Hi Mist Di Cloud Here

Mist di Cloud

12-03-2009 19:12:13

Nov Mist di Cloud Arcona Qel Droma (Sith) Hi Guys I thought I introduce myself I am new here and am interested in Star Wars and The Sith History and The Empire, That's why I joined really to get more information on The Empire and stuff like that also to met new people as well if anyone wants a chat let me know Cheers Mist di Cloud


13-03-2009 06:22:51

I greeted you via mail but what the hell

welcome to Arcona...regarding knowledge, you'll learn a lot here through the Shadow Academy so i suggest you start with that right now ;)

just have fun is my advice :D


19-05-2009 12:44:59

another nutter joins the ranks, welcome, chatting wise use IRC or if your realy desperate get me on MSN, Jedi_kalinor@hotmail.com