Arcona Comic - Orv Edition

Orv Dessrx

07-12-2008 21:06:20

Alright ladies and gents. Juda started a comic a while back and everyone loved it. With him gone, I want to step up to the plate...but I need suggestions as I'm not a writer. Lets make this collaborative and have some fun with it!

These comics will start out short (4-6 frames or so). What I need from you: Give me a 1-3 sentence suggestion on what the first comic should be about. Make it funny, serious, spoof #arcona, whatever. I'll pick my favorite and run with it :D As a hats off to my House, the first comic needs to be about Galeres!

Thanks for the help, guys!


10-12-2008 13:21:36

I suggest something funny about how Arcona starts to prepare for the GJW IX....


24-01-2009 23:55:42

I suppose now that you are on the DC and in the position that you are in... time for this comic is pretty much gone, eh?


13-01-2011 21:56:15

What's the view on the Arcona Webcomics situation now Juda has pretty much gone entirely? ;)

:mejas: :mejas: :mejas: :mejas: - Plus sorry, I just wanted to use the Mejas smiley. :P


14-01-2011 17:42:07

I would love to see Orv's GFX-magicks take form in an art comic, be pretty schweet :)


PS -- Mejas smiley ftw.


16-01-2011 11:12:43

Damn, I need to check the forums more often. Orv, you should've emailed! We could've made a comp out of it! Missed opportunities!