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This thread is for SG fictions and other media for future referencing for new members, competitions, reports, etc. Email or message me if you would like to contribute.


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For Shadow Gate Report 12/18/2011

Arcona Citadel

“Remove her from Soulfire immediately.”

The hulking blue-skinned form of Wuntila was intimidating, even from a small holoprojector. Marick held it in his palm, his handsome Hapan visage betraying nothing to his superior. “As you wish,” he replied.

“Send her to Qel-Droma, even. Give her whatever she needs to still do her job, just get my Attaché out of this mess. I will not have her wrapped up in this Erinos drama and a potential casualty - she is far too valuable to lose. Make it happen. Now.”

The holo shimmered out of existence, leaving Marick to brainstorm in silence. Socorra had just been Knighted by Wuntila and was instrumental in keeping him from killing Teroch after the youthful Erinos' assassination attempt. Teroch appeared willing to go to great lengths to accomplish his goal of ending the life of the man responsible for his father and uncle's deaths. So although Socorra saved his life, there was no telling if he would spare the woman or if she too would face his unbridled wrath by remaining loyally at the Consul's side.

What the Hapan did know was her intelligence work during and after the war. She was a brilliant analyst, and although still a bit young and inexperienced in Brotherhood affairs, the Knight made an excellent advisor. She had confirmed to them that she had been an information broker - a claim that was clearly evidenced by her massive encyclopedic bank of knowledge. She was the epitome of a Krath scholar, and after seeing her on the battlefields of New Tython, Marick knew that Socorra was an excellent fit for Shadow Gate. Port Ol'val was well enough away from the commotion surrounding Wun, and with Sanguinius rising to Aedile again, the covert Battleteam needed a new leader.

With a quiet "hm," the Proconsul rubbed his chin and thoughtfully peered upwards. A slight grin formed on his handsome features as everything seemed to fall into place.


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Prompt for Shadow Gate ACB Contract/Competition "Barn Raising"

Safehouse Irene
Port Ol’val

The Gatekeepers had gathered at staggered intervals in the abandoned and slightly run-down warehouse, conversing amongst themselves and scoping out the new joint before the meeting began. The warehouse was of mid-size by Port Ol’val standards, with nothing very special about it, which made it perfect for a safehouse.

Socorra casually leaned back on a crate in the middle of a giant storage area, pale azure eyes intently watching over the members of her new team. She had studied and memorized every one of their dossiers. Some of them she had seen on the battlefields of New Tython. Some she only knew by reputation. But even the new arrivals were all said to be intelligent and capable.

The changing of the guard earlier had been fairly simple. Socorra replaced Sanguinius as Gatewarden while he transferred to Galeres as Aedile. While Marick’s reasoning to her on her own ascension was solid, she knew there was much more to it than just intelligence and merit. The young woman had literally been snatched out of Soulfire following Teroch’s attempt to assassinate Wuntila. She had managed to persuade Wun from killing the kid in the end - a very bold and risky move. While it had proved that she was a capable advisor, it had also exposed a softness for the Erinos family.

That, and the security that had shadowed her as she had been hustled off of Selen made her wonder if the Consul believed she was in danger as his personal assistant. The Krath knew something was brewing- she felt it in her bones. They were stacking the deck by putting her here on Port Ol’val and adding her to Arcona’s Summit. Pieces were falling into place for some grand scheme, that much she was sure of.

The last member arrived to the warehouse, and the new Gatewarden started addressing those present. Gone were Socorra’s customary robes seen while in the service of Wuntila as his Attaché, replaced with modern urban attire fit for the shadowport. The bronze-skinned woman began the meeting with some updates regarding Shadow Gate, House Qel-Droma and the Clan in general before concluding with an assignment. She spoke animatedly and pleasantly, her exotic Socorran accent rolling flawlessly off her tongue. She was clearly not used to addressing teams and was a bit awkward in doing it. However, her knowledge was far-reaching and everything she said had relevance. She even made a joke and pop-culture reference here and there that, as the public eyes and ears at the shadowport, most members recognized.

“We are in need of some safehouses. I obtained this one just to start, but I want to see some creativity. Some common and uncommon places. Play up to stereotypes, even, if it works. Do your research, stake out the joints, pair up, whatever appropriate to find and procure us one. My office in the back is at your disposal for whatever you need. If you find a winner, I expect full details so that I can follow up on it.”

“Lastly, I’ve been asked by the Summit to take on an apprentice of my own. Since everyone here is either well above my own rank and skill or has a master already.. the decision isn’t very difficult. Scelestus, you’re up.”

She raised and pointed a finger at the new addition to Shadow Gate, the Sith Protector Scelestus. He came highly recommended by the Shadow Academy staff. If he applied himself to Shadow Gate as much as he did his Academy studies, he just might outshine them all.

“Any questions?”