No Love?


05-11-2009 15:54:02

How come the Galeres message board gets no love? I'm sure there must be a caption contest or a 2-word run on or a word jumble that could be thrown out here for some fun?


05-11-2009 18:07:20

Good idea, Elrik! We should look into that, but I think a lot of the people are recovering from the Great Hunt III and getting acclimated to their new Battleteams.


06-11-2009 13:54:44

Fair enough. Well I'll be trolling around the place in the mean time. *opens a bottle of whiskey and places it in a brown bag*


09-11-2009 12:22:43

We're not having a two-word RO :P


09-11-2009 12:37:23

Oh noes!! lets!!

I'll start;

'I'm awesome'

Game set match bitches :w00t: