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Orion Prison


The privately run prison Orion rested on the waters of the ocean covered planet Alazin in the Corporate Sector, the endless night falling as the only thing that cut through the heavy darkness was the flickering of the guidance beacons on its primary and auxiliary landing platforms. The facility stood as a testament to ingenuity, or some would say resourcefulness, an artificial island that floated on the waters formed from the husks of several salvaged tankers that had been hollowed out and fused together. It had been created as an experiment of sorts, the first of its kind it was an isolated facility designed to help with the overpopulation of prison facilities throughout the Corporate Sector. Its light defenses were illuminated with each flash of its beacon, a pair of state of the art anti-air turrets that rested on opposite sides of the dual platforms. They slowly turned as a small shuttle honed in on one of the flashing lights, the craft changing altitude as it approached the main landing pad and brought a fresh batch of prisoners along with it.


Day One…
Far Side of Alazin- Alpha Outpost

Alpha Outpost rested on the far side of the planet Alazin. It was a small but heavily defended outpost, consisting of a half dozen anti-air and anti-personnel emplacements that rested on the wall surrounding it, a power facility, a storage bay, two hangars, a barracks with attached command hub, and a small but isolated holding facility for new prisoners that awaited transport to Orion. It served as both the only hub for ships on the planet as well as the only location in which the prison shuttles were kept as a safety precaution.

Early into the morning Ensign Tims glanced at the flashing beacon on the sensor display, his hands gliding over the controls as he struggled to get a fix. But the signal vanished moments later.

“Something wrong, Ensign?” Commander Den stepped behind the officer, his head tilting in the young officer’s direction.

“There was a signal, sir.” The Ensign’s posture straightened immediately. “Gone now, it was near the equator.”

“Probably just a meteorite,” the Commander answered. “Log it and carry on.”

“Aye, sir.”


Interior of Dropship Zeta
En Route to Alpha Outpost

As Cethgus felt the heaviness of gravity setting in from the cargo bay as the shuttle hit atmosphere he gripped the holographic display in his hand. It was time for the message, and it played on schedule as a projection of Archer emerged.

“I trust by now the shuttle is planetside which means that your team should be ready. The explosives stored in the hold should be adequate for bypassing their defenses.” Archer’s expression remained unchanged as the image distorted briefly. “You know what you have to do. Communications will be jammed for the next twelve hours, you have until then to take the outpost and secure the transports. Good luck, I leave any forces your team may encounter at your discretion.”

A grin emerged as the Obelisk’s lips pursed, for soon he would see combat and could already taste victory.


Orion Prison- Recreation/Mess Hall

Archer surveyed his surroundings to the best of his abilities, trying to ignore the criminals that now surrounded him. The prison jumpsuit was something new that he had to grow accustomed to, but time was of the essence and if everything went well he wouldn’t have to wear it for that much longer. Even the alias Archer had assumed, Kel, felt foreign to him, though he did his best to feign a reaction as though it were second nature. He knew that both members of his team, Andrelious and Inarya, laid in wait though he was unaware of the names that they had chosen for themselves. He had deliberately kept it that way so that they might better appear as strangers, though in a facility this small they couldn’t be far, and the fact that it was a unisex prison only served in his favor as it had allowed him to bring Inarya along with him.

He kept his eyes on a squirrelly man who sat alone in the corner, a man that by all rights was probably afraid of his own shadow. He was weak and frail, clearly contrasting with the otherwise dark, brooding, and muscular inmates that inhabited the rest of the facility, which led Archer to believe that he had pissed off the wrong somebody very badly. In all honesty Archer knew very little about the man other then that he had tried to steal from some Hutt, and that he had knowledge of an account or two that the Brotherhood had become very interested in. But he was still the target, an accountant that went by the name of Jin Jonus, and Archer needed him alive. The Brotherhood needed him alive.

Without his weapons Archer would have to improvise, as would the rest of his team, but he had no doubt that they could if needed. But it would be tricky to minimize any use of the Force until they were ready to break free; hand to hand would just have to do for any situation until then. He made sure to keep his distance from the target, leaning against a wall as he tried to maintain a look of casual composure. He did his best to look the part of a troubled new arrival, his eyes floating about the room, faking nervousness when in reality he was watching every move of anyone who so much as neared Jin. He would have to be ready to spring into action at a moments notice, and prayed that the next few hours would be uneventful.


