Leg Vs Zandro


18-03-2008 19:46:56

SBM Zandro Savric Erinos and GRD Legorii could see the official hovering above their locations. The high stone walls prevented them from seeing each other as the maze stretched out before them. From the hovering platform, [judge/trainer] greeted them both and tossed down a homing tracker to each of them. They were instructed that the trackers would beep faster as they got closer to each other, but they would have to navigate the maze without assistance.

Zandro, armed with his lightsaber and a single Westar-34 pistol eyed the tracker and flipped it on. The beeps were slow in repetition signaling that Legorii, armed with his katana and a BlasTech A280 Blaster Rifle was quite a distance away – but all wasn’t that simple. Animals roamed within the grey and black stone maze and the scent of an incoming storm drove them to seek shelter. They were agitated and fearful so an encounter with any of them might prove a bit more dangerous than simply running by. That, coupled with the random booby-traps that littered the maze and the need to defeat their opponent, Zandro and Legorii would have their work cut out for them.

High on the hovering platform, JUDGE DREDD was anxious to see the contest begin and started the duel with a loud blast of a piercing siren.

------------------------- 4/2 battle ----------------------------


This is just a quick thing for me and leg, although it may be open to the public soon, stay tuned and noone post except for us please, or it will not end well :P

Leg to post first!


18-03-2008 21:32:27

Legorii caught the tracker deftly in his left and, as his right hung at his side, finger on the trigger of his blaster rifle. The old katana was sheathed on his back, underneath the mantle and robes of the Guardian. He switched it on with his thumb, and it flashed to life. The beeps were very slow, a long and drawn out cadence that stirred mixed feelings in the young Obelisk. It signified the start of another long and grueling battle, filled with the perils of the Dark Maze and a foe intent on spilling your blood. Legorii tucked the tracker inside a pocket in his robes, where he could still hear the beeps but could keep his hands on his weapons. As he took his first step into the maze, Legorii was rocked to the core by memories.

This was now Legorii's third trip to the Dark Maze. He had been here twice prior facing other judges, and twice he had been beaten by his foes. First former Combat Master Dalthid, then former Deputy Combat Master Juda Kodiak Erinos. In both cases, Legorii had gone in confident but nervous, and had utilized everything he had learned under his Master's tutelage and the tutelage of his Clan leaders. But he had failed both times, for numerous reasons. For this Legorii had never forgiven himself, and never would.

The Obelisk warrior took his first tentative steps into the Maze, wary of the low growls of the beasts around him. He made his way slowly, finger tightening on the trigger. He turned the corners slowly, with the barrel of his gun aimed forwards. Legorii was moving through the Maze more quickly, most of the animals seemed pretty dormant. No surprise there, the fresh corpses were everywhere. He also was subconciously aware of the tracker beeping a little bit quicker. It wasn't long before he ran into the first hungry beast.

It was a Nexu. The Dark Maze was full of them, half starved and deadly. It leapt at Legorii, its gaping maw gleaming with teeth. The Anzat dove out of the way, rolling behind a corner as the Nexu rebounded off the wall of the Maze. Legorii managed to get a shot off with his blaster rifle, which sizzled against the beasts fur. It landed heavily on top of him, clawing at his face. Legorii slid out from under him, unsheathing his katana and stepping back. The Nexu crawled to its feet, and swiped at Legorii once more. He agilely leapt to the side, but slashed the creature's paw as he moved. It drew back the limb bleeding. Legorii took the opportunity to thrust forward, and his katana rang true. It entered the base of the Nexu's broad neck, below its rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. It roared in pain and tried to bite Legorii's arm, but he withdrew the blade and shot the Nexu between its many eyes with his free hand. The beast slumped to the ground, dead.

Legorii was pleasantly about how easy the thing was to kill. His abilities had grown, he truly had learned. When he straightened and sheathed his katana once more, he was surprised to hear the tracker beeping quite frequently now. Legorii moved on, turning another corner. He heard a loud roar of agony, a final gasp at life. Zandro was near, very near, as he had just ended the life of another dark monster found within the Maze. Legorii proceeded with caution, moving quietly. The walls were high, and he still couldn't see Zandro, but he knew he was near. To add to the stealth, Legorii withdrew the tracker from his pocket and took a risk, slicing it in two and silencing it.

Life is full of risks, or so a wise man had once told Legorii.