Another Introduction


02-07-2010 06:23:07

Hello everyone. I should warn you in advance my syntax and verbosity can oft times lead to an odd read. With that in mind, let's proceed.

My char name is Mahakala, but everyone OTI calls me Naz. I'm playing a Krath Givin, with an aim to focus more on RP, as my DVD-ROM has packed up, thus stopping me playing BF2, much to my chagrin. I'm looking forward to developing an interesting, and plausibly hilarious character. Anyone that reads my dossier should have some idea of where I'm going with my character, and hopefully I shall be of use.

I plan to be an active member, although I do have a job, so obviously I must needs prioritise. This means I shalll be likely to post weekly at worst, and daily at best, but then again, posting daily would mean a lack of social endeavours to be had IRL, so I guess the point is somewhat moot. :lol:

I tend to prattle on inanely if left to my own devices, et ergo I shall leave this introduction relatively terse by mine own standards, and if anyone wishes to pose any questions, I shalt answer them in due time.

~Mortui Vivus Docent~


04-07-2010 01:00:24

Welcome Mahalaka!

I'm Talos d'Tana (ignore the forum name), your Aedile in House Qel-Droma! Glad to hear that you plan on being active and we completely understand about jobs, social lives, and other RL. :)

It's great to hear that you want to RP and develop your character; I'm currently doing the same thing and Role Play is my favorite thing to do in the Brotherhood. Speaking of, congratulations on getting your Character Sheet approved. I hope to chat with you soon on mIRC, which I've heard that you've logged on to :)

Any questions, feel free to get me on mIRC or e-mail me at




04-07-2010 06:23:31

Welcome to the family, Naz. This summit is a good one; they'll look after you just fine;)