Rho Is Our Quaestor!


20-03-2008 21:22:14

Hey all, you'll all know this but this is just a topic to congratulate Rho 'Dynamite' d'Tana on his elevation to Galeres Quaestor!! So congrats master!! Good things are on the way!!

Also, everyone wish Zandro well as the Qel-Droma QUA, but since he did a fantastic job as our QUA...I'm sure he'll do just as good!!! (But not better...y'hear that Zandro?" :D


20-03-2008 22:10:20

Hey thanks... I'll do my best for this great house.


Raith Xderon

21-03-2008 14:46:50

Hey Rho! thanks for helping me out once i got on the DJB, and congradulations for advancing to our Quaestor! well good luck! :w00t:


21-03-2008 21:59:00

You'll do fantastic master, besides who can beat the First House? With you leading and us following? No one!


21-03-2008 22:03:19



22-03-2008 07:50:20

Watch what you say Talos, lest it come back to bite you in the ass.

Rho will do an ace job, you guys are as lucky to have him as he is to have you.


22-03-2008 22:23:00

I've got buns of steel Z! Lol. Im sure our two Houses will enjoy a healthy rivalry in the future!