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Cethgus found his eyes studying the other members of the team he had been given. First his eyes fell on the Nagai, He has a slim but yet muscular figure, the most noticeable thing was the grey eyes that looked around the confined space. It would seem though from his body figure that he was quite at home on this ship, enjoying the cramped space. Cethgus found this puzzling but threw the thought out of his head as his eyes focused on the second figure. The look wasn’t nothing to be impressed about, worn down clothes appeared on the d’Tana. It was more the smell that the Exarch found over powering, stale smoke and human sweat, he glanced away finding himself deterred from the man.

“We are nearing our destination Du Maurier and Llats to the ship door, we are going to need to jump this once” Cethgus spoke to the other two watching them both moving to the door of the ship. At the same time he walked into the co-pit, looking at the empty seats he set something on the controls seeing the base coming into view in the distance. A grin coming to his lips as the shuttle began to descend slightly, now moving directly to the main gate.

“Right, let’s do this quickly and effectively, we are going to have to jump this one lads” he looked at the other two making his way to the door with them, grinning he opened the door, with a hiss it gave way showing them the ground below, the main gate was closing on them fast. And little time stood in the way of them and death if they didn’t do as the Zabrak was instructing them to do.

Llats was the first one up, he moved to the door and looked at the ground, without speaking he jumped, feeling the air rushing through him. As the ground closed he rolled when he landed, the momentum carrying him for a while, before he stopped, and began to pick himself up from the ground, standing up he looked at the ship, as he saw another figure making the jump.

Du Maurier was straight out after him, moving quickly he made the jump perfectly, the ground supporting him as he landed, looking around he as he found his team mate, and meet up with Llats walking towards the main gate, the shuttle still heading towards it at speed.

Looking around the Exarch took this as his time to move, he moved quickly and jumped out of the door, landing himself with a roll onto the ground, before standing up and turning to face the direction that the shuttle was moving in. The shuttle ramming into the main gates before it exploded sending shrapnel around the base

The flames engulfed the entire gate, as it ripped the brick and metal free from the ground, watching the guard towers collapsing he knew that the team had just found there was into this base, as he stood their looking forward at the damage that. The smoke bellowed high into the sky, as the team of three let a grin escape from their lips they followed the Zabrak.

Moving forward at a casual pace, fire was in the Exarchs eyes as he looked at the damage that was already done, the flames that engulfed some of the guards, ending their lives quickly. His boots clanking on the ground as he walked, he brought his saber up from its resting place, holding the cold metal in his hand as he knew the battle was about to begin.

“Remember, show them no mercy, kill everything and leave no-one alive, I don’t care how you do it, just make them suffer” Cethgus voice bellowed deeply over the flames as he marched towards what used to be the main gate of the base.


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The prison's exercise yard was a large, square area, that was around ten thousand square yards in size. Despite this, the majority of the prisoners preferred to spend their 'exercise' time smoking cigarillos in the corner. Andrelious, using the cover name Grayn Kuuztin, had integrated himself well by partaking in this as soon as he arrived, though he hated the taste of the cigarillos.

"Jonus? Oh, the nerdy lad." a prisoner named Kersil answered, as Andrel inquired about Jin. He went on to explain that the scrawny human tended to be ignored as he was no threat, though some were wary that he was a plant. Kersil was much like the other prisoners, muscle bound and aggressive, with little respect for authority, the sort of person Inahj usually despised. He had accepted this mission through gritted teeth, determined to prove his alliegance to Arcona.

As the Battlelord mixed with the other prisoners, exchanging off-colour jokes and discussing the latest sports results, he glanced over to another corner, where the female prisoners were also conversing. He noticed Inarya, the scarlet skinned Twi'lek easily standing out in a crowd of humans and rodians.

Andrel particularly hated 'sneaking around' missions, thinking of them as cowardly, especially with powerful Dark Jedi involved. Surely they'd have easily got Jonus away if they'd just stormed the facility, he had suggested, but got shouted down in favour of the safe option. As he entered the facility, escorted in at gunpoint, he had begun to appreciate the stealthy way, due to the large turrets defending various areas of the prison.

Stubbing his cigarillo out, 'Kuuztin' moved away from the group he had been conversing with, and instead headed towards the man he recognised as Archer, who was closely observing Jonus in case of trouble. It was time to for Grayn to meet Kel.


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Inarya sighed making her way across the exercise yard of the prison grounds feeling a thousand beady eyes on her was she walked, the feeling of their eyes on her skin making her fell dirty. She made her way towards Archer knowing that this mission was probably the most dangerous they had ever done and would also had the biggest chances of going wrong.

