To The Future


26-04-2008 14:37:47

House Galeres Hangar

Sith Commander Talos Annedu walked into the expansive hangar of his House, Galeres. As Talos walked towards the Control Room, a ensign ran up to him. "Sir! Your ship, Knightfall, is being feuled and will be ready within the hour" said the Ensign. "Very good Ensign. Have the crew load two months of provisions onboard" ordered the Dark Knight. Turning and retracing his steps, he walked through the corridors of the Galeres homebase till he came upon the room that houses his Apprentice, Raith Xderon. Without knocking, Talos walked in. "Master!" exclaimed Raith and he dropped to one knee. "Rise" commanded the Sith. As Raith rose, he gave Raith his orders. "Pack everything you own. Robes, zaboka, electro-staff, hygenics, etc" said Talos. Raith took a jump here, yet he knew his Master was both fierce and kind. "Why?" asked the Wookie. "We are going to train you my Apprentice. What you have recieved here is all fine and good, but you are a Wookie and a Wookie must learn all areas of combat. So get everything and meet me in the fields in one hour" finished Talos and he walked out, his red cape billowing behind him.


Talos, holding two duffels of his own, walked up the boarding ramp, his Apprentice following close behind him. "Your quarters are just around the bend" said Talos, gesturing towards the Guest Suite area. "Get unpacked and meet me in the galley in 15 minutes" explained Talos and he retreated to his own quarters.

As Raith entered the galley, he found that the Serving crew had already laid out a delicious looking lunch. "Eat Raith, your training starts after this meal" spoke Talos from behind him as the Master sat himself down at his place and tucked into nerf steak. Still gaping in disbelief, Raith sat himself down on the right side of his Master and also ate. One hour later, the Knight rose and excused himself. "I need to get us up and running, once you are done, go to the Sparring Rooms" ordered Talos as he rose and headed to the cockpit.

The Wookie walked into the Sparring Room, his mouth fell open in admiration once again. The rooms had to be state-of-the-art. "This isn't anything yet" said his Master, appearing from a different entrance. "The purpose of this exercise is to find a weapon that you have an affinity for. I know you like the zaboka and the electro-staff, but in the case that you do not have those weapons, you need to find another one. "If I am without all three?" asked Raith. "Your screwed. My goal is to make sure that does not happen" answered Talos, grinning. Hitting a wall-panel a section of wall slid down entire Armory of bladed weapons. From swords, to daggers, to halberds, to maces, it was all there. "Study each and everyone, pick them up, test them, then decide. It is a very important decision...I'll know when you have chosen" said the Dark Knight, then he left Raith with the assortment of weaponry. Heeding his Mastes call, he walked over to the racks and with that, Raith Xderon started testing them.

Raith Xderon

26-04-2008 22:24:38

Raith looked at the weapons one by one to see what benifits and hinderances the deadly tools had to offer him. he knew right away that he wouldn't use any kind of dagger or short sword. he thought it useless to practice long hours with a weapon so small that you could only use affectively when you were so close to a foe that they could bite you. Plus Raith Xderon was a Wookiee, more spacificaly he was a Madclaw. Wookiees have no need of small swards or daggers, they carry ten of them arround wherever they go, five on each hand and one on each finger. Although most Wookiees abuse this gift by forbiding the uses of these claws during battle, Raith did not and was therefore clasified as a Madclaw and forbident from the Wookiee villages.

Raith Xderon looked over many blasters and swards that would be an excelent help in battle if the wielder was skiled in that specific area of fighting. The deadly looking swards were extremaly tempting to Raith, but he was determaned to find the one weapon that called to him in promis, and he would then answer that call.

Blasters did not appeal to Raith because they could easly be stoped by the force and the only training neccesary would be target practice and that sounded very boaring, hour after hour shooting at holograms. Raith completely passed the whole section of blasters, except for the Bowcaster which he quickly glanced at and moved on.

Finaly, Raith felt the call of a weapon that promised much pain and suffering to the wielders enemys. The weapon of choice was a Laser Whip. Although less effeciant than a lightsaber, this was the weapon Raith had been looking for, for a long time The weapon had a handle that looked much like a lightsaber but unlike a lightsaber, had a thick, flexible, metal cord emiting from the end of the handle. The metal that the whip was made out of was called Mandalorian iron. Mandalorian iron was a metal that was nearly indestructable even to lightsabesr, but suprisingly light.

Raith gazed in wonder at the magnificant weapon lying on a piece of silk cloth. Raith gingerly picked up the weapon and dared himself to ignite it. he took the dare lighting up the weapon with a briliant red light, much like the blood that the weapon promised to bring. Along with the crimson color of the whip the weapon also strobed with black eletricity, giving the weapon a haunting, Sithlike look.

