Hi Everyone.


28-08-2009 19:40:54

Hello everybody, I'm Jinashimaru. Some of you have seen me around #arcona, other haven't.
I just registered for the Forums and I thought I'd post a topic saying Hello to everyone!

I haven't been here for very long, this is actually my fourth day here.
For the time being I'm still a Novice. But I'm studying hard so that this will no longer be true.
Feel free to post whatever. Just trying to get to know everyone in Arcona.


28-08-2009 19:47:03

Welcome to Arcona, Jin. Good luck in your Brotherhood career.


29-08-2009 10:52:11

Hey Jin, welcome to the best time of your life as you join me in mocking Legorii on IRC :P

Tol Ziveri

01-09-2009 00:37:59

Welcome to Arcona. I am fairly new myself, so hopefully we can help each other along.


01-09-2009 19:54:30

To quote Etah, way back on June 15, 2007:

"Sweet, our two awesome new people are talking to each other."


04-09-2009 06:05:26

Welcome to Arcona Jin. :)