Prophecy Phyle

Draco Maligo

27-04-2008 21:42:46

Don't know if you heard, or care, but Monday, April 28 Deal or No Deal is having a Star Wars themed show. I doubt it will be that great, but I'm going to check it out.


20-05-2008 17:26:07

i wonder if it will let me post?
because... i havent been able to so if it does, thats great!


20-05-2008 21:10:17

Prophecy Phyle discussion, eh?

Lets discuss something....I'm in need of a new sig so if anyone wants to make one for me get in touch :P


28-05-2008 23:03:42

lets discuss how much of a fag quejo is, lol.


02-06-2008 04:01:29

Khobai, Khobai, Khobai....quit trying to turn your lack of straightness on everyone else. We all know that you like the cock :P


04-06-2008 21:11:06

I have 5 bucks on Knobs if there's a fight. He might not be witty, but he smashes well >.<

Draco Maligo

04-06-2008 22:59:21

Mejas gave me permission to implement my fictional development idea for the battle team. It basically involves us being like the CIA, spying and handling covert operations. It also has us involved in political manipulation in planets and star systems nearby, to give us "good" neighbors. At Mejas' suggestion, we also will have NPCs who are bounty hunters, etc., to play with.