Vargas :D


15-07-2011 18:04:57

Thought i would take a break from banging my head in at the shadow academy and say hello.

The name's Vargas and i'm hoping to become an active member of both my clan and house :)

Looking forward to the ride.

Vargas :P


15-07-2011 22:12:48

Hey there Vargas, and welcome to Clan Arcona! My name is Talos Erinos and I'm the Aedile of House Galeres. While I'm not in your House, I'll be glad to answer any questions you have and help you find other ways to get active other than the Shadow Academy (though the Academy is a great building block), if you want.

So please, feel free to find me on mIRC in #arcona or drop me an e-mail at