After a moment of wonder, Raith gave the whip a experimental flick to see how it would feel. The whip felt perfect in his hands but cut a clean slash threw the metal flooring, promising not many well fought battles but a strict lecture on only using a foreign weapons before having the propper training. Raith quickly turned off the whip hoping in vain that nobody would think he had caused the damage.

Raith walked onto the command deck full of excitement, holding his new prize as if it was priceless, whic to Raith it was. Before he could say anything Talos calmly stated that Raith had chosen a weapon that required a great deal of training, and hard work but was overall worth the effort. Nothing could stop raith form wanting to wield the whip with expertese, now that he held the weapon he was strangly attached to it. Talos wirled arrond and stared Raith directly in the eyes. "Its all yours take care of her," and with that he left the room. Raith's knees buckled and he fell to the floor. being able to handle the weapon was one thing but keeping it for himselfe was a whole nother universe.


23-05-2008 16:05:29

Knightfall: Talos's Personal Suite

Talos Taral sat on his exquisite bed, cleaning his personal SSK-7 Heavy blaster pistol and watching his Apprentice go through routines with his newfound weapon, the laser-whip. The whip was a less lethal version of the illegal lightwhip, which used beskar tips and kaiburr crystals. The lightwhip used only the saber components and thickend leather strips to control the direction. The Wookie cracked and zapped the targets that the Armory Droid had projected and his Apprentice showed a natural affinity for the whip. Finally he finished cleaning his SSK-7 and went onto polish his black Neo-Crusader v2 armor, and when he finished with that, he put it on over the bodyglove he was wearing. Strapping on the black cape that he had comissioned along with the armor, Talos picked up his utility belt on the way out of his suite, clipping it around his waist.

As he proceded to the armory, he unholestered the SSK-7 and pulled the slide back. The cam-recognition system identified him and the armory door slid open. Using the Force, he devaciated the droids and shouted. "Raith!". The wookie turned around just as the Dark Jedi Knight unloaded his clip of bolts at the Acolyte. Raith quickly reignited his new weapon and managed to snap three of the seven bolts out of the air before one went high and remaining three punched into the wookie. The last thing the wookie saw was his Masters grinning face and the words. "Simply amazing my Apprentice".

"Am I dead?" whispered the Madclaw as he found himself lying on his bed in the Apprentice Quarters. "Hardly Raith...hardly" responded the voice of his Master. Sitting up, the wookie looked down, expecting to see bandages on his abdomen and shoulders where the three SSK-7 bolts had hit. Instead he saw nothing...and he looked to his Master for an explanation, searching the red/gold eyes there. "Holo-bolts Raith. My own invention. The mirage of a real bolt, the impact is real but the bolt fizzes out and does nothing to harm you. Right now, they've only been designed for the SSK-7. Though you did remarkable, managing to get three out of the seven before they reached you...and this was your first day with the lightwhip" praised Talos as he rose and moved towards the door. "Thank you my Master" responded the wookie, his shoulders and abdomen still hurt and he lay back down. "Get some rest Madclaw and take the rest of the day off. You did excellent" informed his Master before the dark-armored figure nodded and swept through the door.

Raith Xderon

24-05-2008 01:33:57

Raith lay there thinking, currently obsesed with the whip. His mind twirling with ideahs of moves that were probibly impossible and other moves that just might be a new thing to this world of combat. The thing he though on most was how he could have stopped ALL of the bolts, the one ideah that stuck was that he could have timed it right to make all of the bolts hit his lightwhip with one swoop. A horisontal slash would have disposed of more than three bolts, thats for shure, instead of cracking the whip at each one individualy. Raith was so eager to try his new inventions he felt like he wouldent be able to sleep for years until he at least tried one.

It was about midnight when Raith finaly got out of his bed and grabed the lightwhip that lay on his masters table, seeing that he was still in his quarters. Talos worked lates these days and would kick Raith out of his bed at tree in the moaring anyways to get SOME sleep. Raith cliped the whip to his waist and started his way twards the training center. Raith finaly made it to the training center but didnt dare go in, masters orders. Raith stared at the clock on the wall for five minuts counting down all the way until finaly, 5,4,3,2,1,one o' clock! Talos told Raith to take the day off, but since the day was over, he was curintly free to practice.

Raith set the mode for holocron blasters and walked into the room, igniting the laser whip. Red light streamed down the flexible, metalic whip; with black snakelike shocks endlessly crwling towards the tip of the whip. Raith held the weapon in a defensive position, just admiring the fabulous work of weaponry until he finaly heard the begining of the training session.