#arcona Webcomics


22-11-2009 11:26:15

So here it is, the first in an #Arcona arc that will actually have some form of plot instead of just a 3-panal gag :P hope y'all enjoy.

P.S if you are up to date with Arcona history you will know why the hell Mejas is all lonely :w00t:


25-11-2009 16:56:21

Two updates in under a week, book me a ski trip cause Hell must be freezing over! Another page will be added tommorow, enjoy.


26-11-2009 15:47:48

More next week folks!


03-12-2009 10:45:33

A slight diversion from the current arc. enjoyeth.


08-12-2009 19:20:37

You do not want to know how long this weeks took me to draw... with a broken collarbone! I'm pure pwnsauce. Word of warning to the non-Arconans reading this weeks, please don't be offended and spit your dummy out, #arcona is meant to be a pisstake. If you want some real shits and giggles read the Tal Times. xoxo

chairman lmao :lol:


16-12-2009 18:37:44

We are nearly at our finale my friends, for some reason this weeks is taking ages to put together, I blaime a certain character's influence making me brain dead. Enjoy!

LULz0rd <3


16-01-2010 13:03:34

Just to let you guys know I haven't forgot about #arcona, i'll be updating after the RoS.

-That we're obviously going to win btw!


Mejas Doto

27-03-2010 21:19:03

Wow, I missed this [Expletive Deleted]. Great work as always Juda... kisses x x x


27-06-2010 15:55:53


Here is the winning entry for June's #Arcona Webcomic Competiton, congrats to Dash! I'll be accepting entries for next months starting from the 1st. Enjoy!

"CONTINES" Tommorow! :w00t:


05-07-2010 13:10:38


01-07-2011 03:51:15

Bear with me and watch this space kiddies :wink: