Dark Orb: Reborn!


14-09-2008 10:13:41

Alright Dark Orb, I figured it was time to open a new topic for the battleteam, since the previous one from three years ago seemed quite dead, and reasonably so. But here is where you can be free, together, and discuss anything DB-related or not.

Also, welcome our newest member, Sephiroth Octavius! It was actually his suggestion that we get a new topic going, so I thank him for his insight.


18-10-2008 06:18:02

I didn't like when they did away with the Dark Orb in favor of the "dark inquisitors". The Dark Orb from what I can tell is as old as the Clan Arcona itself and was historicaly the honor phyle of the House Qel-Droma. I know for at least a period it didn't even accept members under the rank of Dark Jedi Knight meaning it was the bedrock of the House in Comps and ultimatly the clan. As long as there is a Clan Arcona there should be a house Qel-Droma and as long as there is a House Qel-Droma there should be a Dark Orb phyle.

Oriana Winters

19-10-2008 15:45:12

Hi Everyone :)

I'm kinda new to Dark Orb, So i figured I'd drop by to say hi :)


24-10-2008 06:20:51

We need to get the BTL in here.


30-10-2008 09:46:55

Quite right, Etah, back in the old days the Dark Orb was the "elite" of the teams. Membership was pretty exclusive, and it is the oldest of the Clans Phyles. Used to be in Galeres when we first Clanned, and if I remember correctly, it originated from House Arcona.


02-11-2008 20:25:44

Fellas, I agree, and that's why I was such a strong advocate of the team's rebirth back when I first became Tetrarch. It's a team with such a rich history, it should never be disbanded as long as Clan Arcona endures.