The courts yard was filled with the systems scum, and naturally segregated into the respective species that where carrying out their time here. The Twi’lek could tell the most of them here were no doubt clumsy bounty hunters that made their track all to clear to the authorities. The other member of her team were clear to her from the corner of her eye was she cleared a path towards her Battle Team Leader.

Inarya reached Archer standing in front of him glaring at him slightly. “Well hello there, names Kia and you?” She made her introductions to him as she took a seat next to the human.


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Archer looked to his second in command with a brief glance as he tilted his head curiously in her direction for but a moment in an attempt to feign ignorance. “Kel. A pleasure.” He looked back to Jonus, eyes fixing on him every so often as his gaze floated about the room in an almost paranoid manner, though he continued to speak to the fiery skinned Twi’lek sitting beside him. “Don’t see many Twi’leks around these parts, or pretty ones at that. What are you in for?”

The human did his best to further sell the guise by interrupting her before she could answer, trying to demonstrate the appearance of a self-centered rogue. “Ran some spice myself. Ever try it? Enhances the mind, opens it to new possibilities. Unfortunately I got caught. Never trust a pretty face.”

He kept his words loud enough for others nearby to hear, given the fact that an attractive Twi’lek was uncommon enough with the population to have drawn the attention of an observer or two. But as his fingers tapped against the wall in an anxious manner he silently reached out with the Force, calling out to her. Was wondering where you were. Not too many guards around, I don’t like it. We’ll have to make sure he is protected until we get back to the cells.


25-01-2011 20:19:24

Cethgus looked around; the guards were limping away from the gate in an attempt to recover from what had happened, and leaving the Exarch and his team time to continue their mission. Moving quickly through the court yard they used their sabers to stop anything that came into their way at all. Clearing a path as they walked, men tried to get out of their way but were cut down quickly and effectively. He didn’t like the feeling he was getting but decided to press on with the attack pushing the guards away, but it always seemed like they weren’t scared of dying quickly.

“Something isn’t right here, team keep your eyes open, we move as one” His voice echoing around the court yard as he moved with the other members of the team he had been given.

Going to the nearest door he opened it quickly moving in to take a look around, he knew that there should be more guards than this, his saber always ready in front of him, as the Exarch’s eyes darted around the place, watching like a hawk for any sign of trouble at all. Preparing his mind for what reaction he would have to take.

As the group continued to walk through the dimly lit corridors they hear blaster fire in the distance before all went quite once more. Giving these narrow corridors the creepy and dead silence to them. As his hand went up into a closed fist the group stopped, he looked around and found stairs running up three floors to the Command centre, and began to ascend up to them, knowing that this was the best chance they had at getting a transport for Archer and the team inside of the prison. Seeing the door the Exarch waved his hand over the control panel and took a step inside.

Before he could realise what was happening he found his side being slammed into, taken by surprise his body smashed through the glass window as he found himself falling the three floors onto the open space outside. The last sight he saw was his two teammates engaging a single opponent in the command room, before his back slammed into the floor.
Feeling something crack his body screamed out in agony as he rolled over and up onto his feet looking towards what had done that damage, his teeth grinded together as his eyes laid up his new foe. He felt two of his ribs, knowing they were broken.

Vong, here, I need to tell Archer, guess this guy is all mine to kill


30-01-2011 11:07:43

You need to relax Archer, you are acting far too paranoid

Inarya reacted to his whisper in her mind and sighed she knew that this was a huge mission to send him on jus after he had taken control of the Battle Team.

“Just smuggling mainly, I got sloppy and got caught”

She smiled at the human feeling his anxiety, she knew what the price of failure would be for all of them.

She turned to him her back facing the main bulk of the populous of the prison yard. The Twi’lek focused on the force and tried to reach out to the rest of the team, the fuzziness of the concisions that filled the cells and the courtyard made it almost impossible for her to locate them

Besides you should be more worried about the others that haven’t checked it yet. There are far too many people here for us to get a fix on them .

The Lethan turned her back to him looking out over the sea of people that cluttered the small concrete pen. She threw a small metal device behind her to the Knight.

Wear this its a small comm device, i’m off to go and check on the package. You stay here and try and get a fix on the rest

The Twi’lek walked away slowly back towards the prisoners entrance back into the cell blocks, sneaking past the poorly alert guards.


