New Here.

Tol Ziveri

04-08-2009 14:01:21

Hi all. I am new to Clan and House. I would appreciate any help or advice that anyone has.

ACO Tol Ziveri (Sith)/Qel-Droma of Arcona


05-08-2009 14:58:19

Hey Tol, welcome to Qel Droma, get on irc and visit #arcona where you can join in the fun and games. :P

Nix Saren

26-11-2009 20:46:30

Hello all i am new to the clan and house.


27-11-2009 09:39:42

Hey Nix, welcome to Arcona!

download irc here if you haven't already and get into the #arcona channel to meet some of your Clan and Housemates. ;)


29-11-2009 17:25:37

Good to be serving with ya again, Nix! :)

Nix Saren

01-12-2009 15:46:56

Thanks it's good to be here! :D

Khaer Sordar

17-06-2011 10:56:04

A little Old this topic, BTW, i'm also a new member

Kanis Da'uul

29-01-2013 13:53:05

Greetings, I am Kanis Da'uul, and i am one of House Qel-Droma/ Clan Arcona's newest members as of two days ago; i am really loving it here in The Dark Brotherhood and look to many joyful years of membership and serving along side all of you in battle, or even in jokes. The very first day i gained my membership, i didn't really feel like a stranger since i was accepted in almost immediately. :D

-Kanis Da'uul

"Farewell, i'll get going now; towards the beginning of the end."


30-01-2013 10:00:19

Welcome :)


30-01-2013 15:19:06

Hey Kanis, welcome again to Arcona and HQD. =)


31-01-2013 19:53:16

Hi Kanis, welcome to Arcona :)