks

1. ABLVE : Absolved! Balthier loves various electrostim!
2. JOO : Jello on Oberst?
3. RAYU : Ray always yields underpants.
4. KIBUL : Kicking it back under lightspeed.
5. INVICT : Impossible! New Vong invasion coming tommorow!

7th Archer

1. Absolutely brave, loyal, and valiant Ewok.
2. Jedi often obliterate.
3. Rancors always yell at the ugliest.
4. Korriban Imperials bully underlings lovably.
5. Indifferently negative and valuable Interdictor cruiser torpedoes.

8th Socorra

1.) Arconans best love victory everything
2.) Jon obviously obliterates
3.) Robin ate your underwear
4.) Kashyyyk is beautiful und lovely
5.) Invictus knows victory is calling 'Tanas

9th Etah

1.) ABLVE: Arcona Believes Lustiness Vanquishes Effrontery (Strength overcomes talk)
2.) JOO: Jedi’s Object to Opinion (a commentary on the Jedi Orders close-mindedness)
3.) RAYU: Rebels Analyze Your Unavailing (When you fuck up, the Rebels take notice)
4.) KIBUL: Knights In Back, Underranks on the Line (We let our journeyman get their hands dirty)
5.) INVICT: Infuriated Nemesis fall Victim to Inflated Character Thought (The effects of Etah’s fighting style).

10th Celevon

1 – ABLVE – A Blowout Leaves Vahillus Eyeless. (Kratus Vahillus – Facial Grenades)
2 – JOO – Jedi Order Obliteration (Order 66).
3 – RAYU – Revan Assassinates Yuthera & Uthar. (KOTOR – Double-Double Cross, Korriban)
4 – KIBUL – Kit Is But a Useless Loser (Jedi Master Kit Fisto)
5 – INVICT – If None Victor, In Character Trolls.

11th Lenzar

1.) ABLVE – Arconan Ban (on) LoVing Erinoses
2.) JOO – Jarjar Obliteration Organisation
3.) RAYU – Royal Arsekicking (of) Yacko Unleashed!
4.) KIBUL – Keeping In Brimstone’s Ultimate Legends
5.) INVICT – Insidious Virus (to) Irritate Celahir (and) Talos

12th Lucien

1.) A Bleeding Letaki Vanquished Earlier-on [ABLVE]
2.) Jawa Orangutan Operation [JOO]
3.) Red Artaru Young-ling Underestimated [RAYU]
4.) K-3PO Is Buffed Up Lately [KIBUL] (buffed up as in shined up.)
5.) In Naboo V-Wings Crack Teeth [INVICT]

13th Kant

1. All Bitches Love Violent Enemas
2. Jesus Officiates Ontology
3. Researching Alternate Youthful Uses
4. Kiting In-game Bosses, Usefulness Lacking
5. Intraoffice Notional Violence Is Contraindicated Thusly

14th Cethgus

All Butt Loving Violent Erinos
2.) JOO
Jedi of Odan
3.) RAYU
Rancor at Yavin Undercroft
Krath is bumming undiscovered lover
Invictus never violated injured cats trumpet