02-02-2011 19:45:15

Never was one for acting…

Archer circled the Twi’lek as playfully as he could manage, feigning the smug vagabond as best he could as his eyes floated about his second in command, his head tilting every so often to angle his view. His senses carried as the call of the Force echoed about the room, telling him the location of his target even without looking, waiting for any who approached. He could even feel the eyes of the guards from the control tower on them, watching his every move as he edged closer to her for any sign of a threat. But he stopped for a moment as a voice called out to him. It was Cethgus.

Vong…small infiltration team. Cethgus’ voice echoed in Archer’s mind. It has to be now.

The look on Inarya’s face told him she had heard it too as Archer sighed, sure that Andrelious would have been alerted as well. He was lost in thought for a brief moment before he called out to her. Follow my lead…

Archer moved in closer, head tilted as he gazed at the Twi’lek. “Looks like we’ll have plenty of time to…get to know each other.” As he placed his hand on her shoulder she leapt back, smacking it away.

“You there!” The guard’s voice echoed from the intercom. “Back away!”

“Oh, does she have claws?” Archer ignored the call from the guard, reaching for her again as she grabbed hold of his wrist, wrenching his arm forward. His body twisted, spinning into the motion as he came about with an elbow to her back.

The impact was barely felt, but still she tumbled forward theatrically. As Inarya regained her balance she turned, charging at him as her shoulder met with his abdomen. As they tumbled to the floor she came out on top, raising her arm as she brought it down against his chest with a quick elbow drop.

Alarms began to echo as the lightning in the room changed and then ceased entirely, replaced by the reddish hue of flashing lights that descended from the ceiling. As the blastdoor slid open the heavy echo of armored footsteps made its way inside. Their moment had arrived...


15-02-2011 08:01:56

The Exarch saw the glow of sabers from the command centre, as his own was gripped into his hand. Charging forward the Exarch brought his saber smashing down onto the vong staff, as he side stepped his fist coming slamming into the crab armour. Cethgus hoped that the ohers were doing fine as well, his saber continued to arch with each strike, knowing that sooner or later the defence of his opponent would give way.

“You know sometimes I think that the best way to deal with Vong is to rip there head from their body” Cethgus growled at the Vong he was fighting.

His saber continued to come around as it slashed at the always blocking Vong. Cethgus continued to move forward with his saber blade, the two opponents went at each other, not wanting to give the other one ground. Cethgus felt his anger building up as he continued to smash through his opponents guard. Using his sabre it slashed through the weak spots of his opponent, slamming through the armpit gap.

Reaching back the Vong stumbled collapsing to the floor. Silent the body was just laying here. Cethgus deactivated his saber, clipping the weapon back onto his belt; he looked towards the command centre, knowing that the fight was still happening. Cethgus moved quickly forward, suddenly pain shot through his ribs, as he clutched them he continued to move.

Running back into the building, he moved quickly sprinting up the stairs as he did so, turning round the corner he sprinted towards the command centre.


20-02-2011 12:27:51

A squad of half a dozen riot guards charged through the doorway, blastshields and batons held before them in preparation as they stormed into the room in full force. The ensuing chaos of convicts moving to the wall or dropping to the floor contrasted with the few unruly criminals who foolishly charged at them in an attempt to find freedom. They were instantly taken down as stun batons impacted and seared flesh, the small mass of men collapsing to the floor and writhing in pain. But it was just the distraction needed.

Now. Archer’s words echoed to Inarya’s mind as she released her grapple and the two rolled from the floor and to their feet, their hands extending in almost perfect unison as they reached out, two of the guards instantly seized by the Force as they were lifted from the ground and hurled into the nearest wall. The remaining guards in the response team had little time to react before Inarya brought her hands together, a wave of pure force sent directly into them as they tumbled back like dominos, one into the other. One such guard was unlucky enough to be struck by his partners stun baton, crying out as he fell to the floor.

Familiar with the emergency protocols, Archer knew they had little time to react now that they were aware of their force sensitivity. His eyes glimmered briefly as he looked to the control room on the platform above, seeing past the steel and wires to the guard stationed inside and raising his hand as he reached for the man going for the emergency gas console. With a flick of Archer’s wrist that man found his way into the safety glass, slamming headfirst as he stumbled backward and to the floor unconscious.

It was one problem down, but as he looked to the three guards still conscious and charging toward him and Inarya, he realized there were still a few to go.