Tol Ziveri

04-08-2009 14:10:22

I am new to the clan and I thought I would stop in and say hi. If anyone has advice or help they would like to offer it would be greatly appreciated.

ACO Tol Ziveri (Sith)/Qel-Droma of Arcona


04-08-2009 15:21:05

Hey man, welcome to Arcona! If you need a hand with anything, just shoot me a line and I'll be glad to assist. My main piece of advice would be to get on IRC and into #arcona so you can meet your clan mates. We're a fun bunch, if you don't mind 'yomama' jokes or Tim's smell ;)

Take care man, and once again, welcome to Arc. :)


04-08-2009 18:57:12

Hey Tol, good to see you around! Way to go on all those courses btw ;)


05-08-2009 01:15:36

Welcome. To survive in Arcona you need a thick skin and to know when to keep your head down.


05-08-2009 14:57:03

You seem to keep your head down dangerously close to Dash's groin Etah. :P

Oh snap! :P


05-08-2009 18:24:41



09-08-2009 16:14:40

How do you think I made QUA? :P


10-08-2009 11:49:32

It's alright for you, Timeros was legal. :P

I've got to wait a few more years before i can get QUA. :P